The Magic Noodle

5165 S Fort Apache Rd #165, Las Vegas
(702) 873-0888

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Shawn F.

Service is really good and so is the food. Definitely going back. Prices are very reasonable. Place is small and gets packed but worth the wait.

Henry Y.

We did takeout and the noodle soups were well packaged and remained hot even with a half hour drive ahead of us. We had the Lanzhou, beef brisket (with knife cut), and a chow mein with pork belly and string beans. Food portions were large and all the different meats were both great in quality and portion. We really enjoyed the meal. The knife cut went well with the beef brisket while the Lanzhou with its thinly sliced shank called for the original hand pulled. Despite three noodle dishes, we didn't feel any starch overload but we were definitely full! Although we didn't eat in, the place is cozy and the counter area overlooks the kitchen where you can watch the noodles being made in real time and the efficient assembly of the dishes. If only it were closer! Expect a wait, even at off hours. It's popular.

Ken M.

Food is honestly good but be prepared to wait a long time even when you are ordering to go. The sign and online said they close at 9:30, I got there at 8:30 and was told they would close soon at 9:00 and won't let me dine in. So I ordered 5 items to go. I would have given 5 stars for the food but they chose to prepare to go orders for everyone else that came after me and somehow ignored or forgot my order. I was the last one standing there waiting for my to go food to leave at 9:20. Waited 50 minutes for my to go order while everyone else who came in to order their takeout got their food and left. Baby was crying in car and I almost left but kids were hungry. I don't like to be treated like crap while on vacation. So be warned to sacrifice your time if you want to eat here and be FIRM with them because they will forget or totally ignore you.

Cindy T.

Excellent! Considering we have 19 people for lunch! We sat wherever they could seat us. Hand pulled noodles was excellent. I got the Szechuan beef brisket with flat noodle. It was delicious. I live in California and will definitely come back here every time! Excellent service and food!

Gma E.

This my friend highly recommended, I tried 2 times, kept the same level. Recommend to making a reservation on weekend, or take away, otherwise might need to wait 45 minutes at least. I love their signature noodles, dumplings and spicy soup. Will come again.

Clara K.

SO good. I wasn't a big fan of chili wontons until this place, and every (misguided) attempt I've made at trying them elsewhere has only led to massive disappointment. Everything here is amazing, but I literally cannot (and will not) shut up about how delicious the chili wontons and the Sichuan sweet noodles are. Holy crap; they're SO delicious. I don't know what they put into their chili oil, but that stuff is literally one of the most addicting things I've ever tasted. It's just the right amount of spicy with an almost sweet note to it, so you never get bored eating the same thing over and over again. If I could douse everything I eat with that chili oil, I'd be set for life. It can get SUPER crowded here, so if you're coming for dinner especially, get ready to wait a while in line. But you're always gonna be waiting with other people, because yes, it's that good, and everyone else knows it too. I'm not joking when I say I was so addicted to this place that I literally ordered out like 5 times a week for a month. It's affordable for how much food you get, and I'm pretty sure you're gonna be happy no matter what you order. I actually hated cucumbers for my whole life until this place, and now I order a side of those every time I go. Crazy what good food can do to you. Parking's always ample here no matter the time; it's in a pretty spacious plaza with not too many popular places nearby that'll cause it to get crowded. If you're craving some good food, I highly recommend this place!

Alvin Y.

Let me say this first. I have been avoiding carb's lately, I know you must be thinking that I am an idiot to go to a noodle bar to avoid carbs. However, everything we ordered was amazing. I went here with a group of 6. We ordered 6 plates and 4 appetizers. The spicy wonton and dumplings were good. I thought the hot oil just a little overpowering. The sliced pork belly with cucumber was tasty and the onion pancake was light crispy. Both were so good. I did not eat the rice or noodles but I tasted the broths, sauces and proteins. All were so good. Our server was attentive and food was served quickly. The decor is nice but the music is a little loud. Do come here for the food.

