Chicago's Pizza With A Twist

1885 S Virginia St, Reno
(775) 689-9898

Recent Reviews

Crystal Perkins

Great pizza!

Mythical Twist

Super delicious pizza. It's Italian, American, and Indian style twisted into one delicious pizza. Had the Tikka Masala Paneer Pizza really delicious.

Roxy Woods

It was really nice and they had good customer service

Ginny Hawkins

Great wings and pizza

Shanan Gonzales

Very good pizza with an Indian flare!! If your up to trying something new or different you should give this place a go. Their mango habanero wings were delicious!! Customer service was awesome also!!

Baljit Singh

Good food but slow service

Navtej Singh

Great food. Very nice Indian Authenticated Pizza Wings Pasta.

Cpwat Rocklin

Amazing pizza great staff!!

Madelyn Martin

Pizza terrible.


Oh my goodness. Why isn’t this place over run with customers. Right on the river practically. Great fries! Crispy brown on the outside and soft on the inside. The Chicago dog was wonderful. The dog had that wonderful snap to it when you bit into it. The hot peppers, the pickle, the Irish green relish, the crisp fresh chopped onions, it was the bomb. Husband had the Italian steak sandwich with sweet peppers with the bun dipped in au jus. Just delicious!! . . We will return!

Chris Dollman

Wife and I heard great things about this restaurant, so we checked it out for ourselves. Definitely worth the visit: pizza, service, and cleanliness of the restaurant were all top notch. we ordered a pepperoni and sausage with red sauce. it was prepared perfectly, nice and cheesy, the sauce was not acidic at all. highly recommended, will be returning very soon.


My wife and I and my service dog were denied service because the waitress and owner demanded I produce paperwork for my dog. When I explained the law in regards to service dogs and showed them websites as to what they are legally able to ask and what I’m required to answer, they called the police to have us removed from the restaurant. I am disabled and my rights and were blatantly violated under the American Disability Act. Owner stated he does this to all Disabled people with service dogs. Not sure how people reading this can support such an establishment. If people are skeptical of my post feel free to google what I’ve written.

Belizean J.

Got half tendori (Mmmmmmmmmmmm....) Half masala. Both was really good but the tendori is so good

Alyssa G.

I ordered delivery and got the tandoori veggie pizza and Indian style boneless wings. I usually go for meat on my pizzas, but this sounded intriguing on its own. I really enjoyed the unique combination of flavors! The wings were my favorite part: large chunks of chicken in a spicy, creamy sauce. I didn't realize exactly how they would come when I ordered, but I'm already craving them again. I used a spoon to drink the last bits of sauce once the meat was gone ;) I'm looking forward to visiting the actual location in the future

Hirav P.

If you like indian food and want some variety in your pizza sauces and/or toppings this place will not disappoint you. Tons of options for vegetarian and they have gluten free options too. They also have a vegan cheese option. My only compaint is they asked us for the spice level on our pizzas and we went with 2 mild and 1 extra spicy pizza but all the pizzas turned out to be mild spicy. Apart from that everything was nice including the customer service and the staff was very nice and pleasant so I am giving them 5 stars

Nicole P.

The pizza probably would have been good had it been warm. We ordered delivery and it was delivered 40 minutes past the time it was supposed to be. The delivery person repeatedly text saying that they were on the way, but it seemed forever before the food came. I had also provided our room number. She stated that I didn't include it in my order. So, basically I got cold pizza and was called a liar. ‍

El K.

The food here is amazing. Love the pizzas with the Indian twist and especially love that they offer halal options! Great addition to Reno!

Jenn C.

We love this place and everyone we take loves it too! So delicious, flavorfull and great for parties. It's always super clean and fresh inside. All staff is friendly and accommodating :)

Cody Neinen

I think the food is delicious. I really love the pasta dishes and the sauces on the pizza.

Smyrna Loy

We loved the food; it had unique flavors. The service was friendly and the restaurant was bright and clean; the decor was gorgeous. The price was affordable. We will definitely be back.

Jonathan S.

Great customer service! We ordered the chicken tikka masala pizza and it was delicious!! We will definitely be back here to try the rest.

