Biscotti’s Cafe

Peppermill, 2707 S Virginia St, Reno
(775) 826-2121

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Robert Dunn

I ordered a personal pepperoni pizza at 5:03pm last night. I was expecting it in 20 minutes, but by 5:38 I decided to ask how much longer it would be. I looked around and the restaurant had only a few people in it and the cafe only had one person waiting that came in after me. The girl who took my order took my receipt to a manager who said she'd check. After a couple of minutes she came back and said it would be about 10 minutes. She apologized for the wait. I checked back after 15 minutes and she went and checked again. She came back with the pizza and a weak apology. I waited almost 55 minutes for a thin-crust personal pizza, clearly someone forgot about the order. Too bad I had left a tip when I paid for the food upfront.

Jeff Mason

Excellent Chinese chicken salad. We always enjoy this place. Only complaint is 23 bucks for a beer and glass of chardonnay.

Nihar Nana

Horrible experience. I ordered a New York steak. Everything was great, service etc until I cut into my steak and it was bright blue inside Our server was nice and took it back to the kitchen as she has never seen that before. The manager then stops by our table and said she spoke to the chef and he said that it’s normal. Cows are branded with a blue dye that you can’t get out, it’s totally safe to eat. I respectfully declined as I have never seen that before and I have eaten a lot of steak in my life. The manager said she would discount my meal since I ate the veggies, some potatoes and half the steak until I discovered the blue dye she took $15 off the bill. I was completely offended. I asked her if she was in my position how would she feel. She said she’s tryin got run a business!!!! I was at a loss of words. She then said ok let’s not make this a big deal. It’s only food, I’ll just comp that steak. Un ba leiv able. I expect this at some rink a dink place but was completely taken back by her negative attitude and a “discount” lol. I’ll never go back. Our company was staying there (25 of us) and even rented out conference space. We will now go else where

Lupita Esquivel

The food is great! But the service we got from our waitress Jessica at the bar was horrible. No customer service skills at all. Otherwise I would say 5 stars

Paul “White Portuguese” Cardoso

Nice and Bright, great service! Had the prime rib meal and it came out dryer than it should be, the rib cap was tender. Sides were good - my wife’s chicken Picatta came out with what we felt had little seasoning. Our server noticed we were not enjoying our picatta and took it off the bill, which was quite nice and how we came to 4 stars!!

Kaitlin G.

Craving a little dinner after some time enjoying the Peppermill. Biscotti's is in a very convenient location within this property. After a very short wait, we were seated and our drinks came quickly. The staff was friendly and kind. The food was just alright, nothing special for pizza and wings. I was hoping that the lollipop wings would be great since they were recommended to us, but again they were very average. If I'm craving diner food, I'll be back.

Patricia McGee

Ate a luke warm burger with wilted lettuce and warm fries yesterday. One member ordered a dish with chicken strips, received 2 tiny luke warm pieces, sent the order back. Tables around us seemed to have good service and much better looking food, don't know what the problem was...

Lori Hall

*Will Not Return*Front desk people were unfriendly, unwelcoming and seemed put out. We watched host "Joshua" try to sit a man in a wheelchair and his wife in a booth with zero wheelchair access, then seemed annoyed that they could not sit there. Prime rib dip was very fatty and gross. Watermelon salad- unripe. Prices way too high for product. Server was efficient and friendly (which is why I gave it 2 stars instead of 1).Save yourself and go to Oceano or Romanza.

Patrick Fleming

Ian was very attentive and suggested locally brewed beer. I had the prime rib French dip sandwich. It came with horse radish and au jus. Cooked excellently as medium rare.

Arlene W.

This was my first time at Biscotti's; I will definitely be back. I ordered the Chinese chicken salad, probably the best such salad I've ever eaten. The vegetables were varied and fresh, the chunks of chicken plentiful. I ordered the warm raspberry bread pudding with white chocolate sauce for dessert. It was fabulous. (I hesitated ordering it because it it's pretty decadent, but totally worth all the calories It likely contains.) The setting of Biscotti's is pleasant. The service was excellent! A totally wonderful dining experience.

William W.

Awesome experience. The 1lb Ham Steak breakfast plate was AMAZING!!! This was the first restaurant we visited after we checked in to hotel. It was def one of the top restaurants we visited while in Reno!


The staff was overwhelmed but they tried. Pastries were pretty good, we brought some along for snacks during the day.

Mikaela C.

Chicken tortilla soup. I've had a lot, but this is still top three. That's all I have to say.

Michael Spaulding

First, the service was excellent. I have nothing but praise for our server. He confidently suggested my favorite of the 4 dishes that we ordered.Summary: Good to try! Next time I'm getting the Chicken Piccata! The Monte Cristo is a dessert for lunch and it's really good!We ordered [1] Avocado Egg Rolls $19 appetizer [2] Wood-Grilled Salmon $36 [3] Wine Country Salad $24 and the [4] Monte Cristo $19.5.[1] The avocado egg rolls were good! I'd give them a 4 out of 5. Although they come with a lot of avocado inside (which is awesome) the texture is a bit soft which forced me to eat some of the butter-lettuce garnish for crunch.[2] The wood-grilled salmon itself was excellent (flavor and cook). The red pepper broth (sauce) was fresh and brought the whole dish together with the fresh sliced vegetables on top and potatoes below. However, the potatoes themselves would have probably been better if they were cut in half twice-again at some point before making it to the table as I felt I had to cut every potato multiple times to fit on my fork with a little bit of fish or vegetable. The description on the menu says "SMASHED" potatoes but they certainly were not. Now, big potatoes aren't always an issue but because the sauce had a nice body to it, and the fact that the potatoes were already dense and hydrated, the best I could do was scoop some sauce onto the potato bites as it wouldn't really soak in. Fish 4.5 out of 5; potatoes 3 out of 5.[3] The wine country salad had some of my favorite flavor combinations: cashew, goat cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette that was thick and saucy almost like a reduction that stuck to the salad wonderfully! There were grapes, raspberries, and tiny apple rectangles scattered about. But, the chicken was a little dry -- definitely not juicy or moist. And I felt that because the entirety of the vegetable was being carried by spinach, it became wet under the vinaigrette during the meal and lost it's vibrancy resulting in a sort of sogginess. I would have liked a little red leaf lettuce mixed in to add more bounce to the dish, but my best recommendation is to just eat this dish quickly! If you eat the dish in 5-10 minutes, I bet it would be a 5 out of 5, but the lack of stamina in the dish makes me give it a 4 out of 5 overall.[4] Holy heck. The. Monte. Cristo. This is a turkey, ham, and cheese triple decker sandwich cut into 4 big chunks and then deep fried with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. And it is served with strawberry jam. I was in heaven. It wasn't healthy, but it was soul food. I was nourished in ways best described as biblical. If you are okay with fried food, order this. 5 out of 5. And use the jam!

Donna G

Wanted to stay on Peppermill property. Apps consisted of french onion soup and salad. Entrees included beef stroganoff and french dip sandwiches. Sandwiches were fantastic. Lots of meat. Waitstaff was attentive. Drinks were expensive.

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