Sushi Lover

400 W 5th St, Reno
(775) 323-8899

Recent Reviews

Devyn Bryar

got it for quarantine and everything looked and tasted beautifully. so happy and cant wait to do all you can eat

Dai Williams

The food gets 5 stars! I have eaten here several times! Love that there’s an array of options for all diets. The downside for me if that it takes quite a long time to receive food. The service itself is friendly and attentive! However, the time between ordering and receiving my food was very long.

Mark Erickson

Being a foodie and going to many sushi houses in every state we visit, this was one that was not up to par.

Donald Lingle

One of my favorite sushi places. Always good food and friendly staff

Luis C.

Sushi was 10/10 service was 10/10. The Hawaiian sushi roll was delicious and original. The full house was the best raw sushi roll I've ever had, the fish was fresh and the toppings to the roll to another level.

Benjamin W.

Love this place. Simple and good food. Best all you can eat in Reno. I always come here whenever I am in town. I judge most places by their quality of Ikura and this is always fresh.

Michael Owens

The most expensive all you can eat sushi in Reno and if you choose to go that route, it doesn't include sashimi or all of their rolls. It's basically $28 per person for spicy tuna and imitation crab rolls. And if you decide to do al a carte to get the specialty rolls, it's still just mediocre sushi that you'll pay a ton for. There's much better sushi in Reno, and for much less.

Josh B.

When I left this establishment with my mother and grandmother, it felt as if a bizarre, unaired episode of 'Seinfeld' had just ended, titled "The Sushi Nazi." Firstly and undoubtedly the only trivial component of my qualms, it's worth noting that the language barrier between us and our server was less than ideal, as it took several reiterations to convey what we wanted to order and even what types of menus we desired. I ordered all-you-can-eat sushi, a cultural staple for sushi restaurants in Reno, NV, and even when the sushi quality has been sub-par for me in the past with other restaurants, I've never felt compelled to write a One-Star Review since it is all-you-can-eat sushi...until now. Just beginning with the sushi aspect of this negative review, the price for lunchtime all-you-can-eat sushi here is $23.99!! I probably wouldn't have ordered it if I knew it was that much, and I wouldn't have come here at all if I were able to foresee the outcome of our visit at this restaurant. (Side-note: instead of supporting this Anything-But-Quaint Hole-in-the-Wall, go for lunchtime sushi at Rickshaw or Tokyo Sushi; you'll pay about 5 dollars less and enjoy top-tier sushi quality, as opposed to the fish that Sushi Lover uses, which is on the verge of rotting.) As I just mentioned, the fish quality here at Sushi Lover is poor, to put it generously. While raw fish should certainly smell fishy, it should not taste like it is about to spoil, which was the case with the hamachi and salmon nigiri I ordered and received. I did order a couple other varieties of nigiri, but I never received those. I didn't feel like it was worth mentioning to the server, since I was getting very full and the sushi was mediocre at best. Normally I can get my money's worth at all-you-can-eat sushi places, but not here, since the sushi was not fresh and because Sushi Lover uses about twice the amount of rice for one piece than every other reputable sushi place in town. So it was clear to me from the price and the amount of rice packed to the maximum underneath almost-rotten fish that the owner of this place does not care about the customers at all, or even providing a decent meal, but only to line their pockets with profit. So being stuffed and asking for the check numerous times, we finally received it and noticed an extra charge, after being flabbergasted by the lunchtime price-gouging for the less-than-adequate sushi, of course. The server pointed out that we were being overcharged because I had left 3 (three single pieces of sushi!) uneaten on my plate. I remarked how I had never been charged at other places for leaving that much uneaten. She tried to smooth it over by pointing out their charging for uneaten sushi disclaimer on their menu. I'm well aware of this disclaimer; all sushi restaurants state it somewhere, but it's always been my experience that this is for obscene amounts of sushi that are wasted by the customer. My previous visits at other fine sushi places have never overcharged me for less than 5 pieces of sushi uneaten. I mean, c' can't overcharge for three single pieces of sushi left uneaten, not when you don't even bring out all the items that were ordered and when you're significantly overcharging for the experience in the first place! And then came the coup de grâce, cherry-on-top moment that fell upon our Turd Sundae of an experience with this Money-Pit, seafood-dumpster of a restaurant and encouraged me to write this blasting review. The check was settled and I had mentioned, as politely as I could in passing, that yeah, that was fine that they had overcharged us, we would just never come back. The table we were sitting at was literally right next to the entrance door and as we were getting up to leave, a couple came in wanting to eat. It was three minutes past 3 PM (I guess this place closes at 3 PM and opens back up for dinner at 5 PM) and the server turned them away. Before they could l

Kalliope B.

I am a Yelp Elite and for the first time after visiting a restaurant, I am speechless. My son's review that was just left this evening (Josh B) is very detailed and tells everything about our horrible experience. I have never been in a restaurant before and been told to shut up by the owner at the end of my meal after patronizing their business. I do not know how this place stays open, but this is the worst place in Reno for sushi.

