Poke King - Northwest

10490 N McCarran Blvd #103, Reno
(775) 502-3422

Recent Reviews

Tennille H.

6-12-20 I don't know why it took me this long to try this place. I'm gonna be a regular now. Fresh. Lots of options. When you want sushi but don't want all you can eat. This bowl will satisfy you. I had the crab bowl: I ate the entire thing. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Gigi C.

I used to like going to them but now I'm staying away. It seems their portions are smaller now since you can't enter the store anymore. Second, they won't even take any orders over the phone! So much for customer service. They want you to order via their app ONLY! Seriously? Did they put into consideration that there are some folks who might not be tech savvy and some people who may not even have a smart phone? I know a couple of friends who refuse to use a smart phone by choice.

Spencer Concrete

Loved it! Large portions, tasted great.

Sheryl W.

The poke bowl was excellent and fresh. I ordered online and picked my pick up time and they'll bring it out to you. Will be going back.

Brooke U.

Wonderful sauces and service! This was the first place I ever had a poke bowl and the staff walked me through it and provided excellent suggestions, also love the loyalty program

Lacey H.

I haven't had Poke King in a while. A friend of mine went and sent me a picture of her food. So yup, the craving started. I called to make sure they were open. The lady who answered the phone was very polite and answered all my questions. She told me to download the app and I could put in order (which the app allows you not to forget any toppings). I asked her about picking up. She explained to put in comments if i would like for them to bring out to me with car descriptions. I chose to go to the door to pick up. When I opened the door they had several bags that were ready to pick up. She asked for my name, put on fresh glove to hand me my bag AND she was wearing a mask. Very impressed with the process. Thank you so much. I ordered white rice, salmon, tuna and yellowtail with sesame shoyu sauce and lots of toppings. Mango, edamame, crab, tobiko, nori. ALL tasted very fresh even with the drive back home.

Debbie F.

I just had the most amazing food experience so far. I love crab, and this just took it to the next level. The perfect mixture of greens, edamame, onion, cucumber, sesame seeds, and sesame shoyu sauce in one poke bowl made for the most incredible meal! I can't imagine that dining in would have change things. We did delivery, and I was surprised at not only the presentation, but how the flavors blended! When it comes to anything with seafood, I'm picky, so giving Poke King a glowing review is a big deal for me. The box of Wonton Chips was surprising! I didn't know what to expect, because it just says chips, and to find a box of wonton chips made my day! If you want a wonderful poke bowl experience, Poke King is your destination! I highly recommend them.

Tom C.

They say a first-time experience can make or break your perception. Trying new foods and places is no stranger to a Yelper, but given our need to support everyone we can right now, this was a push outside the normal box and try out these guys via GrubHub! What a great choice! The fish was sushi grade perfection! Veggies fresh and colorful. Sauces, not overwhelming and put it all together. And the presentation makes you snap a picture and remember it in your mind as you mix and devour the dish as a combined work of art. Absolutely fantastic and I cannot wait time try other combinations and maybe even embark on the larger bowl although the regular bowl is more than enough for most appetites.

Kelly H.

Poke King is great! Wonderful service and always fresh and delicious. The staff is very friendly.

Gwen S.

Our sushi loving grandson wanted poke instead on Sunday so we headed to Poke King. Loved the selection of proteins and toppings, all seemed very fresh and were tasty. I thought it was very reasonably priced and will go back soon.

Steven M.

Poke king is a pretty good choice for a poke bowl in reno! Affordable, with just enough options for "protein" (tuna, shrimp, spicy tuna, etc.). This place could use some more options but everything they have is fresh. The selection of different sauces really make this place--one time, you can order a simple sauce and the next you can order something spicy... the sauces change up how your bowl feels. One thing I enjoy about this place is that they will always load your bowl up with imitation crab at the end (no extra charge--included with the bowl.)

