1695 S Virginia St, Reno
(775) 786-2277

Recent Reviews

Randy Foster

My wife and I took our daughter for graduation dinner. The food was amazing and the service was top notch. Will be back again next time in Reno

Mike Jordan

Great food. Great atmosphere. Exceptional service. Outstanding place to host a private event.

Steven Murphy

Bricks came highly recommended by a colleague, so I made reservations for an anniversary dinner. I'll start by saying our waiter (I dont recall his name) was excellent, and I totally understand he's not responsible for the quality of the food. He was very attentive and accommodating. We ordered a bowl of clam chowder and were highly disappointed. The clams were overcooked and rubbery. It was a step up from canned clam chowder. I ordered the lamb and it was cooked perfectly, however, it wasn't seasoned. My girlfriend ordered the filet, and that was the most disappointing part of the dinner. It wasn't cooked evenly throughout and the texture suffered because of this. Everyone has off nights, and that may have been the case for Bricks on the night we dined.

Paul Harrod

Food was spectacular the German chocolate mousse cake dessert with the best I've ever had and James was a great waiter .. I RECOMMEND IT !!


The meal here was really disappointing. The environment is nice, quite but a little dated looking. Not worn out looking just a bit dated. The service was good and our waiter was friendly and attentive. The menu, meal presentation and pricing were all a miss. The menu is tired and feels uninspired. This is the only time we have been here so I can't say for certain but I'm guessing the menu hasn't changed much over the years. There was nothing bold and clever here. No offense intended but I think Bricks needs an infusion of young blood in the kitchen. With a little reboot Bricks has potential to be high end all the way around.

Lauren Luby

We love dining at Bricks. Always excellent service. The salads, bread, creamy onion soup and coconut prawns are delicious! My steaks are always cooked to perfection and my Old Fashioned & Manhattan cocktails are made with the BEST cherries and local Eureka Gold bourbon. Save room for dessert and cappuccino!

Dalyn Tardy

And let me tell you, while I dont drink often, my parents and partner can both attest that their bartender knows their stuff when it comes to drinks.It was a dinner to celebrate my birthday and the wait staff were prompt and very courteous. Molly was our server and an excellent comedian as well as recommending solid choices for dishes.


Very good. Great service. One of my favorities.

Katie M.

I ate at Bricks twice this week and as usual I loved my meals. I've only ever eaten here for continuing education dinners and they have always been fantastic. They offer a limited menu but everything is delicious and so far you can't go wrong. For Wednesday's dinner I chose the filet mignon for my main course and the chocolate mousse pie for dessert. There was delicious bread and butter available prior to dinner. The filet was delicious as always and the mashed potatoes were actually juat as good if not better than the filet mignon. The chocolate mousse was decadent and the pie crust was my favorite part, similar to an oreo cookie. For Thursday's dinner I switched things up and ordered the mushroom ravioli and cheesecake for dessert. We had crab cakes and a really neat take on bruschetta for appetizers - both were great. Then the bread and butter, which were even better than the previous night. The mushroom ravioli was really tasty and I was only able to eat about half of my serving as I needed to save a little room for cheesecake. The cheesecake was fantastic. I look forward to coming out to eat here for a date night rather than a CE meeting :).

Tara T.

Honestly, I've had better quality food at other high end restaurants in Reno and surrounding areas. Although, I'm glad I finally tried Bricks because it's been on my radar for quite some time. I was taken here for a birthday dinner last week, we went on a Wednesday evening around 7:30. Immediately loved the interior and feel of the restaurant. You can't even imagine South Virginia Street is right outside. We had a comfortable round booth with white table linens. The seating is very private from table to table and the lighting is calm. After browsing the menu for a few minutes, we chose to start with the crab cakes appetizer and picked a bottle of the 2015 Frank Family Cabernet ($80). Two medium sized crab cakes were plated with a lemon wedge and a piece of purple cabbage. (My favorite crab cakes in town are at Tamarack Steakhouse). These were quite meaty but very greasy and far too crispy, I like them a little lighter on the breading and more flaky with the crab. I'm not a huge meat eater and really wanted seafood, like always. I was having the worst time trying to decide since I had Chilean Sea-bass the night before. Our server, Rene, said the scallops were the way to go hands down since we hadn't eaten there before. Done. I closed the menu and said YES to my favorite sea creatures on earth. My date ordered the filet with fingerling potatoes. Upon arrival of our dishes, they looked just okay. If I were the one plating the meals in the kitchen, I would have done it so differently. Plating is everything. Take a look at the scallops with risotto, wouldn't you add a little greenery of some sort? How about asparagus or Italian parsley in the middle, maybe line the scallops up diagonally, or group them in the center. I watch too many cooking shows. The scallops were good but again, way to greasy. Same with the veggies, I think they load on the butter and oil to everything they cook. I tried a bite of the filet and it was rather chewy, I thought filets were typically a tender cut. Maybe I'm being too critical... I liked Bricks and my experience with my date, but thinking back on the food it was not my favorite. The look of the bar was enticing and will have to go back someday for a cocktail.

