999 Phở

2309 Kietzke Ln, Reno
(775) 686-6599

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The pho was tasty and filling! the vermicelli was so flavorful, simply good food!!good portions, good price, friendly service☺ loved it!

My Le

On our last day in Tahoe during the week the fires started, heading to Reno airport, we stopped by for Pho. Thank goodness it has a separate hallway before you get to the restaurant because it was so smokey outside due to the fires. You open one door and you’re in a hallway corridor. I guess it’s built this way for winter snow season like a mud room? Well, it also works for summer and fire season. Also keeps the crowd waiting outside inside of in the stores.The pho restaurant was busy for being lunch time.I ordered Egg Noodle with Wonton. The broth was clear, clean, and flavorful. The noodles were a bit on the over cooked side. Came with lots of wonton. I enjoyed this soup.My bf got Pho Tai and it wasn’t bad. My friend got the Steam free-range chicken with bones. It came with a side salad and fish sauce. I would say this was the winner of all. Flavorful, tasty, moist.

Jessica Dean

I have been here twice with friends, the first time was the first time I ever had Pho, and since then I have been hooked. I got the Veggie Pho which also comes with tofu, and others at my table got beef, but I honestly felt like mine had more flavor.I recently went back home and got Pho at a place back in NY, but this Pho was soooooo much better. So good!Def will be coming back, and hopefully soon!

francisco j ruiz

I like there pho broth it really good. They also have a sandwich on a baguette man it really good over all good place to go eat. It get packed for lunch and dinner so go early.

Leanh E.

My go to Viet food for com tam (broken rice) and goi (salad). I make pho at home so I really never go out to eat it. I always like to eat foods that are difficult or more time consuming to make. The goi salad reminds me of my mom making it for me when I was young. They make it so fresh and tasty. The cool thing is that it is super delicious and healthy for you. My husband always get the Nem Noung Cuon. Their Toung (peanut sauce) is really yummy. With all their sauces you can customize the heat level by added the chili on the table. I make mine really hot!

Jeanice S.

Always busy when I go here, when in Reno. And we get there by 10:40am or earlier. Their BUN BO HUE (BBH) is really good! The flavor is flavorful and isn't watered down. The noodle could be softer. Their chicken pho (pho ga) is pretty good too. The chicken is cut with the bones. Service is not that great here, but never really is at any Asian restaurants.

Caryn S.

Always come here when in Reno. Their combination seafood pho is so good. The broth itself is so flavorful. Their combination fried rice was good too. The host was friendly and took our orders right away. I highly recommend this place.

Bryan T.

Best pho place in Reno and the family that runs the restaurant is super friendly! Can't go wrong with any of the noodle soups

Annie N.

First time visiting 999 Pho before heading up to Lake Tahoe. The food was delicious, everyone was friendly and the service was great too!

Brittpot A.

My family and I absolutely love this place! Their restaurant is straight to the point. You sit you order you get your food as fast as they can. These ladies are HARDWORKERS they will run this entire place remembering your order without writing it down at times, willing to accommodate my child's needs with extra napkins, plastic utensils an extra plate all while dealing with others. I don't expect them to chit chat with us too much because like I said these women are busy! They aren't there to sit down and entertain you they are there to do their job and they're doing it right. They deliver great service and amazing food. I've encountered some people just walking into the restaurant and seating themself instead of following their strategy of doing things and then of course getting mad. They are not to blame if you cannot read the signs no matter if you're a regular or not. We've tried plenty things on the menu and the smoothies are great, the appetizers, phos and rice plates are all just so good! The prices are the best prices I've came along with to Vietnamese good places and not to mention absolutely love the fact that they give a lot of side veggies for your soups. Like I said have respect for these ladies who do their job as best as they can. Thank you 999 pho for the great experiences!

Jim W.

Whoa, what a busy place. No welcome, no direction, seat yourself, wave down server, eat, then go up to cashier and pay. Not much fan-fare or niceities. Not a place to relax, quite chaotic feel in there. Their phone seemed to be ringing non-stop. But, no complaints on the sliced beef soup. Rich broth, nice pieces of meat, lots of noodles. I would have liked more sprouts but there was no one there to ask for more. Overall, a place to get in, eat and get out.

Kaylin Xie

THIS IS THE BEST PHO PLACE HERE IN RENO! this place is always busy whenever i come because the locals know this is the best place to get pho! they offer many dishes, as well as make the best spring rolls and drinks! i come here everytime i go to eat pho! 5/5 stars!

Harmlin S.

The best pho place i have ever had. I am a big foodie and i try pho in many places and this was def the best pho I've had

Houa Xiong

Went to try the pho. The broth was just slightly oily, but it was good. I’m a dripper, so I need hoisin, sriracha and sate. This place has it!! Yeah!!

Chris M

Amazing. Here for the fourth night in a row! Everything they do is great. Big proportions, very flavorful and very affordable. Enough to fill the hungriest appetites or big enough for leftovers.It gets very busy so call ahead and their hours don't match on Google. I think it's an hour off

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