Little Caesars Pizza

951 W Moana Ln, Reno
(775) 826-8999

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Alex A.

Went to little Cesar's today on my lunch brake at 12:00 walked in got a hot an ready lunch combo with a soda only 6 dollars and I was out at 12:03 the customers service was amazing

Robert Friedman

The pizza was cooked perfect and the service was good. Hopefully they keep the same staff. Because I get pizza once a week there and pizza is always hot but service is not.

Frankys D.

Very annoyed they never have pizza ready you have the 5$ HOT and "READY" that is never ready always a 20 or more minute wait I don't know if there understaffed or not but to have pizza hot and ready shouldn't be hard get back there prepare pizza and don't stop until the shelf's are full your not going to make to many it's always busy I just don't understand the wait for a hot and ready. Props to the young lady upfront she's professional and try's to be fast. I the guys in the back are slow and they don't even wear gloves when preparing the pizza. I don't want your hands all over my pepperoni bud. I love little Caesar's it's cheap and good but that doesn't keen it should be slow and unsanitary on top of it.

Shelly Withers

I showed up 45 minutes before closing and wanted a 3 meat pizza. The girl said they were only doing Pepperoni pizza. I'm pregnant and was having a craving. Then I asked for a fresh pizza and on the box it said blonde lady instead of my name . Then she didn't want to give me a receipt

Holdmy M4

Called 3 separate times, didn't answer any of them, once there, I told the Cashier, to which the dumb woman said "Ok."So then, once inside, I called them to see how long it would take. 3 different employees walk past the phone without answering.And had to wait over 30 minutes for 2 pizzas.Service is a joke.


Horrible hours!! Everytime I come in they close at 8pm or 8:30pm. They’re supposed to close at 9pm or 10pm but yet they close an hour early or 30 minutes early! I been craving pizza for a couple weeks now!!! Horrible!!!

jack nowling

For only 6 dollars tou get what you paid for but there is a suprising amount of quality compared to some local place. I would rather have this pizza than pizza with a twist any time of the year.

Cameron Cowen

Pizza arrived almost an hour late and freezing cold. Literally tasted like it was just pulled out of the fridge not just taken out of the oven. Grossest pizza I have ever had and I usually love Little Caesers

Lisa T Wright

I ordered dinner for delivery and when it was delivered they forgot my crazy bread. When I called back to let them know I did not receive my crazy bread. They told me that I can come and pick them up tomorrow and they were not able to refund me because they're not the ones that delivered it. It doesn't make sense how I ordered food to go but if I want my entire dinner I paid for then I have to go pick it up the next day. Horrible customer experience.

Kriss Peterson

Okay but there chicken wings are under cooked, they where still pink and the pizza was cut very funny (not like a normal pizza should be), I would give one star but I love the bread sticks lol

Myrna S.

I'm not really a huge fan of pizza but I have a soft spot this Little Caesars location because this was our go-to pizza place my broke friends and I could afford, back in high school. So, this is the first time in a long time that I've had anything from here and since I'm pescatarian today, I tried their new Cheese-Stuffed Crazy Bread and the Italian Cheese Bread. I really liked the Cheese-Stuffed Crazy Bread; it was soft, cheesy and chewy but the cheese bread was just alright; too much dough for my liking. Little Caesars pizza has never been the best pizza but I gave this place 3-stars because the customer service is normally pretty good. Tonight's cashier, Angel H. (according to the receipt) was pleasant and polite; I watched this kid calmly ring up the steady stream of customers without breaking a sweat and the kitchen crew was hustling through order after order with a smile on their faces and a general upbeat demeanor. So, overall, this visit was a pretty positive one.

Archivist I.

What a pathetic life it must be working as a miserable Little Ceasars staff. Went in 10 minutes before 2pm. Lunch special supposed to be 11am to 2pm. Asked for lunch special. Staff says we're all out of lunch special and we're not cooking anymore. I'm with a friend and don't want to complain in front of them so I order pepperoni pizza instead. They said nothing hot and ready so it will take 20 minutes to cook that. Hmmmm so it takes 20 minutes to wait for that pizza. Then why don't you just cook another lunch special pizza you stupid idiots? They don't honor the stated hours of their lunch specials so the complaining I didn't do in the store when you acted stupid I am now doing on yelp after the fact. So enjoy the bad reviews you earn by not honoring your promotions. Low pay for these staff means you'll never get anything better than lazy halfwits.

Paula Balog

Called in my order. Told it will be ready in 16 minutes and i arrived 20 minutes later and it was not done. Told another 5 minutes. 10 minutes later another 2 minutes. After another 5 minutes it was done. And then i get to my car and check the pizzas and one is not even right. They threw the two items i wanted in the middle of the pizza and added an item i didn't want. They used to be good but are getting bad workers that don't care.

Kurt Kucharek

Hot, fresh, and ready!! Had a small wait, but it was worth it!! The staff was polite and friendly.

Amanda N Vincent

Normal service. Ordered calzones and thin crust. Both were consistent with other locations.

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