Chicago's Pizza With A Twist

1885 S Virginia St, Reno
(775) 689-9898

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Shayshay Henders

I went there for the first time with my little beautiful family. It was AMAZING. My babies, hubby, and I were completely satisfied. I wish i had taken a picture. The appearance was as great as the taste. I like the wings as well. I am looking forward to trying more flavors from here. I will include pictures next time. My new pizza spot. Also, it is not busy at all. It doesn?t get enough attention as it needs too. The pizza is hands down one of the best in town! I love that the pizza is so full, like deep dish and has a lot of flavoring with a lot of ingredients.

Esteban Bowles-Martinez

I was driving by and saw their sign advertising their lunch specials, so I decided to give Indian food pizza a try. It's really tasty and has high quality ingredients. Everything was just right, like what you hope for when you try a new pizza place. I'm glad I stopped here.

Gabriel Salas

Really nice folks and extremely tasty. Driving my pie home the smell was intoxicating. I'll absolutely be back.

Sarah T.

Wow--got this pizza tonight, and it was amazing! I loved it, and so did all my friends. We got the Chicken Tandoori pizza. I'm definitely going to go back and try more of the menu because it's a really cool concept and fusion. Plus, the staff were really nice and the place was very clean!

Angela L.

My husband son an I went there around 3 not a soul in sight. We are debating on ordering. We did and got the $25 special... wings, large pizza, which they forgot the cilantro on top , and cheese bread... there was no flavor very bland with everything!!!

Caroline Smith

My husband and I ask for a meat lover and we where not disappointed. Very good. Very satisfying and no complaining at all.

Charles Sharp

Excellent Pizza and Extremely Friendly Service. My wife and I visited this location and had the Chicken Tikka Masala. The Very Best Pizza we have ever had in our life. I highly recommend Chicago?s Pizza With-A-Twist!! The cleanest and most comfortable restaurant atmosphere we?ve experienced in a very long time.

Jesus Casillas

The interior design is gorgeous! The sustenance is phenomenal.. Holistically this place is of exceptional quality.

rob rob

First time venturing out into the fusion pizza world. Not bad at all I think I'll try it again because something else on the menu caught my eye

Michael Owens

Pretty good! Even the traditional deep dish pizzas arr nothing like Chicago style (more like BJ's Brewhouse style) but are still good. The Indian pizzas are also good. We had the Chicken Tikka Masala pizza and it was ok. Nothing super interesting about it. Didn't even actually get much, if any, Tikka masala flavor. Worth a try. Keep in mind the small sizes are not deep dish so we had to upside to mediums.

Harpinder S.

Great food, great service. The pizzas are good as usual. But the shahi paneer pasta is delicious. And the Indian style breadsticks are delicious as well.

Shadia A.

Do yourself a flavor (see what I did there) and check this place out! You wouldn't expect Indian food and pizza to work together but Chicago's pizza harmonizes it perfectly. My friends and I indulged in chicken tikka masala pizza, kebob pizza, butter chicken pasta, and gulab jamun. One of the main reasons I wanted to try this place was because of their butter chicken pasta. It was totally different from what I expected but I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was. The chicken tikka masala and kebob pizza were delicious. I've never had pizza with so many ingredients that worked so well together. None of the ingredients overpowered the other. Each bite was an explosion of flavor. Out of the two I liked the chicken tikka masala more but I would definitely order both again. My friend even said that it was the best pizza they ever had! Pizza has never been one of my favorites but getting to try their twists has definitely made me a fan. We ended it on a sweet note with gulab jamun which is one of my favorite desserts. They served it warm which made it even more decadent. The workers are very friendly and eager to help if you're overwhelmed by the menu and confused on what to get. I can wait to come back to try other things on the menu!

Crystal Perkins

Great pizza!

Mythical Twist

Super delicious pizza. It's Italian, American, and Indian style twisted into one delicious pizza. Had the Tikka Masala Paneer Pizza really delicious.

Alesha A.

Good food and even better management. Had a mishap with delivery, but the situation was sorted out and handle very well! It was much appreciated! Got the gluten free pepperoni pizza, tiki masala wings, and garlic bread. Will definitely be back!

Roxy Woods

It was really nice and they had good customer service

Ginny Hawkins

Great wings and pizza

Shanan Gonzales

Very good pizza with an Indian flare!! If your up to trying something new or different you should give this place a go. Their mango habanero wings were delicious!! Customer service was awesome also!!

Baljit Singh

Good food but slow service

Sagar B.

Place to go for a pizza with flavor! Brought my mom and brother here to try out some of the pies. We started off the the masala cheese sticks that came out great. Not your typical cheese sticks! For the pizzas, got the Paneer Tikka Masala with extra jalapeños and the chicken tikka masala. Both pizza came out good and had this unique sauce instead of the typical pizza sauce. Only thing that I would improve on, cut the veggies smaller. Having chunks of onions and bell pepper threw it off a bit. But overall the pizzas were both great and we will be back!

Athonia C.

Order your vegetarian pie w/red sauce which is the only vegan sauce they have. request Daiya cheese, artichoke hearts and jalapeños. The veggie indian is one the best places you'll ever go for vegan pizza? "Herj" is a manager here and she's vegetarian herself. indian pizza pie goooood ?

