La Cucina

3600 Lakeside Dr, Reno
(775) 826-3939

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Kirsten McElveney

After several years of frequenting La Cucina, last nights service and poor management may have chased Nevada locals away for good. Reservations were made 24 hours in advance. We arrived at the 6 pm time frame. We were told that we had no reservations. The manager was so rude. She blamed the lack of communication on us the customer. She even sat us in a hostile rude manner!!! Then after sub par very inattentive service. We asked for a refill on an Arnold Palmer which had already been ordered 30 minutes prior and still not delivered!!! The manager hostility came back over to the table and starting yelling at us!!! For asking a second time! She then began arguing and reprimanding us!! I cut her off and informed after 20 plus years in the food and beverage industry…never have I seen management behave so poorly to customers. I asked to speak with the manager or owner. Not realizing she was actually managing. I was astonished that she was left alone to manage the front end. She has zero business working in this industry!! She even glared at us when we were leaving. So unprofessional!! I cannot believe she has a job after that. I would expect to be fired such poor behavior and unprofessional management. The food was great by the way. But we won’t come back to a place where management blames there short comings on customers. And chooses to treat people that poorly. Absolutely disgusted by this experience last night. I’ll be following up this rating with a call to the owner.

Kelsey C.

I'm still quite pleased with this place. They make some simple stuff, but it's simple in a really nice way. The Calamari Steak Strips, for example, are exactly that. The squid is super tender, and the crust is soft from soaking in olive oil. The Shrimp Scampi was also exactly that. Fresh shrimp, a splash of garlic over fettuccine. Pasta Primavera is a pleasant surprise. The house-made pasta is perfect, and the combination of spinach and lemon adds a lot of citrus to the dish, and they weren't shy about adding so much garlic it's almost spicy. Plenty of textures and flavors with a mix of meaty portobello, acidic artichoke, sharp sun dried tomatoes, and tender asparagus. Hey, this was fun. A nice place to have a nice dinner.

Willem S.

Kate is a great server, but the food will bring us back (we had baked rigatoni with ricotta and moz with sliced meatballs)

Heather J.

We had dinner here after we couldn't get reservations at an Italian restaurant literally across the street from this place. From the reviews I thought this place would be comparable. I think this is the worst Italian place I've ever eaten at. We got calamari as appetizer, not appetizing at all, just not tasty. I got the penne Julia and it barely had any taste, I could barely eat it, it just tasted like they boiled the penne and topped it with oil. I tried my kids shrimp scampi and it tasted same as mine. Husband got the calamari meal. It was the same thing as the appetizer, but not cut in slices and it came with a side of spaghetti. We got there when their weren't too many patrons, the waitress wasn't attentive at all. We often ran out of drinks and had to get her attention to get more.

Regina R.

Best fettuccine I've ever had in my life. I could eat it every day! Such an amazing restaurant! Food is fantastic! Great atmosphere! Love it here!

Jonathan Burg

Wow this place is great! Super Super service and the food is wonderful and offers a great variety from pastas to veal, chicken shrimp and specials. If in Reno eat with others residents.

Henry A. T.

i had the Parmesan Crusted Calamari Steak dinner. First off the bread was good...with the olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. The calamari was very tasty...delicious! The green beans with garlic were terrific! The Marinara sauce was tasty too...liked the Angel hair pasta! This place has a very nice atmosphere...Italian, open spaced, & clean. Nice people working there! The 3 stars i gave Zozo's will have to go down to 2 now because of this better experience!

Heather R.

La Cucina's Vegetable Lasagna is one of the best things I've ever eaten. Even carnivores love this dish. You can order half pans or pans to pick up for a get-together! Highly recommend.

Jen L.

Happy to say I came around 8pm on a Sunday night and didn't have to wait for a table. I also found my new favorite place for minestrone soup! Their minestrone soup is ah-mazing! I totally recommend trying it. Loads of vegis such as cauliflower, carrots, onions, and celery, and the vegatables are so chunky with a crunch. Their Angel Pasta and garlic bread was pretty spot on.

Bre Fuda

Pretty pricey for the portion amounts. My date and I ordered a large salad before ordering main meal and we both looked at each other when it came out to our table and both agreed "this is a large??" Other than that, food and service was amazing!

Sandy D.

Came to reno for vacation and decided to go with this restaurant based on reviews the service was excellent and the food was amazing!!!! Will be coming to eat here once again if I ever come to Reno Nv! The price was very excellent also!


Food is hot and very good. Service is great. The air conditioning is good. Plenty of seating. The only thing I'm not 100% on board with is the style of the place- strikes me more like a cafeteria feel than a restaurant feel. That point could be argued. That said, we ate in a little cubby which was good for us.

Karley F.

Waited forever just to be acknowledged and checked in. The lady who took down our name was incredibly rude and short with me. When I told her we did not have a reservation she let out a heavy sigh and rolled her eyes. We were told there was a 30-40 minute wait which was not a problem. Walked up to the bar to order drinks in the mean time, stood there for 10 minutes without being acknowledged or even greeted. Mind you, they do not have that large of a bar area and multiple employees were behind the bar. We left before we could even put in a drink order. I can't comment on the taste of the food but this place had absolutely atrocious customer service.

Katie L.

Ordered takeout on Friday night because I was craving some Italian and my husband just had to get a meatball sandwich! I ordered the baked rigatoni and some tiramisu. The baked rigatoni was pretty good, but the tiramisu was the best thing I've tasted all month. Just melts in your mouth. Only awkward thing was when I went to pick up my food I stood at the front counter for minutes with servers in front of me talking and completely ignoring me. But other than that food was pretty good

Brian P.

Classy tasteful Italian food, My go to spot I was recommended by family and I'm not disappointed, love the attention to detail

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