Sushi Rose

2005 Sierra Highlands Dr, Ste B147A, Reno
(775) 747-1888

Recent Reviews

Tara Majoros

Pretty terrible sushi. I got it to go and had to put salt and pepper on it when I got home. If that's any indication of just how flavorless it was. It was warm and the long rolls were mostly rice. I ordered the New York and the Rock and Roll rolls. They tasted exactly the same, like moist cardboard that's been sitting in the sun all day. The fried crab won tons were limp and chewy. The filling was decent. The prices are too high and the portions are tiny. The service was alright and place was crowded. Save your money and go to the gas station. The sushi there is way better.

emily forever

Such good food, smiles everywhere, and service is great. Free beer Mondays, free birthday meal, punch rewards card. Highly recommend.

May Falcon

The endless sushi deal is amazing! Make sure to try the free saki and dessert!

Erick H

Nice little place tucked away in the corner. Great specials and friendly staff


I love this place. Amazing food, amazing service, fast service, anything you could ask for. 10/10 would always recommend!

Jessica Dollison

Great place. Great service. Highly recommended will continue to go there for my sushi cravings. Best sushi in Reno.

Jenlyn L.

Didn't know that they do free AYCE birthday sushi until I've arrived with my husband. It was his birthday so he got free sushi. The prices for both lunch and dinner are cheaper than a lot of sushi joints in town. The menu itself was pretty simple as well. No pages of repetitive sushi rolls. All the orders and nigiris we ordered were fresh. Fish to rice ratio was great as well.

Day J.

The sushi was ok, but the service was awful. We got seated right away, but it took forever to get drinks and since it was a 90* + day, it would have been nice to have something. I'll not go back there again.

Greg Sadler

Great food, great service;

Amy C.

So yummy! Great place, very clean and friendly! I sat at the bar by myself. The chefs were great! When the guy next to me ordered like 6 big rolls and 3 hand rolls for himself all at one time, they were so patient and friendly! I tried the Mickey mouse hand roll, Donald duck nigiri, and a few more tuna nigiri! Mouth watering goodness! Will definitely be back!

Ian K.

Love this place. Most consistent in town, the menu and staff are also great. Kid friendly is a huge plus too, and you can't beat the free beer and sake specials during the week!

Marsha Webb

We really enjoyed Sushi Rose. We mostly ate cooked rolls as is my preference, but the mountain roll raw fish was so fresh and delicious. They do not overload you with rice, the rolls are smaller than other places affording more variety for small stomachs!! It's quaint, great service, and delicious food!

Kami Jackson

Good food. Nice prices. Terrible service.

Jamie Killion

Best sushi in Reno. Free all you can eat on your birthday!

Kevin Kalinske

Very good Sashimi platter and sushi at a NW Reno Reastraunt that's been around awhile.

Michele K.

Yummy sushi great menu selections. The All You Can Eat sushi is awesome, and All You Can Drink on Mondays doesn't hurt either! Sushi Rose has become our Monday hangout spot and we love it! They have something for everyone, Chinese food if you don't love sushi, but who doesn't love sushi? All in all a cool place.

Jera Crusos

Left my sunglasses there, I called them the next day they told me they would hold them. Came back for them, they weren't there. Owners rude doesn't care about her customers, ive been coming there for 7yrs. They even served my fiance an I bad crab the time before that, told them about it they didn't even comp are meal or anything. I tried giving them another chance just to have my glasses stolen, the owner said if you have something important maybe you should keep it in your purse! Don't come back! Couldn't imagine if I left something really important.This place is horrible, I will be calling bbb.

Andrew H.

Sushi rose is one of the best sushi places in the area. The service is always good, the staff are always friendly, and the sushi is good. If you have time and appetite for the all you can eat, do it. Even if not, the prices for rolls are still good.

Kelly Bilbrey-Hitt

Sushi is alright, nothing too amazing. All you can eat until 3pm for a fair price tho which includes the best part of the meal, in my opinion, the dessert - which they really make an amazing Tempura Banana Split. Also a great cucumber salad comes on the initial plate given with soy sauce dish, ginger and wasabi.

Garet Bartholomew

Great service and food. The portions are not too large so you can get a great variety with the all you can eat. One of our favorite spots.


Service was good and really quick the price was fair for all you can eat and the food was tasty. The only complaint is that it was kind of loud but that isn't the restaurants fault I suppose

Daniel Cash

Great food great service great price .

Rebecca R.

This joint never disappoints! My boyfriend and I have slowly become regulars. Especially on Mondays for their free beer and sake with all you can eat (tip: you can even have it on holidays they're open and from open to close)! We live closer to south side of town but when I want sushi I will make the trek as this is my go to. I will say if you plan on going on a Monday try to go earlier than 6 and after 730, it's poppin at that time! Also MNF is great to watch here if you want to avoid the typical bar scene. The sushi chefs are so great and willing to add my favorite (lemon) to every roll. They also can adjust and make specials or any recommendations needed. It also helps that they don't pack on the rice like other joints, that's my pet peeve! So order lots of appetizers, get a cold beer and sake! Bombs away!

Teddy Hernandez

Great food! Excellent service! Very fast to get your orders! I found my new home for sushi.