Kelly Johnson

The food was not very good. The fish had an off flavor to it that made me think it wasn’t very fresh. The smell when we walked in was off. It wasn’t a typical fish smell that I might expect going into a poke place. It stunk like something was rotten. The prices were much higher and the portions were small. I got a large bowl that ended up costing $16 and it was the exact same size as my friend’s and she got the regular bowl. The customer service was typical for the young millennial generation.... they were on their phones, paid more attention to each other with their backs to the customers who were waiting to order. They seemed very put out when I asked for the crunchy bits to be put on the side so I could add them myself. Honestly, don’t go there. It was overpriced and gross.

Steven Rowe

Always fresh delicious Poke bowls. Fast service and very clean facilities throughout Reno & Sparks.

Garrett Smith

Portion was ok, about $4 more each than expected. Avocado was not ripe. Side of wontons were basically expensive chips. Next time I will not add any extra and hope that'll help

Roland G.

Best poke place in town! Generous portions in their bowls, excellent fresh seafood, delicious sauces, and awesome toppings! Love the options of greens for the base to keep it lower carb and calorie! Great fast, friendly service even when busy! Can't get enough of this place!

Chase Dustin

Super fresh, unique take on a poke bowl. Better fish than I've had in Hawaii.

Nathan B.

Came here with my girlfriend and her friend from out of town. We all ended up getting the same thing, 3 scoops of FOOD POISONING!!

Natalie Hammond

Great poke! Fast, friendly service and cool art on the walls!

Brian Donalson

Fresh fish and great service!


Bad service small portions. Got food poisoning from the food. Don’t recommend eating here. Try Blue Fin Poke, I go there all the time and it’s much more fresh.

Christinia Adams

So yumm. Grateful to have poke so close to home!

Jakob H.

Poke King was once a favorite of mine, but now they're going downhill quick. I have been a customer to this restaurant for two years now and had the worst experience my last two times. Not only is their unsanitary food overpriced, it had also led to me having food poising. The quality of their fish has gone down almost every time I have gone in, and the other day proved it to me as I received food poising from their food. This restaurant is not worth your time or money, there are plenty of other options for poke in Reno.

Sarah K.

I love Poke King! Their crab salad is always delicious. I enjoy the spicy mayo and their house sauce. Their rice was a little stale today but other than that they are always delicious. Their wonton chips also taste great!!

Monica D.

Their poke bowl has gone down in the year I have been coming here. Their bowl used to consist of larger portions, and the spicy tuna - well last nights was not ground up it was just one massive craptastic chunk. Again the gal whose eyelashes are the size of her enormous ego, purposely slopped it so gracefully into my $17 bowl... as usual. Here is my compliant- I am always ready to order - FRIENDLY - and used to tip. I am actually your Poke Bowl dream customer and live in the NW. I stopped going here this summer because of the decreased portion sizes, increase in prices and mainly the rudeness of eyelashes who might I mention, went on an on after I did not tip the jar this past evening to her friend in line, about people not tipping how uncomfortable. No chickie you earn tips - it costs absolutely NOTHING to be kind and even after waiting two months to return from my initial rudeness boycott you are still rude and slopping fish around like your the entitled Princes of Poke Bowl. Funny you are super kind to single male patrons though and might I add, also over generous too, even the ones who have no clue what they want as they stand there thinking for what seems like eternity. To test this theory I have been witness to time and time again, I sent my 20 year-old son in ahead of me the other day. Princess Poke was VERY eager to help the blonde who stands at 6-foot tall and dazzled with blue eyes. My theory proved correct. Shame shame Princess Poke, she had no clue I was right behind him in line and paying separately. No small talk, no smiles, NO PATIENCE for the ready-to-go customer? Though that 20-year old received King like status as he stumbled through his first visit, interesting observation. To end I am moving on to other POKE places, I will drive to the ends of the earth to avoid the Poke Princess and the ever decreasing poke bowl which I might add was bland even with 3 sauces! It is too bad as usually the fish and toppings are superb. The owner when he has been there has been delightful and kind. Princess Poke with the eyelash ego wins this time and sadly forever I will never return as this tongue lashing won't remain courtesly behind my polite sealed lips.