Michael S.

My Wife and I came here for our Anniversary, back in June, and it was simply perfection. For appetizers, I had a wedge salad and my wife had the house salad. Was a little confused, as every wedge salad I have ever had is a wedge of iceberg lettuce an not leafs of romaine, but was still really good. For our entrees my wife had Wagyu Steak and I had I had the special of Ahi Tuna w/ Lobster Risotto. the food was simply fabulous. If you have not tried their risotto, please do yourself a favor and indulge yourself. While the steak was so good, I have never tasted a meat treated with that much respect before, that the seasoning and cook was nothing short of perfection. Only downsides, I am a dark beer drinker, and they do not have beer on tap. (The other bad memory to the night was due to the other patrons behind us, who's conversation made me question the education of our elderly.) This is not a reflection to the establishment, but it really brought down the mood of our meal and visit. We will go again for sure.

Andrea S.

We LOVE everything that Bricks offers. Outstanding in every category. Impeccable service, food and atmosphere!

Tami Hill Fegert

It is always a delight to dine at Bricks. The service, food, and cocktails are over the top. The wine list is amazing. I highly recommend Bricks for a quiet date night, family celebration, or eating with a group of friends.

John Smith

Food was great. I had lambchops which must have been frozen but even if frozen, their sauce was excellent and they cooked it as per my specs. In the future I will go with a ribeye but regardless it was still good. Their wait staff was great... in fact superb. I wish I remembered her name but she was great and highly knowledgeable of the menu and what to try. The menu prices are actually decent for a fine casual dining experience... 30 to 40 dollar main course price range and most appetizers and salads in the 10 dollar range. Construction nearby and the fact google maps does not have the correct location make it difficult to find if you dont know the place... combine that with the lamb being previously frozen causing taste issues that had to be remedied with a sauce... I can only give 4 stars however I would highly recommend them, particularly for a nice date.


Dinner was not as good as past visits. Food was over done and overpriced. Service was good. Parking is free.

William George

This place is by far the best you can find anywhere in the country. The staff and the cook is absolutely top notch no one will be disappointed ever !!!!!!

Sonia Rich-Mazzeo

The food was delicious. They were knowledgeable and able to accommodate gluten free needs, and our waitress was fabulous!

David Walker

Quiet, not overly expensive, great service, terrific menu

Jason H.

Just OK. Went in on a Saturday night. The restaurant is nice and I liked the drop off area in the front. Seems like it maybe used to be a little motel. But the decor is nice. The service was very good. But the food. It just wasn't that good. For a place that's supposed to be one of the best around, I expected a lot more. My appetizer wasn't bad, but it could have been a frozen thing from Costco (not saying it was but I should not have to wonder). My salad (Caesar) was really not acceptable. It was just some tough romaine lettuce with some (?) bottles dressing (again...shouldn't have to wonder). The main course was good, but by this time I had lost my enthusiasm. Closes early. Loads of better new places. I like old school, but it has to be good. Alternatives for old school would be Harrah's steakhouse. Alternatives for new school at Lulous (best place in town), midtown eats, homegrown Gastropub, etc etc. Lots of them. My suggestion for Bricks is to get a new chef and reboot. The decor and staff are great. You need to come up to speed to the new Reno. You need a new chef. Prices were fair. Won't go back. Too many other great new places.

Claudio Whally

We were there to celebrate a birthday, but had been several previous times. I love the atmosphere, quiet and classic. Although you could be very casual there, I like to dress up a bit. The menu offers a nice variety, the wait staff is fantastic and the food is wonderful. I have rediscovered Bricks and am happy that I have. Every meal there has been high quality and memorable. I have recently eaten there three times and have enjoyed the seafood and the steaks. Service is on top of it and it makes a romantic setting but I have also just eaten there with a business associate. I would highly recommend it.

Jessica M.

