Sweet Addiction, Cookies & Ice Cream

5165 S Fort Apache Rd #160, Las Vegas
(702) 570-6993

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Kameron O

Customer service is horrible. Ordered a cookie cake at opening needed for today. They said it would be ready by 6pm/ 630pm. I decided to call at 5:30pm to check status so I could go pick it up. I ask about the cake, i get " about that... we dont have the dough to make it" .... but no phone call no anything !!!!! And its needed in an hour. How inconsiderate and unreliable can you be??!!?. Never again and will definitely tell my family and friends about this experience. It ruined a birthday.

Jaime P.

We love sweet addiction! They use Thriftys ice cream and mint chip and chocolate malted crunch are our favorites! We've used them twice now for private events and they always show up on time, give big portions, are super accommodating, and always a big hit with guests!

Spencer E

Great ice cream quick service, good cookies!

Pui-See Y.

Right next door to The Magic Noodle, so perfect dessert place. The kids got their colorful cotton candy ice cream, while we got a ice cream cookie sandwich. Chocolate chip cookies with vanilla and oatmeal butterscotch with vanilla. All delicious! Really good quality on ice cream and cookies. It's just a small sweet spot, but don't let the exterior fool you. Full of deliciousness to cool the outdoor heat.

KeOntra M.

Cookies are so soft and delicious ! Customer service is A1 too ! Definitely recommend.

Paula S.

This place sells the BEST cookies! My personal favorite is the white chocolate macaron Damian cookies. The only thing that you have yo consider is the amount of sugar they contain , but as for flavor, they are the absolute best, not even Crumble cookies can compare to these, and those are also some delicious cookies! I can only allow myself to put chase 1 cookie at a time, due to the calories! So, they have become the one treat I allow myself on a special occasion. I kno tjst you will love them too. They also sell Thrifty brand ice cream, which is a brand tjst used to be served at many ice cream shops years ago. Very hard yo find this particular ice cream brand these days. An older friend of mentioned tjst he missed having that brand of ice cream do I took him yo Sweet Sddictions and he was so thrilled yo buy a gallon of his favorite z ice cream. We both enjoyed tjst trip immensely. Now he thinks I sm an expert in all things "Vegas", which is why zIblove yo put my reviews here on Yelp. As a community, we need to dupport our small businesses since NCL Covid-19 wrecked havoc on do many of our mom and pop businesses! The chain restaurants will be ok, because they are duoryed by a corporation in the background but our smell businesses have really taken a huge hit, so, when you can please be a responsible consumer and choose local small businesses yo support! Enjoy your next visit yO Sweet Addictions!

Chyna C.

Craving a sweet treat, we were unsatisfied with Magic Noodle next door and wandered in here. Seeing the picture of this purple shake on the display, we decided to go with that one - turns out it's two scoops of Cotton Candy ice cream turned into a milkshake. The server had a bit of a language barrier issue - we were asking about the two toppings since it says on the menu we get 2 toppings in addition to whipped cream, but she only put whipped cream and a cherry and said we didn't get any more (we decided not to let it go). Took about 5 minutes for her to make it, but it ended up being really yummy! A bit pricey for $7.29 but it was not too sweet or creamy, but just the right refreshing amount :)

Vipul Singh

Went after a late lunch on a Monday afternoon in April. This place is so good!! I had the milkshake with strawberry cheesecake and pistachio ice creams and with whipped cream and graham crumbs. The shake was delicious, with just the right amount of crunchy bites. Service was quick and friendly, and the place wasn't busy, so we could easily sit down in peace.

Lauren G.

So good, with plenty of vegan options!! I suggest the double scoop vegan ice cream sandwich!

Jani G.

The best cookies are here! They have thrifty ice cream and their chocolate chip cookies are the best I've had! They also have delicious Sundays and banana splits! Highly recommend!!!

Kristina M.

I haven't been here in years since it's not near my house. I was in the area and my friend and I decided to get some ice cream sandwiches. We showed up at 7:30pm and the cookie display was empty (except for a few vegan cookies)! I thought "oh lemme see what time they close because maybe they're out since it's closing time" nope! They didn't close until 10pm. I asked the worker if they had more cookies in the back and she replied no. So the only choices for cookies were two options of vegan cookies. The most annoying thing is I got charged extra for vegan cookies when they're the only cookie being offered. Why charge customers extra for something they didn't want in the first place but are forced to get it because you have nothing else? $7 something for a one-scoop ice cream sandwich. I don't think I'd come back again.

Courtney L.

The desserts here live up to its name. They're both sweet and addicting. I got a milkshake. It was so good. The only issue I had is with the whole milk. It tore my stomach up but it was worth it. My fiancé got the ice cream sandwich and could not stop his self. Great desserts at a great price.

Brian B

Fantastic ice cream and cookies, lots of choices, pleasant staff. 100% recommend the sundaes.

Jennifer A.

I grew up on Thrifty ice cream when they used to serve it at Rite Aid, when there used to be a Rite Aid. I'm so happy to stumble upon a place that serves Thrifty ice cream AND you can make a cookie sandwich out of it. How can you not love it? Of course I went with my favorite - Chocolate brownie with walnut ice cream and went with the classic chocolate chip cookie. Their cookies are flat, which I thought would be a problem but I was wrong - they held up well even though their "one scoop" is huge! I can't complain. The sugar rush was worth it!

Lorraine Schneider

Customer service I’d give negative stars if possible.The young lady behind the counter was more interested in her phone conversation via Bluetooth than the customer.

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