Navtej Singh

Great food. Very nice Indian Authenticated Pizza Wings Pasta.

Cpwat Rocklin

Amazing pizza great staff!!

Madelyn Martin

Pizza terrible.


Oh my goodness. Why isnâ??t this place over run with customers. Right on the river practically. Great fries! Crispy brown on the outside and soft on the inside. The Chicago dog was wonderful. The dog had that wonderful snap to it when you bit into it. The hot peppers, the pickle, the Irish green relish, the crisp fresh chopped onions, it was the bomb. Husband had the Italian steak sandwich with sweet peppers with the bun dipped in au jus. Just delicious!! . . We will return!

Meg Z.

Indian pizza! They have traditional pizza as well, but the main event here is the Indian pizza. The flavors go very well together. I highly recommend this place if you want pizza with and Indian twist.

Chris Dollman

Wife and I heard great things about this restaurant, so we checked it out for ourselves. Definitely worth the visit: pizza, service, and cleanliness of the restaurant were all top notch. we ordered a pepperoni and sausage with red sauce. it was prepared perfectly, nice and cheesy, the sauce was not acidic at all. highly recommended, will be returning very soon.


My wife and I and my service dog were denied service because the waitress and owner demanded I produce paperwork for my dog. When I explained the law in regards to service dogs and showed them websites as to what they are legally able to ask and what Iâ??m required to answer, they called the police to have us removed from the restaurant. I am disabled and my rights and were blatantly violated under the American Disability Act. Owner stated he does this to all Disabled people with service dogs. Not sure how people reading this can support such an establishment. If people are skeptical of my post feel free to google what Iâ??ve written.

Belizean J.

Got half tendori (Mmmmmmmmmmmm....) Half masala. Both was really good but the tendori is so good

Alyssa G.

I ordered delivery and got the tandoori veggie pizza and Indian style boneless wings. I usually go for meat on my pizzas, but this sounded intriguing on its own. I really enjoyed the unique combination of flavors! The wings were my favorite part: large chunks of chicken in a spicy, creamy sauce. I didn't realize exactly how they would come when I ordered, but I'm already craving them again. I used a spoon to drink the last bits of sauce once the meat was gone ;) I'm looking forward to visiting the actual location in the future

Hirav P.

If you like indian food and want some variety in your pizza sauces and/or toppings this place will not disappoint you. Tons of options for vegetarian and they have gluten free options too. They also have a vegan cheese option. My only compaint is they asked us for the spice level on our pizzas and we went with 2 mild and 1 extra spicy pizza but all the pizzas turned out to be mild spicy. Apart from that everything was nice including the customer service and the staff was very nice and pleasant so I am giving them 5 stars

Nicole P.

The pizza probably would have been good had it been warm. We ordered delivery and it was delivered 40 minutes past the time it was supposed to be. The delivery person repeatedly text saying that they were on the way, but it seemed forever before the food came. I had also provided our room number. She stated that I didn't include it in my order. So, basically I got cold pizza and was called a liar. �

El K.

The food here is amazing. Love the pizzas with the Indian twist and especially love that they offer halal options! Great addition to Reno!

Jenn C.

We love this place and everyone we take loves it too! So delicious, flavorfull and great for parties. It's always super clean and fresh inside. All staff is friendly and accommodating :)

Cody Neinen

I think the food is delicious. I really love the pasta dishes and the sauces on the pizza.

Smyrna Loy

We loved the food; it had unique flavors. The service was friendly and the restaurant was bright and clean; the decor was gorgeous. The price was affordable. We will definitely be back.

Jonathan S.

Great customer service! We ordered the chicken tikka masala pizza and it was delicious!! We will definitely be back here to try the rest.

Christopher M.

This place just opened and I was very pleased with their service, friendly staff and most importantly food. They have a ton of vegetarian options on the menu. I tried a place very similar to this in Salt Lake City and my expectations were met with the Indian Veggie Paneer that I ordered. If you like Indian food and pizza this is the place to go. Not all of their pizzas are "with a twist", you can order the traditional ones too (cheese , pepperoni, etc). Their crust is delicious and for me that's what makes or breaks a pizza.

Henna S.

Pizza was delicious! Passed by the location and checked their menu, and was not disappointed! We tried the butter chicken and palak paneer pizza - was really good! I've tried other Indian-style pizzas, and this was top notch. Extremely friendly service and great food. They were also great in giving advice on what type of pizza to get based on our food preferences. Will definitely come by again when in Reno! Didn't know there were so many locations in the bay area, will have to try those out as well.

Neena T.

The best Indian fusion pizza place I've ever had!! The butter chicken is really good and creamy. It's a yummy pizza with the perfect amount of spice and taste. If you're new to Indian food or if you are a fan this is the perfect place. The four of us ordered 1 family style pizza and ate so much that we were stuffed!! If you love cheese you have to try Palaak Paneer - it's basically cheese and more cheese with pesto sauce. Yummy food, friendly service, and a clean restaurant! Definitely will be back!! Note: Chicago style is the regular crispy crust! It's not deep dish but so so so good !!

Chicago's Pizza With A Twist

1885 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502
(775) 689-9898