Antojitos Colibrí

880 S Wells Ave, Reno
(775) 513-0623

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Amy T.

When the craving hits for Mexican Fruit Cups, this is the place! When we arrived, we were promptly greeted by a woman that was tending to people that were there before use. When we got to the counter, we told her that it was our first time there. She gave us a rundown of the shop which included; fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fruit juices, horchata, corn, ice cream, and shaved ice. She said that all of the fruits and vegetables are fresh and are prepared when ordered. They do not pre-cut their fruits and vegetables. The fruit juices and horchata is tasted every morning to ensure the quality. They even got a food truck so that they can participate in the food truck Fridays this upcoming season according to the woman. I ordered the mango preparado and asked that it be put in a to-go container with extra chamoy and tajin. This also came with a tamarind candy on a straw. Chefs kiss! The mango was somewhat ripe, the chamoy was somewhat sweet, the tajin had a little bit of kick with saltiness and the lime gave it that extra sourness. This combination was mouth-watering. I put it in the freezer when I got home so that it could be a little cold before I ate it. She did give us a sample of the horchata and it was delicious. Full of flavor. I will definitely give that a try next time as well as the elote. I wish I got the woman's name that was helping us since I keep referring to her as "woman" or "she", but she told us that the owner made the stickers that are placed on the containers. I have it pictured below. So cute! My husband got two scoops of chocolate cookie dough which was good, but kind of a boring choice. This place is a great place to get your fix satisfied when it comes to Mexican fruit cups! Great customer service as well. Come check it out!

Independence G.

This place is absolutely amazing. Family owned and a total hole in the wall. From their homemade drinks to the ice cream. By far the best ice cream place you will go to. The people there are wonderful and very friendly. Always making it feel so welcoming. It's worth trying out!! Wish I could give it more than 5 stars!!

Destiny P.

I absolutely love Antojitos Colibri, they have never let me down. They have been so consistent throughout the many years that I have been a loyal customer. I always like to try antojito places, but I always compare them to Antojitos Colibri. They have everything that you would want from an antojito place and then some! Some of my favorites are the vanilla raspado, fresas con crema( both fresh and frozen. I think the frozen one is cute since it comes in the little carton), and the hot Cheetos esquite. They are also always friendly here! Never had a bad experience! I really enjoy the vanilla raspado here because it doesn't taste fake. There are some Antojito places that the vanilla flavor doesn't have that homemade taste but antojitos Colibri is not one of those places. It is so good! Something that I love from here is the esquite, especially the hot Cheetos version. Esquite is basically an elote in a cup! I think it is great here since the proportions are perfect. It is not overly mayo-y and it has the perfect creaminess. All od the flavors compliment each other without being too salty. It is the perfect snack. I also love that there is outdoor seating so I can enjoy my snacks with my pup right next to me. It makes for a perfect day!

Jennifer D.

First time here and I know I'll be back for more. Tried the elote in a cup, horchata, and mango ice cream, and they were all so good.

Miguel Mena

I think it is delicious and there cucumber water is the best

dawg j.

This is honestly one of the best experiences i've had here in reno, i ordered an esquite and aqua de sandia and most places the sandia is so overpowering but this one was perfect. Their drinks are so fresh and they make their own syrups from scratch so it really is fresh and you can seriously taste it. My friend had gotten a chamango and i tried it and loved it so much i ordered myself one to take home. Hit the spot oh my good. if i could give them more than 5 starts i could. they are also so friendly and so sweet. this is genuinely going to be my new spot to take my friends and the prices are so reasonable for the amount you are getting. 10/10 i'm in love with this place already

Sergio G.

This is place is just perfect. Coming from a major city like Las Vegas to a smaller city like Reno, I was very disappointed that I wouldn't be able to enjoy my favorite drinks and snacks, until my friends and I found this place. As soon as you walk in, you feel very welcomed. It's very homey and cozy, and the service is top-tier. I will be coming back!

Kim Zarzour

Friendly staff and delicious options ?

Mely S.

My favorite Mexican snack place!! This place never disappoints! My go-to is the esquite (ask for it layered) and the agua de limón! They have ice cream, paletas, aguas frescas, tostilocos etc! The place is very clean and the staff always welcomes you with a genuine smile! Great things are in the works at this place and I cant wait to keep seeing them growing and expanding!

Maria D.

Antojitos Colibri is my FAVVVE. Anytime I am craving for a refreshing drink or some corn I alway come here to Antojitos Colibri. Their hot Cheetos Esquite is so delicious and I always get the 3 cremas agua frescas-- a blend of strawberry, horchata and coconut- so delicious!

Ghilsa Jane A.

Looking for a place to quench your thirst on a hot summer day?? Well look no further! Mauricio was a gem and was so patient in describing everything their menu had to offer. I was so surprised to hear that they make almost everything from their juices, horchata and corn in a cup in house! I'll definitely be coming back for more!

hillary hooke

The owner/manager was so nice and explained the menu when I said I had never been in before. The Aqua Fresca and Chamango were excellent! Super refreshing on a hot day. Highly recommend.

Jose R.

Whenever we are craving any mexican snacks we stop by Antojitos Colibri. We love their Esquite and Aguas Frescas. They have many other delicious items as well. The people at the counter are always nice and do a good job getting the food out even when super busy.

Joanne V.

Once reno starts to warm up in the spring and into the summer time, I always crave fresh fruits and veggies to cool off. The Aguas Frescas are super yummy! I've had their watermelon and their pineapple in the past. I also tried their corn in a cup, which is my weakness! The staff and very friendly and are happy to explain what they have to offer in their menu. I would highly recommend!

Michelle rivette

It's was my first time here and I got the best customer service ever not only was my drink amazing and so tasty its great to decide what you want when the menu is explained to you can't wait to go back

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