725 S Center St, Reno
(775) 360-5175

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Jennifer W.

Calafuria was the venue I chose for my wedding and I could not have been more satisfied. Organization and help in the run-up were 100% on point, the venue itself is absolutely charming and just perfect for an intimate gathering, the food, drinks, and service were impeccable, and everyone who attended raved about it! They clearly have experience with events and certainly made mine easy and purely enjoyable. This restaurant is top notch.

Jon Alder

Daina did a great Job!

Herman Rummings

This place is wonderful. We sat on the patio and started with spritz and calamari and the appetizers special of shrimp and scallops. Then some amazing fennel soup. Divine. Had a nice bottle of red to wash down pesto gnocchi, the rib and the sage truffle ravioli. Finished the evening with dessert wines, tiramisu and brûlée. Service was wonderful and the food was memorable!

Tim Kennedy

It is a fantastic location. Definitely a hidden gem that people don’t know about in midtown.

Jeff Fiske

One of the best spots for a nice date night in Reno! They have adjusted with the time of this pandemic, but what they offer works, and it works well! I highly recommend.

Jake Grace

pretty good food server was new i think

Dickerson McCain

Road is is missing a one way sign

Sandy Archer

We ordered the pop up menu to go Saturday evening December 12th. Portions were generous. Bread was perfectly warm. Salad was great. The fried artichokes were out of this world delicious! The lasagna is the best I’ve ever had, just a melt in your mouth beautiful pasta! AND that Tiramisu.... OH MY!!! It was all such a treat! Thank you! We cannot wait to visit for a sit down dinner!

Michael Morris

Calafuria adapted well to the current situation and became one of mine and my wife's favorite places to go. We really like that everything is thought out and simplified. It makes for a very relaxing and fun evening. It also does not hurt that the food is excellent.


We've been frequenting Calafuria since 2016. It's not "comfort Italian", which is Reno's go-to, and requires an effort to seek something a little different. A little adventure and trust in the chef. That said, you will not have Lasagna this good in the 775. Nor will you have such access to Picanha Steaks, Roman Pizza, etc. Some super unique dishes that aren't on your chain Italian-American restaurants - really truly Italian.Finally, through COVID, this establishment always exceeds expectations. Tonight is my wife's Birthday, and while not extravagant, there's a special cookie in our to-go, along with usually some extra add-in to show you that the business owner cares for your patronage. I guess that's the overarching theme of Calafuria. These guys and gals give a s*!t in every aspect of their business. Lifetime customer here.

Randy Collins

My wife and I completely enjoyed our take out dinner from Calafuria, it was excellent,! The owner and Chef Tim and his family have definitely brought a taste of Italy to Reno. The Caesar salad, eggplant Parmesan and lasagna are all really excellent! The ordering process and pick up are super easy and the food is packed carefully and warm for a great dinner at home. Treat yourself to a excellent meal, all you need to add is wine! Great job California and thanks for making such carefully crafted and delicious food!

Rick Houser

Ordered lasagna yesterday, it was burned. I was hesitant to order it, now I know why. Bread was very good.

Kelli H.

I ordered delivery through Door Dash, the "Armageddon Kit" was perfect. The quality of the food was surprising in a great way. I recommend the meat lasagna.

Brynne Kenney

I debated writing this because, especially right now, I don't want to speak poorly about a local establishment. But this was just too alarming not to make folks aware. Yesterday I came across a special that they had been doing which I thought was a great idea. Flat Iron steak, 4 homemade sausages, salad, bread and homemade butter. Amazing. Well, turns out, far from amazing...I picked up the food around 1:30 yesterday, super easy, it was ready. The person that was working was not wearing a mask but I know we are all trying to figure it all out so I tried not to read into it. I got everything home, peaked at it. The steak looked pretty discolored but I chalked it up to being the marinade and put it in the fridge for later.Dinner rolls around, I throw everything on the grill. The sausages look good but I am still concerned about the steak but thought I would still give it a shot. When I took it off to rest it was just not looking right. But in the meantime I opened the homemade butter. It had completely gone bad and smelt like sour milk. I then cut a piece of the steak. Without a doubt had also gone bad. It smelled exactly like a piece of meat does when it is no longer eatable. So we called, nicely and just asked if we could bring the food back and get a refund since most of the meal is inedible although the sausages were probably fine we didn't want to chance it. The person on the phone agreed and we drove it over. I walked in politely (wearing a mask, while NOT ONE of the three people working wore a mask which is required by the state) then said we were the people who called about the order. Immediately a young man came out from the patio and said right away without even looking at the food "none of this is bad. I'm sorry but its not" and I asked that he take a look at it. He opened the butter and lectured me about how this butter is supposed to taste like this. I'm sorry, I know when food is bad, I may not be a fancy chef but I do know how to cook and I have also been eating for a long time. homemade butter (or butter in general) of any kind should never taste like spoiled soured milk. He then took his bare finger and scooped out the butter and put it in his mouth. All the while essentially telling me I had no clue what I was talking about. I then asked him to look at the steak which had a terrible smell and an "off" color. He also grabbed it with his bare hands and put it to his face and said it was fine. He was HIGHLY condescending and rude and while I understand that it is difficult to hear that perhaps the food you prepared is bad, you have to take these things seriously. After all, aside from the inconvenience and disappointment, ultimately it could make someone sick. I was really looking forward to going back to this place again once their beautiful patio opens back up, but that will certainly not be happening now.

Michael T.

Open with online ordering and curbside takeout during COVID with extra precautions in place in the restaurant as well. This meal had been calling to me. I spotted the photo of the take home bbq kit of the week earlier in the week and had to have it. So I sprung it as a surprise on my wife and picked it up. Theyve been offering this for a few weeks now, changing the cut of beef. This week it was 1lb pair of beautiful picanha (Brazilian cut of beef), four house made sausages, fresh salad and bread and house made butter for $30. The beef had a beautifully white cap of fat over fairly lean red meat. The sausages were incredibly well cured. Dry to the touch with incredibly chunks of fat that just melted on the grill. Even the butter had a special flavor I can only describe as cultured or fermented like a blue cheese, and the salad had some delicious pickles. I got some cooking tips for the beef from chef Tim, and I went home and really took my time cooking everything. I've gotta say, it was a lot of fun and the results were pretty darn good. Tender beef with a delicate sweet marinade and a sausage with full depth of flavor and crispy exterior. We ate all the beef and one sausage that night, and made the other sausages into three other meals. The photo they used on social media was so old school and primal, it stuck with me all week, and I couldn't wait to cook it. I'm so glad I picked it up, and I'm looking forward to the next Edition.

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