Where to even begin... Bricks has quickly become one of my favorite more upscale dining choices in the area. My family was in town from the east coast and I asked my partner to help me find a good place to go out with them (they are more accustomed to slightly higher dining experiences for celebrations and such). She suggested Bricks when we looked at other Yelp reviews. From the moment we walked in I knew it was a great fit. Classy atmosphere, rustic brick lined bar, and plenty of seating. I reccomend reservations on a busier night, but calmer weekday afternoons you can typically walk in and be seated easily for a 2-4 person party. And let me tell you, while I dont drink often, my parents and partner can both attest that their bartender knows their stuff when it comes to drinks. It was a dinner to celebrate my birthday and the wait staff were prompt and very courteous. Molly was our server and an excellent comedian as well as recommending solid choices for dishes. My father and my partner both got their special Elk chops, myself the bone in sirloin, and my mother some amazing sea bass. Everything was cooked perfectly and seasoned appropriately, absolutely no complaints. Tonight my partner and I returned for our anniversary dinner, and once again Molly blew us away with her personality and attentiveness to make sure everything was exceptional with our dinner. We also got to sit out in their outdoor patio area which is open for the excellent weather. Attached are photos from our dinner tonight: Crustini appetizer with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, Dungeness crab cakes, New Zealand rack of lamb and Ahi Tuna with lobster risotto. Dessert was coffee and creme brulee for me and cheesecake with fruity reduction of some sort for my partner. I will continue to reccomend and use this place for my more celebratory and fancy meal plans, thank you again Brick's!


We arrived at 5 and were seated immediately. Our bottle of Rombauer was placed in an ice bucket. My veal was tender and delicious. My hubby's rib eye was the best he's eaten anywhere. The ambiance was quiet and relaxing. Molly, our server, was friendly and efficient. She looked after us without being intrusive yet friendly. We will go here again for special occasions.

Robert H.

Just wanted to share what a wonderful dining experience I had a Brick's last night. Scott served us in the bar area and he's fantastic! This was my 2nd visit to this restaurant and the 2nd time I had another phenomenal dinner. Celery soup with lots of lump crabmeat was wonderful. Ribs that feel off the bone with house made BBQ sauce. Key lime pie topped off the evening. It just doesn't get much better than this restaurant.

Sonya A.

Last minute decision . Atmosphere awesome but just average on the food . Will def give another try.

Robert M.

Loved this place! The environment set the mood for me and my gf date, and the food is amazing loved the squash soup and the service there was amazing. I'd definitely come back to this place.

Jackie J.

We went to Bricks for a birthday dinner last weekend and we weren't sure as to how many people would be in our group, but Bricks was more than accommodating up until the last minute when we finally gave them the final count of 13. Out of all 13 of us, maybe one person had anything bad to say about the food, but we all agreed that their customer service was top notch! We all shared our dishes with one another because the food looked way too good not to try. I had the gazpacho, crab cakes and prawn scampi. The gazpacho was so fresh and different (recommended by our server). The crab cakes were a table favorite, and the prawns were incredibly huge, I had to take half of it home for later! Others at our table had their specials of the night which included the ahi tuna and lobster risotto. I would eat there every day just to taste that risotto again. They also had delicious cocktails with ginger and gin. It was so refreshing, almost half of our table got one after one person shared theirs with us. Overall, there is a reason Bricks had been in Reno for so long and no reason why I wouldn't come back!

Kelsi D.

There is a clear reason why this restaurant has been around for so long. Every aspect of my interaction before and during the meal was absolutely perfect. I called a couple of weeks prior to our meal to make a reservation for a large party (originally 19 people) and they were extremely nice and accommodating even though they were busy with graduations the same weekend as my event. They kept in great contact and were very understanding when my party dropped down to 13 a couple of days before the date. When we arrived we were greeted and seated promptly and they were able to seat us all at one table, despite being told we might have to sit at separate tables with a party our size. The waitress was kind, patient and friendly and helped us made informed menu decisions. There was never a moment where I needed something and she wasn't within a few steps away. Our food was brought out in a perfectly measured succession and everything was so delicious. I opted for a couple specials they were offering for the day, and they were the perfect choice. The cucumber gazpacho was creamy and light with a hint of spice and paired perfectly with the crab. And the elk was fork tender and amazingly seasoned with creamy whipped potatoes and perfectly grilled veggies. But the star of my meal was the Baked Mushroom Caps filled with escargot and blue cheese, the perfect bite of chewy, creamy, salty goodness. I wanted to order more! And for only $10, they're a steal. The staff here made our meal everything we had hoped for it to be and more. Our dining experience was one of the best ones I've ever had here in Reno. And the food left me wanting more with every indulgent bite. Bricks truly is a gem here in Reno.

Damian G.