Isabelle Maalouf

The atmosphere feels very blah and there was no music but you can hear stuff happening in the back/kitchen. Some of the customer service was great, others not so much. There are two websites for this exact location and the one that comes up first when you google this place has lower prices. The food is okay but it felt like something was missing. As a whole, the prices are good, the portions are good but as a whole it’s all just kind of mediocre.

Matt Ellis

Great way to get a "sushi fix" without the expense of all you can eat. They are very fast and friendly here.

Anna M.

Looking for a healthy meal on the go? We love stopping by Poke King when running errands in Reno. We live in truckee and it's refreshing to Poke King as a great option. We always enjoy mixing and matching fishes and sauces to create new flavorful bowls!

Lynzee L.

Best bang for your buck! Fresh fish and they pile the food high! Love this place. Sign up for their rewards program and you get 10% off most times

Servie Martinez

it freaking delicious. I'd like not to recommend it so I can eat it all,but I don5 have enough money to indulge in a bit of selfishness. Best place to eat in the Reno/Sparks area. The employees are always very friendly and do out of their way to make you feel welcome!!!!!

Jeremy Z.

Just the other day I tried Poke King for the first time. I must say I really enjoyed it! Being my first time I didn't know anything from what I'm allowed of what's offered, but the staff were very nice and knowledgeable I got everything I wanted in my bowl and it was FRESH! Next time I will get a regular size bowl, because the large was waaay to much unless you plan on sharing or have starved yourself for such much food! This place is highly recommended for its flavor and hospitality. Price wise ... it's dependent on the market for fresh fish I'd say. You want good quality food you might as well be paying for it too.

James M.

Awesome! Badass! Super good poke. Every time I go it's fresh, delicious and the staff are great. A great experience every time I go. So glad they opened up a poke place close to home. This is a pretty regular choice for us now. Good job!

Amelia Flores

This is my first time going to this place. I really enjoyed it. Staff us very friendly and helpful. And the food is delicious. Just had regular bowl size. It was a lot of food.

Jean Lampson

Meh. Was my first visit, brought my mom with me. Explained to the employees that it was our first time. Seemed like we were an inconvience and they weren't keen on explaining how it worked or the sauce flavors. Small portions, almost $30 for lunch for two without drinks 😶😲 seems high priced to me. Small portions and poor customer service, decent, quick food might try again.

Olivia Dickinson

I cannot say enough good about this place. $14 for a huge portion of delicious, healthy, freshness! I will be eating here all the time!

T D.

I never been to this place nor have I ever had a poke bowl, I was not impressed. Since I've never been there I was looking at all the ingredients they had to offer when I started to pick my ingredients I felt rushed. When it came to my husband's order he specifically asked for lettuce 3 times But he continue to add stuff without the lettuce. Overall the bowls were good but very dry. Will not return.

Lisa Armenta

The girls were very accommodating, the food was fresh and the variety was good!

Charlie Bowen

I honestly didn't expect for this place to be good. I was happily surprised when I first bit into my food. I got a regular bowl (3 proteins) Salmon, Salmon (yes I got two scoops of salmon) and shrimp. White rice with crab and some pineapple. The portion size is massive compared to panda express. So happy I took a chance.

Shay James

The last two times we have been in to Poke King, the restaurant has been filthy. Tonight the one bathroom was out of order, and all the tables and floors were dirty. The food is still fine, but the actual restaurant environment can use serious attention. I hope the kitchen is cleaner than the front of the house!

Lisa Lynch

Go here often! Large portions & always fresh with so many toppings. Very fast & friendly❤️

Phil R.

Sampled a bowl from this place from someone and I was hooked. The 3 protein bowls are simply amazing no matter which proteins you choose. The fish is very fresh and tasty as well as the sauces which are super yummy. Especially the sweet unagi sauce. The regular bowl with 3 proteins is definitely enough for one person. Prices aren't bad either, ranging from $11-$15. The staff are young girls mainly and are friendly and serve the food quite quickly. We will go here anytime for a quick sushi dinner bowl.