Jennifer H.

Only words on how bad the food and service is chef Ramsey kitchen nightmare! Run to go! And don't risk being sick!

Brandy o'brien

I have been coming to this place for the past 3 years ! . And I will continue coming here for a very very long time. This is a place that you are able to explore your wild side and they will not disappoint you .

Ryan K.

This place is a hidden gem! It's easy to miss but definitely worth it. Prices are super reasonable, staff is extremely friendly, and the rolls are incredible. The vegetarian menu is huge as well. Will definitely be back!

Amy Nutcher

Great sushi! They have a great vegetarian menu! Everything tasted fresh and delicious. Very friendly service and a small comfortable atmosphere. Will definitely be coming back!

Vennuzz Quintana

The food is delicious and present so nicely, also they had closed while we were there and we didnt know and they let us stay until we noticed and we very polite to not bother us. Their service is great and the workers are just as awesome❤ I will more than likely be returning there again?

Scotty Cox

Loved the expansive veggie sushi roll options - how can you go wrong with 40 selections?!

Crystal Galas

Great service and the food is awesome.

Marissa T.

Over priced at $29.99 per person for AYCE dinner. They didn't have any good appetizers, pot stickers are not part of their AYCE. Disappointing! The yellowtail was super fishy tasting. They charged us an extra $5.00 for edamame. No wonder they don't have their menu items priced. I will not be returning.

Montana Hodges

Veggie sushi lover paradise. I can't even guess how many rolls there are, it's two full pages of the menu. Fast, good prices, and delicious.

Montana H.

Veggie sushi lover paradise. I can't even guess how many rolls there are, it's two full pages of the menu. Fast, good prices, and delicious.

Camaron F.

ok I love sushi so I ordered 5 different rolls via the lunch all you can eat deal and it was the worst sushi I've ever had. Now I've had those groceries store sushi rolls with the fake plastic grass in it and this was worse. I couldn't finish more than 2 pieces of any one of them. Afterwards I was bracing myself for having an upset system but I turned out to be fine.

Jim Yang

South Reno has got to be SO PROUD of having SouthCreek in their neighborhood because their pizza is oh so so DELICIOUS! It's my second time visiting SouthCreek taking advice from a friend who recommended their lunch specials.

Callista A.

If you're a vegetarian / vegan, I'm sure you'll love this place. However, if you are not those things, I wouldn't come here. There's lots of places in Reno that are cheaper and worlds better. If you like very very simple rolls however, this is your place to go. I like rolls that have good textures and a lot of different tastes, so this wasn't really the place for me. One of the ladies noticed that my mom had a little bit of the rice on the side of her plate and told us that AYCE comes with the rice, so if we don't eat it, she'd charge us extra. She also told us that there's an a la carte order with no rice that we could order instead. I know she wasn't trying to be rude, but it came off very wrong, especially since most of the sushi is rice and overpriced.

Melissa G.

I went here today and was so disgusted by the food and service I received here. We walked in and were greeted by no one. The sign said to wait to be seated so we waited. We stood for probably about a minute before a man (I believe the owner) finally just pointed to two seats and told us to sit down. When we sat down the man shoved all-you-can-eat menus into my hand and asked me to order. I decided to do the all-you-can eat because I love sushi. The price was nowhere listed but ended up being 21 dollars. This price did not include and appetizers or desserts. The restaurant was empty apart from me and my husband but service was still incredibly slow. But what was even worse than the service and atmosphere was the sushi. I ordered a California roll and a shrimp tempura roll (I order cooked rolls to star with when I don't know the quality of the food) and what I got was terrible. The shrimp tempura was soaked in a sweet sauce which made it soggy and falling apart. It was cut into little pieces and mixed together. I almost gagged when I took a bite of it. I tried the California and the avocado tasted old and the roll was very poorly put together. I could barely finish one roll because of how disgusting it was. I have never left all-you-can-eat ordering less than 3 rolls, but I couldn't even stomach the two I ordered. On top of everything, I watched the woman preparing the sushi make ours, go eat some of her food, and then make the other roll. She didn't wash her hands or wear gloves. I was horrified. I will never return and I highly suggest you stay away. Would give 0 stars if I could

George Bozin

Overpriced for the low quality. Tasted old. Thought it was a Chinese restaurant but noticed it was Japanese type food.

Scott M.

The most comprehensive vegetarian sushi menu that I have found in all of Reno. Ask for the vegetarian menu specifically because the veggie and regular menu are separate. I have been on a quest to try every single roll on the veggie menu and have, at the time of this review, tried all but 6 of the 40 options. They seriously have everything. Also, you almost never have to wait to be seated. It is a small place, but don't let its small size scare you away, it's my go-to sushi place for Reno. One consideration is that parking is very limited, but I have always found a place to park within a block of the restaurant.

