A Taste of Thai Cuisine

915 W Moana Ln, Reno
(775) 828-6400

Recent Reviews

Sandi Kohlmiller

My fiancee and I have been hete twice and both times the service and food have been excellent. Highly recommend.

Fransisca Xaveria

Haven't had a chance to dine in and only ordered their food to go twice so far. No complaints and food were very tasty.


We are giving it one more try. The food is good but way too hot. We order a 2 in hotness and get a 5 or higher. I'll give it one more try and if it is too hot, we will move onto another Thai restaurant.

parker bourdeau

Khao soi was bussin. Would definitely recommend.

Alyce B.

BEST THAI IN RENO- and I've tried a few. Moist noods, amazing flavored curry, best lunch special out. Friendliest staff, impeccably quick- always get the order right. Can't recommend them enough!

Bill P.

Called and asked for no "hotness." They delivered great food. Thanks

Brian Douglas

We were the only ones eating lunch..swrvixe was great loved the food

Geri Burrows

Atmosphere enchanting food was beyond good. Delicious to your tastebuds. The staff was delightful and efficient.I can’t wait to go there again.

Angela F.

Actually was headed to Lakeside grill next to Zozo's only to find it was closed. Since we did Zozo's the previous week my sister said we should try the Chinese restaurant around the corner. We'll it turned out to be A Taste of Thai Cuisine. We shared fried dumplings and pork pad Thai. Both were pretty good. Reasonably priced. Would definitely go again

Michael Turo

Excellent food and service. Everything we try on menu besides dessert is excellent.

Lara H.

We ordered Pad Se Ew, the taste was fine but the noodles were chopped in to little pieces. The texture of the dish was pretty disappointing. We also got yellow curry which was delicious. A little expensive compared to other places in the area.

Michelle King

Always great food. Been ordering a lot of take-out from here during the pandemic. Always consistent. Today I physically ate there. Food was awesome, service was great and the place is very clean. Their pad thai is some of the best I've had.

Scoopity Doopity

Excellent food and great service! We ordered all gluten free and the waiter was very accommodating and nice.

M. Evans

Food is boring and Thai food isnt....usually. The service is mediocre and prices high. It was a very lovely place, once upon a time. Maybe new owners? Won't be returning.

Blair Hedrick

With an appetizer, large cup of soup, and an entree it does get a bit pricey but they are pretty reasonably priced. The food is worth it though! The Pad See Ew was very well made and the Wonton soup left me wanting more. Definitely go check it out.

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