Volcano Cafe

4215 Spring Mountain Rd #b106b, Las Vegas
(702) 331-6533

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Chris T.

Echoing another reviewer on cleanliness - All 4 employees weren't wearing gloves, which is super questionable during covid. They also had their aprons hanging over an open doorway that are constantly touched as employees move between rooms. I'm assuming those have been/will be worn again and are dirty. Not only that but the cashier switched from taking cash/card payments to making ice cream cookie sandwiches without washing his hands. He did put gloves on but first touched the clean gloves with his cash register hands. Gross. They also flat out refused to honor their current "check in for 20% Yelp offer" claiming it was "old". No apology or anything. In terms of food quality, nobody in our group of 7 was impressed with their treats. We won't be back ever again.

L Z.

The person making the boba tea did not have any gloves. When I brought this point to his attention, he was apologetic and put gloves in. I told him that I wanted a clean cup. He did so. However, the cashier, who was not wearing gloves, took the cup that I was being served, she threw away the liquid, rinsed the cup and put it available for the next customer. I told her that I did not appreciate that she was handling money and now touching the food without gloves. She just looked at me. I told her that she was supposed to throw away my cup that her co-worker had put aside. She just looked at me again. With or without corona virus, there should be certain rules. I will never go back..........what if I got a used cup before and I did not know.

Araseli C.

My kids I walk always enjoy the boba @volcano staff is always friendly and joyful. They also have ice cream and shave ice desert to die for.

Mich W.

Picked up a couple of drinks a week ago, as usual the drinks are really good. However downgraded a couple stars because noticed employees not wearing gloves while taking payment and making drinks. I asked them why they were not wearing gloves, and the cashier then put some on. In this time of the covid-19 virus, they also should have been wearing masks, which is now mandatory anyway under phase one reopening in Nevada. I plan on going back after phase one reopening to see if they will be following the mask rules and wearing gloves too.

quansak 01

Great selection of boba tea

Tiffinie P.

I go here pretty often. They are one of the only places I've visited so far that has durian smoothie. The tapioca pearls do not get hard in the icey smoothie and they remain soft and chewy. It has the perfect amount of sweetness and the flavor is like eating a durian. I love the comfortable atmosphere in the store. I miss the k-pop posters every where though from years ago. The pictures on the wall as decoration give me so much nostalgia. It is a very fun place to hang out and have good boba!!!

Courtney M.

Mood - MT of course Upon entering it wasn't busy so we were able to take our time with the menu. We had several questions regarding milk substitutions and if some items were made with powder. All questions were answered with ease. With exploring new places it is refreshing to be able to take your time and not feel rushed. ( my opinion at least ) especially to find out signature items or customer favs. We opted for Coconut with Mochi, and Mango with Aloe Jelly. Both were very good. However that Mochi topping had my attention the whole time. I never indulged in that anywhere before. Now that I've tried it, I wish I would have sooner. Interior is a few table and chair arrangements, plus a sit up counter. A television was playing. Music was going in the background. Everything was very clean. There is outdoor seating as well. Would def recommend- pricing was reasonable. The customer service was friendly. Location is Spring Mountain/ Wynn - ample parking

Ivette Stephanie R.

As for me I will give it a 5 coz this place has watermelon with boba and its fresh not powdered one. The manager is nice and they have a good customer service . Try their squid balls too!

Katherine Galvan

Love the milk jasmine tea. So far the best boba shop I've been to.

Cindy K.

Great customer service! And the drinks were really good for their price. As good as I remembered it to be! Definitely try the melon slush or the taro slush with boba, and for the summer, the pineapple slush is THE BOMB!!! It's soooo refreshing

Osborne Hancock

Really good all the time, not the cleanest place but yeah good

Derek T.

It works for boba but it's not particularly spectacular. The tea tasted watered down and not all too mindblowing. Not really sure what more there is to say, average drinks, decent prices, and yadda yadda yadda.

Lily S.

Order 4 snacks and 2 drinks. Only fries is ok. Spicy chicken is hard,calamari no flavor. Especially!! Fried chicken wings!!disgusting!! It seems still raw and not fresh. I like chicken wings but this place's let me feel like vomiting. No exaggeration.its my first time here also my last time.

Jz GachaGaming

I love getting my boba from here! It taste good for me my favorite thing to get is avocado or strawberry banana flavored boba or smoothie.

Jin Hitchcox

I love getting my boba from here! It taste good for me my favorite thing to get is avocado or strawberry banana flavored boba or smoothie.

Gordon Eames

always good, never had a bad experience.


I love getting my boba from here! It taste good for me my favorite thing to get is avocado or strawberry banana flavored boba or smoothie.


This is a nice place for bubble tea, coffee, ice cream and snacks. Staff are very friendly and quick to serve. They have WiFi as well!

Ed G U.

Love this place newly discovered boba tea place. I had the tarp and jasmine and it was delicious recommended by one of their employees and it was not a disappointment. Ate the calamari on my drive home and it was good as well. Light breading and not greasy. Will definitely come back. Great friendly staff and very accommodating to patrons. Thank you


Very nice tea house with friendly staff and a large selection of tea, smoothie, coffee and other blended beverages. I really enjoyed the milk tea with boba, very sweet and creamy. Chinatown has a peaceful vibe, nicer break from craziness of Las Vegas strip. This neighborhood is less touristy and I had a great evening.