Chase Y.

Revisiting Magic Noodle with a friend for lunch 11/10/22 - we didn't have to wait long as some previous tables were leaving. I went with my reliable "go to" dish the C4, added some extra chili oil to kick things up. Always a great experience watching to noodles being made by hand, plus you can't beat a spicy noodle dish on a cold day in November!

Jocelyn D.

Ok ok there's a reason there's always a wait. And if there's a wait, stick it out and try this place out. My FIL brought my husband and I here for lunch because he really likes this place and I have to agree that this place is delicious. I had the veggie chow mein , veggie fried rice, and these veggie pancakes. They were all delicious. I have to say my favorite was the fried rice but honestly it was all really delicious. Staff was really friendly, and accommodating!! The place was clean. I will definitely be coming back!!

Tim Y.

I'm always in search of a great bowl of beef noodle soup. I stopped by The Magic Noodle the last time I was in Las Vegas with some friends after reading all the great reviews. It's located in a little strip mall about 7-8 miles west of the strip. The potstickers were perfectly pan fried on all sides with just the right amount of crisp. They are long and flat unlike the traditional potstickers that "sit" up. The pork filling had good flavor and was served fresh off the pan! The steamed chicken with chili sauce wasn't bad. There was a lot of sauce over it and it wasn't overly spicy. Loved the beef brisket noodle soup. There was a generous amount of beef and noodles. I went with the traditional noodles versus the hand-cut option. The broth was delicious and had so much flavor that I ended up slurping up the whole bowl! Although the restaurant was packed, the food didn't take very long to come out. I'm sure they have an efficient system worked out in the kitchen for getting food out quickly. I'll definitely be back the next time I'm in Las Vegas!

Patricia D.

My favorite place to get beef noodle soup! It's not too salty like other places. They give you a good amount of beef, and it's super tender. You can choose between original or wide pull noodles, the original is my fave! Other dishes I love to get are: panfried pork dumplings (it comes with the best sauce, i swear i can drink a gallon of it, green onion pancake, spicy wontons, beef burrito, and braised pork belly fried rice! The customer service can be hit or miss. Sometimes it's hard to catch the server's attention or they just forget to check on you, but honestly the food is so good. They do have a yelp waitlist that you can sign up for when you get in the store, but I wish they would have it available on the app because sometimes the wait is so long.

Kate M.

The service was quick and the servers were so nice! Seeing the noodles being pulled and made in front of you makes the experience just so much more enjoyable!

Kasey Kraft

Left the wayyyyyy overpriced strip to try this place out. What a great experience. Awesome, friendly service, cool atmosphere with a window that you can watch them make their noodles and cook. Delicious food and crazy affordable. We will come back here every time we come back to Vegas.Food: 5/5

Naomi I.

Magic Noodle is located in. Strip mall with ample parking. I called for take out and it was ready when I went to pick it up. It is a small restaurant and it was filled at lunch time on a Saturday. There were lots of people waiting outside for a table. We got 2 noodle dishes and 2 appetizers. Everything is as delicious! Next time I'm in Vegas, I'd like to dine in and try one of their soup noodles.

Lacy E.

Get the C2 rib meat bowl!!! Amazing flavor for spicy lovers!!! My roommate's hairdresser recommended The Magic Noodle and so tonight she brought myself and the kids to try it out with her. It's a small space and tables fill quickly; we got there just in time because by the time we left there were several guests waiting outside the door. There is an open kitchen where you can watch the chef hand-make the noodles; the kids loved that! We started with a few appetizers, one of which was the Chinese burrito, on the sweet side, but so good! I easily would come back in just to order that again. And I'll say, I've never been much of a ramen fan...but The Magic Noodle changed my mind. C2, was phenomenal. It was spicy, noodles were so fresh, and the rib meat was tender and just fell off the bone. We also had the C1, which wasn't spicy and my kids loved that one, as well as the chicken chow mein. I'll definitely be making this a regular spot!

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