Christopher M.

This place just opened and I was very pleased with their service, friendly staff and most importantly food. They have a ton of vegetarian options on the menu. I tried a place very similar to this in Salt Lake City and my expectations were met with the Indian Veggie Paneer that I ordered. If you like Indian food and pizza this is the place to go. Not all of their pizzas are "with a twist", you can order the traditional ones too (cheese , pepperoni, etc). Their crust is delicious and for me that's what makes or breaks a pizza.

Henna S.

Pizza was delicious! Passed by the location and checked their menu, and was not disappointed! We tried the butter chicken and palak paneer pizza - was really good! I've tried other Indian-style pizzas, and this was top notch. Extremely friendly service and great food. They were also great in giving advice on what type of pizza to get based on our food preferences. Will definitely come by again when in Reno! Didn't know there were so many locations in the bay area, will have to try those out as well.

Neena T.

The best Indian fusion pizza place I've ever had!! The butter chicken is really good and creamy. It's a yummy pizza with the perfect amount of spice and taste. If you're new to Indian food or if you are a fan this is the perfect place. The four of us ordered 1 family style pizza and ate so much that we were stuffed!! If you love cheese you have to try Palaak Paneer - it's basically cheese and more cheese with pesto sauce. Yummy food, friendly service, and a clean restaurant! Definitely will be back!! Note: Chicago style is the regular crispy crust! It's not deep dish but so so so good !!


This is a very low key restaurant/bar but the food was pretty good. I had a gyro and onion rings they were pretty good. My husband said the fries were very good and the grilled chicken was fine. My only complaint was that the server was very uniformed regarding the beers. I ended up just drinking water because she couldn't answer my questions.

Bridget H.

This is an excellent new change of the pizza in Reno. The place is bran new. Clean and well set up. Loads of seating. A pool table. TVs for viewing sports or some news. Each time I've visited they have been very quick and super friendly. The staff is nice and always smiling. The food is great. Our garlic bread was incredible and I probably ate more of that then the pizza. Chicago's favorite last time I came in and it was definitely a hit. I tried the all meat this time and it did not disappoint. I would recommend this as your new go to pizza place in Reno!

Michelle H.

I tried something different today. I ordered their oven baked samosas. Amazing, and the sauce with it spicy and delicious. I also ordered their Indian Garlic Pizza! Spoiled. That is how I would describe my stomach currently

Harman B.

Came here with my family on a random Thursday night to try something new. I genuinely don't like the name of the place because it has nothing to do with your typical style Chicago pizza which is suppose to be deep dish...but moving on. Walking in the first thing I noticed was how clean the entire restaurant was, this for me is the first sign for a good or bad (if dirty) dining experience. The ordering style is also at the counter, which is normal for most pizza places but was a bit odd for how the seating was arranged. We ended up ordering a family size Custom Veggie, a medium Three Idiots, and medium Chicken Bacon Ranch (odd how the have bacon but no pepperoni on the menu) with garlic bread, Indian garlic bread, and 24pc buffalo wings. Service was very polite but a bit spotty as everything wasn't close to coming out all at once. We were getting an item every few minutes it seemed like. The pizza was ok, nothing which would blew anyone away but nothing that was bad either. Of the three we ordered surprisingly my favorite was our Custom veggie(Green Bell Peppers, Jalapenos, Onions). The wings were typical wings. I did like that they were oven cook instead of fried, but the crispness of them was ruined by the amount of buffalo sauce they were drowned in before serving. The traditional Garlic Bread was by far the best thing we were served tons of flavor. The gal behind the counter did a great job explaining that it wasn't Little Caesars style but more like a pizza cut into a number of square slices/pieces, and was helpful throughout the ordering process making good recommendations. I'm sure I will eventually be back but for the time being they do have some improvements to make. I hope they take these comments in a positive manner and improve. A little less cheese on the specialty pizzas, and alot less sauce on the wings would be an excellent place to start. If you are using quality products/produce don't mask them with cheese and sauce.

Aycell J.