Laurie Kim

Best boba ever!

Kouzuki M.

Very reasonable price for a bingsu, their bingsu is very yummy, full amount of fruit and a big scoop of red bean paste :), definitely recommend

Glazy Dagdag

Loved their slush specially taro (less sweet) and honeydew haven't try their desserts and appetizer though

Jannie L.

I'm giving this place 5 stars solely because Michael is the man!! So nice, friendly, and polite. He made sure my order came out promptly and it tasted amazing. I got the chicken and honey green tea with aloe. Pretty simple order that totally hit the spot! I'll be going back just to see Michael. If anyone is having a bad day, definitely go see Michael. His enthusiasm and positivity is contagious!

Alexis H.

Avocado and taro flavors are tried and true!! This place has been a holy grail for 10yrs. Other boba spots just don't compare.

Helen Arlene S.

I just happened to be around and craving something cold and sweet. My family and I walked in and we have the Volcano bowl.. it was amazing! Loved it. The fruit was fresh and we asked for less strawberries and more bananas and the girl kindly gave us what we wanted! We will definitely be back for the cookie ice cream that I am dying to try and maybe a drink. Did I mention the girl that rung us up was so kind and welcoming?! Thank you for a great first experience

Judy Y.

I absolutely love this place cause the drinks are good and very affordable and I enjoy their fries and potstickers whenever I want some finger foods to go with my drinks. But I came in last night and tried their spicy chicken since their cashier recommended it cause I was having a hard time deciding whether I should order their wings or popcorn chicken and honestly, it was a bad recommendation. It was super dry and hard. The chicken looked as if it was either fried for too long or re-fried. Look at the picture and you can tell that it was bad. I ordered potstickers too and that was good but the spicy chicken really is just not worth it. We didn't even finish it even though I was trying to cause why waste money? But I really couldn't finish it. My bf tried helping me and it was just bad lol so we ended up throwing it away But service is good even though they were busy. Their drinks are always great & the boba was soft. I'll just stick to my usual fries and potstickers with my milk tea here. OH and there was a random French fry with our spicy chicken like.... wth lol

Meng Yin

Writing my review in the store right after purchase. My honeydew bubble tea is one of the worst I’ve had. Not only is the bubble totally over-cooked, the flavor is way too light and texture too watery. The slushy texture of the bubbles is just really bad in the mouth. This is after a 10-min wait! Won’t be back again.

juan francisco

I go here if I'm on spring mountain but its nothing fancy but its not bad its just eh but I do love their taro milk tea.

Melody M

SO GOOD. They use fresh fruit and their boba is so soft and chewy!! Will definitely come again.


Great smoothies and boba tea at a great price.

Shakyglo Sustaita

Amazing natural Juices😀😀✌️

Don Teller

Great Boba drinks.

David P.

Lots of great options at Volcano Tea Almond Milk tea, avacado amoothies, taro up the whazoo! And snackeries for your belly. Can you believe they have ice cream sandwich options?! Depending on your timing it can be so busy the small dining area is packed with a large line or a quick order and wait if youre lucky. This place definitely has a following in the chinatown plaza. A great location on spring mountain near a bunch of pokestops and a few pokemon gyms to garner your inventory. Stop in and have a rest or bring some friends and enjoy all the offerings of the surrounding area!

Liliana A.

This is one of the few Boba places that gives an option to get a smoothie drink.Over all the service was fast ,pudding tasted nice and soft Drinks were sweet and refreshing .

Arlene A.

I had heard so highly of this place since it's been around for so long! It was DISGUSTING! The cashier wasn't paying attention and got my order wrong and wanted to give me the wrong order instead of remaking it. My sister and I got two different flavored teas and we IMMEDIATELY threw them out in the trash outside in the plaza. It tasted like DISH DETERGENT!! Waste of money. We went to another boba shop to get rid of the bad taste

Daydream Saga by Damaris

I ordered a tea. I told them I wanted hot herbal tea. They gave me some kind of hot artificial something. I drank a little and it felt acidic and my stomach hurt. So I was trying to make the most of it and I asked for creamer for my tea. Well... it curdled and I got up tried to talk to them. They knew I was upset with this terrible fake powder tea and they ignored me. So I threw away a full cup of dirty acidic water with cheese in the trash and now I'm never going back.

Peter K.

3 stars are about right for this place, would never have come, a friend recommended it. The boba drink is on the weaker side. The cashier was a bit slow, tried to claim the 20% off with yelp check-in, she said ok and ring it up as full price right after. Most likely not coming back again, since so many outstanding Boba places in the area.

Stephanie N.

The tables were gross & sticky. The bathrooms are gross. They had no toilet paper, and no paper towels. It's too bad because they do have good boba & decent prices.

Dian H.

This was a hopping local joint. Randomly walked in. I had a black tea with 25% sugar only. I advise maybe no sugar, as it was sweet!. The tea taste did come out very well. My friend had an iced smoothie with avo, PB and chocolate Plus Bob's. Dear God. He loved it though. From the queue and the crowd, obvs it is a favourite. However, it lacked ventilation and the noise was intense.