Scott Morton

The service was absolutely terrible, the food was low quality, price was higher than other sushi restaurants. And other sushi restaurants have better choices and fresh fish. Ngiri was warm. Shrimp tasted fishy. I have not had a worse restaurant experience in a long time, maybe ever. We were still charged a forced 20% gratuity for a party of 5. Witnessed two other parties walk out without being served.

Anjana P.

Best place in town for veggie/vegan sushi! Love almost everything on the menu. The rolls are always huge and really tastefully made.

Andrea P.

I don't want to throw any shade. The fish was mediocre and the service was ok. The chef was the only who had good vibes. With that being said... we ordered several rolls and we made sure to order two rainbow rolls because it's a classic favorite. Sadly we received a sad looking Vons quality roll. Isn't the rainbow roll supposed to look like a rainbow? Where is the avocado? Where is the California roll as the base? There was no description in the menu. On top of that the owner and waitress were really rude about it.

Aries Ercia

Sushi buffet is expensive! The quality of the food isn't bad though. Definitely would rather eat at a casino buffet for the price, but the staff is friendly and most of the sushi is good.

Leigh H.

I have never really had sushi before. I am vegan and this place offers 40 different vegan options! Eating their food actually made my body feel good. It was delicious and nourishing and artistic! I am so happy to have this option in Reno.

K M.

This was the WORST sushi I have ever experienced. Not fresh fish at all and old frying oil. The owner is a complete [email protected]!hole and charged us for all the garbage food we sent back! Don't go here!! If I could give it a 0 I absolutely would! The worst!

Lili H

Very disappointed with the service. Owner charged us the adult AYCE price ($30.00) for a FIVE year old because he didnt finish all of his rice. He ate about 5 pieces of fish total and left a little pile of rice. Nowhere near the amount of even a single roll. Our group was also not offered the complimentary dessert that comes with the AYCE sushi. Service was slow considering there was only 1 other table at any given time. We did not feel like dealing with the lady (possibly owner?) any longer so we paid up and left. A couple of our group Used to be regulars but nothing was good enough to warrant ever returning after that meal. I mentioned all of this to a friend and she said she had a similar experience especially with the owner (?) being rude about a couple bites of uneaten rice and has not returned.

Brian Eubanks

As the only people in the place we were given great service. Graciela was great. She made us several of her favorites and kept the rolls coming. Fish quality was average for a Reno sushi place.

Cristina Ferguson

Amazing veggie sushi selection! So good!!!

Yanyao Jiang

Worst sushi I have ever had. The rolls have a ridiculous amount of rice so you basically eat the rice for "All-You-Can-Eat." The fish is unfresh and tastes terrible. Uncomfortable stomach and getting sick after leaving the restaurant. It is also overpriced ($23.99 for lunch). I would give a zero star.

Mariah Stetler

Great food! All delicioius, with lots of variety. Great service! Highly attentive and speedy :)

Rae G.

With a plethora of all you can eat sushi restaurants in Reno, I think this would fall into the okay category for me. The all you can eat prices are quite high, considering that dessert and appetizers don't come with it. Their long rolls are on the thicker side, which I liked since they did not skimp out on the fish. The taste is traditional, with plenty of sauce to balance out the large portion of the fish. But since it was my first try here I didn't get to try anything special that would set it apart from the others. Although the service was friendly and the place is clean, I do want to put into attention their soap in the bathroom. I'm not sure what happened, but when I went in to wash my hands and use the soap, a rancid, diluted solution came out. It reeked of a chemistry experiment gone bad. I tried to wash it off several times after, but the scent lingered and it made it hard for me to appreciate the sushi since my hands smelled so strongly of petroleum. I just hope that someone noticed this and replaced it before other customers have to use it too.

Wendi W

The quality of the rolls and meat was as expected and decent. But the rolls were a much higher rice-to-filler than I've found in other sushi places. And after being told by a staff member "you can't take some of the rice off the roll, that's not how it's done", this place gets one star. Don't tell your customers how they can/cannot eat their food. And then to charge more for it? Unprofessional and ruined the dining experience.

ali ochoa

I'm disappointed that when at Peppermill we found Sushi Lover on Maps, show up, then they say they're closed 3-5pm. Yet upon finding them, it says they're"open" til 9pm. I suggested an edit for today, so hopefully there won't be any other inconveniences.

Amy H.

Just popping in to say that the service here is still excellent and the food is still fresh and delicious! On our most recent visit (7/7/2019), as we were waiting for a table one of the servers recognized us and greeted us like old friends! She even remembered part of our order and asked my fiance why he didn't order his beer today. My fiance and I live in the Bay Area and try to make it to Reno at least once or twice a year and never miss a chance to eat here, we were so pleasantly surprised when the server recognized us. It truly is the small things that keep customers coming back, year after year!