Bordertown Casino and RV Resort

19575 US-395, Reno
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Wayne St Charles

3/18/2024Good casino. Staff friendly. They need some easy listening music to listen to while gambling. I had to leave my slot machine twice to get coffee. No one came around for drinks.


Very nice

Service: 5

Zach Z

I have been coming here since I was a kid, they could totally crush it out here if they would put some effort into their food. Overdone dry puck of a burger with lukewarm sweaty cheese like it had been under the warming light for 20 minutes. Frozen biscuits with gravy that probably comes in plastic. If they would do some real home cooked food I would probably order pickup here weekly.

Service: 1

Patricia B.

I've been going to Bordertown for many years. Good food and service. Love the breakfast menu.

Marina Foreman

Went to eat breakfast under the clock. Close bathroom and good food.

Service: 4

Lisa C.A.

EXTREMELY poor customer service at the bar IF you are not a part of the, "usual" crowd. We don't go in a lot, but we go in enough. The bartenders ignore us, and when they finally acknowledge our presence (after they have purposely ignored us and have been yakking with the regulars) they THROW our drinks at us without a word. We have tried to engage in conversation, but their discriminatory little selves won't even talk to us. We are done going in there and giving our money to an establishment that makes us feel as welcome as dirt.

Gus M.

I have been coming to this place for nearly 20 years, with mixed feelings about it every time. I must admit, the waitresses have always been sweet, kind, helpful, and true professionals almost every single. time. I enjoy having a kitchen omelette here. I enjoy their sampler, the Cana special is good, and I like their fries zucchini. I have complained a bunch of times about the stink you get from the casino. I have never been a smoker, but coming into this place makes you understand why you are not one to begin with. The managers say is: " there's nothing we can do about it, and you should have thought about it before you came here, knowing that it is a casino." One Asian fellow was the only one that express his regret about the issue with true kindness and compassion. Needless to say, I only come here maybe once every three months anymore, after I was told that. Jen is a terrific waitress. I also enjoy being served by Pam in the mornings. It is really sad that I cannot go there more often. If only they would put some plexiglass or find a way to keep the smoke away from the restaurant.

Sierra Quigley

Bordertown is mainly a casino, has a regular ol roadside diner. My family and I visit often and the food is good, servers are always kind. The casino I've never had good luck at, after visiting numerous times. Definitely a small town style atmosphere. Yeehaw!

Hannah Estes

I am a regular everyone has see my id and this morning I had the gentleman at the bar tell me I couldn’t be in the casino even though I had I’d and I am old enough to be in the casino. He profiled me out of everyone there including some that look way to young to be at a casino. It’s very upsetting and super rude. I’m very

Service: 1


The rest I threw away because of the disgust then I decided to write a review on these wings from bordertown. They suck!Food & drinks: I ordered wings from the restaurant and they sucked! I wasn't asked what flavor of wings I wanted so they claimed they gave me buffalo. Look at the pictures, these wings were not buffalo. They looked old, not cooked properly they were hard. I am so disgusted with this place. I do not advise anyone to eat the wings! Especially if they look like these! The bartender had ordered some wings and he was smacking and said they were so good. Well what the heck happened to my wings? I want a complete refund! Never again. Horrible ? wings. I can't imagine the rest of the food!

Service: 2

Robbie R.

This is a review for the Kafana restaurant inside the Border town Casino. I'm traveling south down the 395 from Susanville and I hit the Nevada border. I've heard about this Monte Cristo Sandwich they have here at the Kalafa Restaurant here inside the Bordertown Casino. I'm always on the lookout for a good properly done Monte Cristo, and that means battered and deep fried after the sandwich is assembled, too many places skip the deep frying and just give you toast. Exit off the freeway is easy and we pull into the Casino. Parking isn't bad and the restrooms are right as you enter, so that's convenient. We're seated in a nice cozy booth. Looking over the menu I see the Monte Cristo described as a ham, turkey, & Swiss cheese sandwich battered & deep fried - ($13.99). It comes with choice of potato, fries or, hash browns. We both order the Monte Cristo sandwich with hashbrowns. The food arrives quickly, but the first thing I notice is the hash browns are a little pale and not very browned. I guess that's how they do them here, so if you want more crispy golden brown you have to ask. Mine got sent back to get more cooked. After my hashbrowns were browned more , they were crispy and tasty. The sandwich comes with this strawberry syrup stuff that's way super tasty. The batter is pretty thick on this version of the Monte Cristo and you need to use a fork and knife, instead of just picking the thing up with your hands. I'll say, it's is one of the better versions I've had. Good filling of ham and turkey with Swiss cheese melted inside. The batter is a bit too thick for my liking, but I still enjoyed my sandwich. In fact it's so filling, that I took half the sandwich to go in a box. In my pics, the batter is so thick , it's hard to tell that's a sandwich under that deep fried batter. The food and service seem pretty good here at Bordertown, and I'd stop in here again on my travels up and down the 395. If you're looking for a place to try your luck on the slots, this is your first chance coming in from the north!

Jerry Hagel

Nice rv park staff is friendly and helpful. Nice hook ups spaces are tight at least the one I'm in. However I wold stay again it's well maintained, nice amenities.

Service: 5

Elizabeth Giuliani

Nice park for an overnight. We utilized the dog park and stopped at the casino.


Easy access, clean sites, concrete pads with a small table. Check in was easy with clear instruction. Restrooms were private and warm (it was pretty cold outside so it was a nice surprise). I didn’t use the showers, but they were individual rooms, warm and clean. They are small but looked just fine. There is a laundry room. The dog park is pretty big, fenced, dirt surface with dog bags and a garbage. It’s a small park and sites are a little tight, but met our needs for one night. I walked over to casino-a short walk-for some food. It’s small and a little smoky but the casino restaurant was doing a good business and our food was pretty good.

Cathy G.

I can only make a statement regarding the RV Park as we did not visit any of the other services. This RV Park is immaculate and well maintained and has full hookups. Spaces are more than adequate and paved with cement. Each space has a lawn and a cute little table. Cable and WIFI are included and Internet signal is strong and reliable. A pamphlet is provided at checkin and tells you everything you might need to know. Mr. Shakespeare checked us in and was charming and very nice. It was a one night stop for us. Absolutely no complaints.

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Bordertown Casino and RV Resort

19575 US-395, Reno, NV 89508
(800) 443-4383