Super friendly staff! I really love the pizza Taste so good freshly made! The pasta was not as good as I wished it was, but your tastes buds might appreciate it more. The dessert was super good too. I love that's it's not over powering and doesn't throw your taste sensors the wrong way. We got three types of pizza and took the rest home. Day after is also good, but doesn't has much flavor as the made fresh side. The venue is spacious and has a pool table to kick back with friends. They offer Indian beer as well as your typical stuff. Parking is convenient and the spots are over crowded. They have TVs to watch a game or whatever You can also play some board games and stuff it seemed. They have very large bathrooms and are well kept. Must try if you have never had their pizza. I was thrown off, it wasnt a deep dish pizza When I hear Chicago I think k deep dish, but it's good and I like the bread to toppings ratio!

Casey S.

We attempted to order ahead through the automated attendant number listed but had some difficulties so I went in to order at the counter instead. I was greeted and ordered quickly and sat at a bar top to the side to wait. I ordered the Medium Gluten Free Tikka Masala pizza based on everyone else's rave reviews. The gluten free crust was fantastic and the toppings just as delicious. One note for those that loathe cilantro like I do- make sure to ask them to leave it off! It was sprinkled on top of mine and I had to pick it off. I should have checked before ordering. ah well. Overall, it was worth it and I'll certainly be back to try more. I never would have thought of combining Indian with pizza but it was a hit! 4.5 stars so I rounded up. If the ordering system was fixed, it would earn that last 1/2 a star.

Luis G.

Pizza is SOO GOOD!!! Try the Chicken Tikka Masala pizza. That staff is very nice and polite. Nice beer choice too.

Julee M.

Indian food+pizza!!! It was love at first sight. And what's even more amazing is they have a gluten free crust. So we ordered the medium paneer Tikka masala pizza (GF only comes in medium). And they were able to do half of it with paneer and half with chicken. They have different levels of spicy. We got our spicy, but next time we'd probably go for extra spicy. The pizza was about $18 before tip. The GF crust was delicious and the toppings were fresh. The staff was super friendly and the environment was casual and nice. We will definitely be coming back!

Kristin W.

Pleasantly surprised with the size of the $9.99 calzone! It was HUGE! Lots of value for your money here. Will return.


We found the hostess/waitress unfriendly and unprofessional with a few snippy comments to answer simple questions unfortunately the food was really not much better we were quite Disappointed and won’t go back. Oh well no loss.


I've always had a great time and great food here. Legit Chicago dogs, sandwiches, and pizza, and they carry Malort and some Chicago beers/sodas as well. Always a fun crowd and they constantly have food and drink specials; especially during Cubs, Sox, Blackhawks, and Bears games!

Jigar P.

Not being biased but this fusion of Indian and Western has me sold. Butter chicken Pizza and Butter Chicken Pasta is delectable! Spice has a perfect balance of Indian and ability to mix Italian (Chicago) into it. First bite had me sold. Wife has GrubHub and has put this place in the top 3.

Schon O.

As most people might, we assumed by the name here that it was going to be Chicago style pizza. Well, we were delighted to find out it is not. They have done a great job remodeling the place and opened up recently. Wifey works close by so she decided to order carry out and bring home the goodies. We had ordered a Tikka Masala veggie pizza and some wings. When she arrived there was some confusion on the order and no wings. The staff was so awesome, not only did they whip up the order of wings for us, they also gave us the Uncle's special Indian wings. Wow, these were incredible! With a spicy sauce, red onions and cilantro on top. The pizza was also delicious and there were no leftovers !! We absolutely recommend this place and will be back again soon.


Ordered a Chicago Dog which came with a side of fries. Dog was pretty good, although the side of fries was quite small. Upon arriving, most of the tables were taken, yet only one person was working - performing duties as server, cashier and hostess. Needless to say, it took quite a while to get my food. The atmosphere is not very inviting - think dive bar meets fast food restaurant. Menu had a good selection of hot dogs, pizzas, etc. Prices are very reasonable.


Located near crossing the Truckee River, its an OK place nothing special. Did the Ditka Spicy Polish and it wasn't that spicy. Service was about average.

Chicago's Pizza With A Twist

1885 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502
(775) 689-9898