Picasso & Wine South Reno

13925 S Virginia St Suite 248, Reno
(775) 360-6664

Recent Reviews

Topaz W.

Had a blast with friends for a birthday event. Since I had not gone to this type of event I was hesitant, but the wine was flowing, and the painting seemed to come naturally after that. They play music and the host/hostess walks around the room encouraging painters to keep up the good work. Your bill for drinks is separate from the fee for painting, FYI. Enjoy-I know we did!

Sierra D.

If you want to have fun and a unique experience this is for you. Wow, my boyfriend and I went last night and had the best evening. (Don't tell him him, he thinks he a brilliant artist.). Every time we have done this, we have walked out in awe. Brigette was our expert last night and she was so patient and encouraging. I've decorated my bathroom with all the art and when guests use it, they come out so impressed of our work. This is a must it you enjoy something different and want to impress a date.

Kyra Morgan

When we got there, on time, they didn’t have two seats next to each other. We had to pull a seat up to the end of a table to sit next to each other. The wine is not included. I think “Picasso and Wine” implies it comes with at least one glass of wine. The bartender was rude when I acted surprised that the wine wasn’t included. They also wouldn’t let me drink out of the bottle of water I brought and made me set it on the floor. Overall I was disappointed with the services. The painting part was fine. I thoroughly read all communication that came with the reservation and it was not clear that wine was not included.

Coleen Simpson

Lots of fun, thank you all so much.

Mitchell Hill

So much fun. Best date night ever.

Derek Morgan

Bought 2 tickets but they didn't have room for us to sit next to each other...

M C.

Bridget was a blast and my Eiffel Tower was actually Eiffel-ly. I have no artistic talent whatsoever and still had a blast. A great teacher, good company and tasty adult beverages made for one fabulous evening. Can't wait to come back

Rachel Parker

The refund policy is sh*t! Even after emailing 3 days ahead I got nothing!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND going here and will continue to tell others not to. Please fix this! VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE! Change your policy as well!! When people want a refund, they want their REFUND!

Don Hulet

It was a friendly place. They were very helpful and patient. My husband and I had a great time. I would recommend to my friends. And I want to do it again?

Kylee C.

This is my first time at the south Reno location in the summit mall. Located right next to Dillard's, the front looks like a small intimate location...boy was I wrong! This is hands down the best Picasso and wine location is Reno! Rows and rows and rows of seating allows for a large class size which is great for those classes you are dying to get into. We took a specialized "paint your pet" class. For any PET LOVER, TAKE THIS CLASS. I was so worried because my artistic talent is for sure on the less side. You email them a picture of your pet a week before the class and they blow it up for you and help you pick the perfect canvas size and shape. You use the picture they printed to sketch your pet and then they walk you through painting and shading. The teacher comes around and helps with tips and techniques and if I can do it you can do it!! This south location also has a super great bar! They had $16 bottomless mimosas, wine, beers, ciders, sodas, etc. the bartender even walks around while your painting to offer refills so you don't have to get up.

Jason D.

Okay how can I paint this picture for you? We were so excited to book our first date night in a really long time. Our kids are crazy and little and they are hard to ditch. So we finally ditched em!! We went to dinner and then came to this fine establishment got our aprons and paint pallets and were ready to freakin rock n roll! Until... I get a txt from babysitter "YOU NEED TO COME HOME NOW!" Our kids toilet like quite literally exploded!! The same freaking kids we wanted to get away from!!! Are YOU KIDDING ME?!? Our house flooded!! We had to rip up our floors and and two weeks of people in and out of our house with loud equipment and asbestos hazard tents took over our upstairs . I want to cry just writing this. Anyways the bartender, Josh, knew of our dilemma when we had to leave the class and our barely even touched canvases were left behind. He called us after speaking with the owners and was able to credit us our date night. We FINALLY went back last night and had the best time!! The artist, Kelsey, was so kind and was really good at getting the class engaged and the bartender, Last name Moon, I can't remember her first name was awesome!! The helpers, everyone we encountered that worked for this place was just amazing and it was so refreshing to walk into a place and have everyone there actually have customer service skills, a lost skill these days. I left wanting to work there! I hope these awesome people have an amazing Christmas and I hope they are recognized for their work. all of the stress and money and craziness we've been having to deal with right before Christmas was really putting us in a bad place and they pretty much restored our faith. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! We will MOST DEFINITELY be coming back!! Also we found a toilet ornament down the street while we waited for our class, it was a good omen for the night.

Kristin M.

I love this place. Always have a great time every time I go! Would recommend as a place to go with your friends, work colleagues or just for a hobby!

Steven Birkinbine

Bridget was a fun and great instructor. In a span of two hours I ended up painting something that I never would have known how to paint without her


Such a fun place! Great for date night or night out. Full bar

Sean M.

I truely love this place. I will definitely visit this place upon my return. Sorry, I should have made this review 4 months ago.

Jeff B.

Love this place! Had a great time. Jax was an awesome teacher. Thanks! Definitely coming back!

Aanal Shah

A fun fun fun experience!!! It was my first experience painting, but the teacher that day was simply awesome !!! They play great music and guide you through the whole process..! The bar is great too..! I had one of the best sangrias there..!

Kylie Krueger

They are so helpful and great! Love coming here with my mama! 😊

Teresa D

What a great place to relax and have some fun. I will definitely be back!

April K.

Went with my mom for Mother's Day and both enjoyed the experience and the paintings we get to keep. The mimosas were delicious, and it was a lot Of fun overall. I took a star off for price, and the bartender who got More rude as the class went on. Overall good experience, and we will go back.

Kristan M.