My steak was absolutely amazing and I cannot even begin with how great the staff was. Water never got empty, they were constantly swapping out plates and silverware, and they were also extremely friendly and down to earth. I got the filet mignon rare and it came out perfect. My fiance on the other hand ordered a Wagyu steak medium rare and it came out more red than I've ever seen any steak, she sent it back because she has trouble digesting red meats and the one that came back was medium rare but a little burnt on the outside as if they cooked it too quickly. We took the loss and kept the second steak and it was okay. If you like fancy dining this place is really nice but there are definitely better options for steak in my opinion. The general consensus from our group (13) was that the food and experience was overall great though.

Leonhard Gower

I have rediscovered Bricks and am happy that I have. Every meal there has been high quality and memorable. I have recently eaten there three times and have enjoyed the seafood and the steaks. Service is on top of it and it makes a romantic setting but I have also just eaten there with a business associate. I would highly recommend it.

James Kane

Graet food and ask for james the server hes the best

Gary Fox

Nice ambiance! Great service ..

Nancy Howe

Food was absolutely fabulous! Staff was courteous and helpful. Atmosphere was toward formal, but somewhat casual dress was perfectly acceptable. On the pricey side, but we'll worth every penny!

Quinton Mccord

We have been trying to make the rounds of high end restaurants and this one has been on our list for a while. Bricks lived up to its reputation as one of the best in Reno. Service was great, food was delicious, and ambiance was great too. It was quiet and a place you could actually have a conversation with friends. You get what you pay for as it was very pricey.

Mark Pandori

Wow. Service impressive. Quiet place in the best way. Alaskan halibut just falls apart at the touch of the fork, and flavorful.

Sheri Anastasio

Had dinner last week. OMG.....Outstanding food, desserts, and service. We were part of the Natpara group. Thank you.

Angela P.

Dinner at Brick's was amazing. Everything from service to food was perfect. The regular menu looks good, but we ordered from the specials for our entree. We got: Mushroom caps with escargot and blue cheese. Obviously don't order this unless you like blue cheese. Also, don't burn your tongue on it! Let it cool a bit before popping the whole mushroom in your mouth for buttery cheesy goodness. Lots of butter and cheese! We scraped the plate with bread. Yum! Elk steaks were delicious! The mushroom gravy on it was really good. There was not enough of it! Mashed potatoes were creamy and the veggies were perfectly seasoned. Ahi tuna with lobster risotto was fantastic. The wasabi dressing on the ahi tuna was suttle so you can still taste the tuna. The risotto was definitely the star though. Perfectly cooked. Lots of parm. Big chunks of lobster. Warm gooey goodness. Creme Brulee. I love when the top is cooked right and you can crack it with a spoon. Little bit of joy in life. It was enough for the two of us to share. And she put a candle on it for us since it was my husband's birthday! Can't wait to come back here to try more because everything was so delicious!!

Steven Rowe

Amazing food and service. We had the Ahi tuna for Valentine's day last night. We'd recommend this dish for anyone.

Kamil K.

Amazing atmosphere for date night, took my wife for our anniversary dinner, and we both had a wonderful time. The restaurant has dim lighting, is quiet, has attentive waiting staff, and the food is amazing. I had the filet mignon and it was melt in your mouth perfection. My wife had the macadamia crusted salmon and it almost made me give up my filet, almost. Dessert was a delicious red wine glaze brownie with peanut butter ice cream. We will be back, thank you for a memorable experience, Brick's!

Jeff R.

Our company has an office in Reno and we had folks from the Bay Area and NYC coming in for meetings. I had been to Bricks before and knew they had a room for our group of 14. From my first phone call to the signing of the bill - everything could not have went better. The owner was always great on communication and assisted me with menu items. The food was amazing and great portions. Not a single complaint was heard and everyone enjoyed themselves. Big kudo's to our server, Emily. A water glass was never empty and whenever we needed something - she was there. We will return again - a new favorite for all of us!!!

Dan W.

We've now been her a couple of times and have had excellent food and excellent service both times. Last night (Saturday) we decided to show up without a reservation (we know better) but the hostess scanned her book and was able to squeeze us in. As usual they were super busy but our waitress managed to juggle her tables with no problems. Once again their specials made me go off menu. Last time it was the elk, this time it was the bone in Filet with a side of lobster Mac and cheese. I can't say enough good things about the food at this place. It isn't the cheapest in Reno but compared to that overpriced "fancy" stuff in a casino, this place is almost a bargain. Stop looking at reviews and just head in down. But don't be like me, make a reservation! Oh, and great parking, which is a huge plus in that area.