Rose 2 is my favourite

Spencer L.

Good food. I like it. Plus very clean environment. Bathroom Review: Very clean, love the decor and like the colors. 5/5

David H.

Well at first I was really excited to eat here. The place is really clean the service at first it was really good. Then the sushi came. I only eat cooked rolls. So my first order is always one Godzilla and one King Kong. The roles came out looking beautiful they were hot but upon my first bite of both rolls There was a very weird taste about it. I first I thought nothing of it but as I went on eating it tasted off. I don't know but I thought it was just me. And then the other three people at my table all complained about their rolls as well. To make it worse it was Mother's Day. And we have been trying to just find a decent place for sushi around Reno. I guess we'll keep looking won't be going back here for sure. Very disappointed I don't understand how they have four stars on yelp when the food tasted that bad

Christine L.

My husband wanted to come back here since he ate for free on his birthday six years ago. So during our recent visit to Reno, we came here for lunch and my husband enjoyed another free birthday meal! We came on a Monday, which also happened to be Free Beer and Sake Day. What a great deal! I made this short video to capture our experience here - - it even features a Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck sushi rolls! Enjoy and I hope you get to try this place out too. :)

Shawn M.

Haven't tried to many sushi places since moving here but, everytime we ask people where their favorites are or where they'd recommend, Sushi Rose comes up. So we checked it out this past Tuesday for lunch. We did the all you can eat for $16.95. They have a large selection to choose from including appetizers, hand rolls, long rolls etc. and you even get to choose a dessert with your meal. Now if you're wondering how we liked it. The people I went with on Tuesday was craving their Sushi again so, we went back for lunch on Wednesday! Weeeehaaaa!!!! When you first look at the menu, they seem to have a bunch of different combination rolls etc. like most sushi places nowadays. But something about their combinations and the taste of those rolls just hit the spot. My faves were the San Francisco and The Rose 1 (I think it was called) both long rolls and the Windy and Mickey Mouse hand rolls. Also, the Yakiton, which is like a Crab Rangoon, was one of the best I've had in Reno. They definitely don't skimp on the filling. Overall, I give them a 4.57. Service was good. Didn't have to wait long for our orders to come out. There are lower priced places but, for all you can eat, still a good price. The only negative I have, is they don't have anything with chicken which I was looking for menu. But wasn't even that big a deal with all the variety they have. Anyways, go check them out and #supportlocalbusinesses!

Tanisha Jensen

Pretty decent sushi. Definitely not my favorite place in Reno but free AYCE on your birthday can't be beat!!! Bring your ID on your birthday and its all yours. Staff is friendly and it's a fun little hole in the wall.

Kimberly N.

We have been here a few times. It is not a fancy place, but who cares? I come here for the food and great service! And how many places in town offer free AYCE sushi on your birthday? We took our son here a few days ago to celebrate turning 16. Our server was so kind, making sure he was well taken care of on his birthday. The food is always fresh, there is a wide variety of sushi rolls and nigiri to choose from, and they do not try to fill you up on rice like some places do. We each topped off our meal with delicious green tea ice cream. When it came time to pay, even though one of us was free of charge, the server kindly reminded me about giving her our loyalty card so she could stamp it. I really appreciated that gesture! We will definitely be back!

Laura V.

So Sushi Rose is definitely a locally owned restaurant with an interesting vibe. The decor could throw you off because it doesn't scream Japanese, but don't be fooled. The owners have focused their investment in awesome staff, good deals such as free birthday dinners and punch cards, delicious food, and cleanliness. Our waitresses were prompt, helpful, and very aware of our needs. All three were keeping an eye out on all of the tables and helping each other out. They also allowed me to order a dinner combo from the Chinese restaurant nextdoor for my kids, which made my life so much easier. In comparison to other sushi restaurants, their rolls are on the smaller side. I actually appreciated this, as it meant I could order more rolls and try more than I normally do. I wish there was a bit more variation in the roll offerings, but absolutely try the Rose 2. It was the most unique sushi roll I've had in a long time.

Em P.

My wife and I really enjoyed Sushi Rose. We mostly ate cooked rolls as is my wife's preference, but the mountain roll raw fish was so fresh and delicious. They do not overload you with rice, the rolls are smaller than other places affording more variety for small stomachs!! It's quaint, great service, and delicious food!

Ivy Zhu

This place is amazing and affordable! service is good and the workers are very kind! I would go back to this restaurant.

John Gutierrez

My experience here has been VERY on or off. On some occasions service is fair and the waiters and waitresses pay attention but as soon as they get somewhat busy service goes down the drain, the best time to come are on weekdays for lunch if possible.

Steven Sheldrup

Fresh and fast. My favorite place in town. Try the Mickey mouse or Donald duck and tempura banana with vanilla ice cream to finish

Matthew Cope

Quality is pretty good, but service just isn't. I don't like being charged for an order without being told it will cost. I've only been here twice, but it's never left a good lasting feeling. There are many better places in town.

Matthew Marquez

The best sushi in reno. Great people Great food Love it

Mark J. Smith

Good service and food is delicious.

Manny Sanchez

Nice not too big nor too small spot friendly staff/service and food isn’t bad for the price!!