I love painting and I love wine...... I REALLY love Picasso and Wine. There are two locations, but my favorite is located at the Summit Sierra mall in South Reno. I have gone there numerous times...... Girls nights...Date nights.....Mimosa mornings......Family painting day.....This place offers something for everyone. My daughter had her birthday party there and had a great time with her friends painting Mr. Potato Head. The instructors are great - Even those who might not be artistically inclined leave with a masterpiece! Both the cocktails (and the mocktails) are terrific and there is plenty of parking available. I highly recommend Picasso and Wine to anyone looking for a fun creative outlet.

Lucille McIntosh

Had a great time! Jen & Johni were awesome!

Melissa Flores

Love the new facility.

Laura S.

Nothing beats bottomless mimosas! I'm not sure if they were having a special that Sunday morning, but I was welcome to the idea of champagne and orange juice while painting. For only $16 for bottomless mimosas, I was definitely feeling it and I could feel my creative juices flowing and I put brush to canvas. That day, we were doing an eclipse reflecting on a lake and making the swirling sky while tasting those delicious mimosas definitely made my Sunday morning worth waking up at 8 am. This location is kind of far for me, but the other Picasso and Wine in Midtown didn't have any paintings I was willing to paint. I really liked the venue and it was perfect for accommodating my troupe. The artist showing us how to paint it was very friendly and kept the session very entertaining and easy to follow. Overall, I enjoyed my experience here and I look forward to trying out other paintings!

Miranda J.

If you want to pack a ton of fun into a small price tag, you have to check out Picasso & Wine! They make painting fun and accessible, even if you have no artistic leanings. I went to my first class a bit hesitant - I am not a painter. I left grinning, and after a few more classes, I bought a membership. All the teachers I've had so far are knowledgeable, helpful, engaging, and fun. The drink selection is solid, and the ambiance sets a great tone for the events. If you want to try something new, want to get together with friends, or just need a night out - you should give Picasso & Wine a try!

Nicole & Christy Moore

Such a great time and love the paintings

Carleen S.

I love this place! Wonderful staff, fun paintings, delicious drinks. Best painting place in all the land. Be here or be square.

Maryanna S.

I've had several good experiences here but this last one put me off. "T" the bartender made a huge mistake that he failed to accept. We ordered a carafe of "sangria" which the sign said was $16. Upon paying for alleged "sangria" he realized that a carafe was actually $20. Now most places would have only charged us $16 because well, as a business, you should charge the customer what you are advertising. However "T" just said "sorry" and charged us $20 anyway. Then he proceeded to change the chalkboard sign...The "sangria" was just red wine mixed with oranges juice. Which typically includes fresh fruit mixed with wine and brandy or another liquor. After being overcharged and completely disappointed in the alleged "freshly made sangria," needless to say this did not set a positive tone for the night. Fast forward to our instructor, who was nice, but taught the first half of class like she was sprinting in the painting Olympics. We asked if she would slow down which she did eventually. Overall, this wasn't the best experience and I think it's time to find a new painting place.

Geri G.

I have to admit I walked into this not wanting to like it at all. I like doing art and different things but have never really been good at a paint by numbers thing. Which is what I thought this was. I was very very wrong. It was a blast. The person in charge of the class was fun and energetic. She made the class fun. She showed you what to do but made it clear that you can just have fun with it and do what you want if that's what you want to do. Coming here with a group of girls and having wine was a ton of fun. We all left with something fun to show for the evening and I would do it again. I didn't expect to like this place or this class and this is one of the few times I was happy to be wrong. Between the people leading and helping with the class and the wine and the mischief we got into painting it was a great night.

Melissa C.

My boyfriend surprised me here for my birthday and we had an amazing time. When I first walked in, the first thing I noticed were all the canvases and brushes set up on the table and all the art displayed on the walls. It was a very nice set up and the ambiance of the place made me excited to get started on painting. It was a first for both of us to do something like this so we were nervous about how our paintings would turn out, but the person guiding us was great! I don't remember the girls name, but she was nice and her directions were very clear. I was happy with how our paintings turned out and now it's up on our living room wall :) This was a memorable experience for us and we will definitely be back!

Kurtis B.

What a great time. It was perfect for date night. Our art man Adam was awesome, hilarious and such a great instructor. We will definitely recommend this to others and make sure we come back again.

Bridget Grace

If you're looking for something fun and creative to do the staff is amazing the drinks are awesome and I always have a really good time being there!

Alyssa Y.

$35 for three hours of solid entertainment and the chance to learn and take home a masterpiece, sign me up! I regularly monitor the Picasso and Wine calendars. (Tip: each location features different classes). I was so excited to finally try my first Picasso and Wine and now I'm hooked!! For a totally reasonable price, you get a full painting lesson and all supplies are included. I was surprised by how easy the class actually was because I am by no means an artist. I definitely recommend trying a Picasso and Wine class with your co-workers, your friends, or for date night!

Michelle G.

This was actually my second time coming to Picasso and Wine. The instructor ws very attentive to everyones needs and continually walked around with helpful advice or compliments to encourage us. She explained the painting in detail and was quite humorous during the session. It was a wonderful time to spend with my husband and our friend. Even if you have never had experience painting they make each step so easy to understand that you will walk away feeling like Picasso or Michaelangelo. Great for date night or girls night out.

Brian C.

Having a great time at Picasso and Wine! My girlfriend and I painted a picture, shared some laughs, and fell a little more in love! I am no Picasso, however, after my night with Danielle painting a picture I feel like our art is worth a million dollars. I highly recommend dropping into one of the couple classes like the one Danielle and I participated in. If you are looking for a fun date night with your significant other, I HIGHLY recommend this place!