Sushi Rose

2005 Sierra Highlands Dr, Ste B147A, Reno
(775) 747-1888

Recent Reviews

Chrispy C.

Tried this place on my birthday which fell on a Monday. I got free AYCE plus unlimited free saki. Besides the price being right, this place had absolutely delicious, fresh sushi. This place is a hidden gem. Probably would never had tried it except for free birthday dinner but from now on, this is my #1 Sushi place in Reno.

Joe C

All you can eat made to order sushi! If you like fresh and delicious sushi then you'll like this place. Great service too!

Puilui C.

Good deal for$17.99 lunch all u can eat... everything taste good and fresh... all nigiri is perfect amount of rice..A+ for the good service!!

Alexis Allen

The food was mediocre, the service was terrible besides the 1 male waiter. The required an i.d. for your birthday, even when it's a minor. And if they don't have i.d. they want to see the birth certificate. Thru brought me the wrong rolls, and never brought me my appetizer until I asked AFTER all my rolls were gone. The other waitresses grabbed 1 of our 4 tickets and then didn't return till 20 minutes later for the others. Looking around, it was like watching chickens with their heads cut off. And it wasn't that busy. I've was a waitress for years and for the size of the place there were more then enough staff for customers to be happy. Our 10 top was NOT HAPPY. Who'll never come here again.

Cassidy H.

We used to love coming here. The price was great, the sushi was great and the service was great. Lately our experience has been completely different. The rolls are made wrong. They put extra sauces on the rolls that never used to be on there before. They are super rude when you ask to leave something out. One of the sushi chefs at the bar literally rolled his eyes at me every time I ordered a roll. The only nice person was the waitress we got at the very end. Go to Sushi 7 instead! Unfortunately for us, they were closed today.

Daryl Dodd

Hands down the best sushi in Reno!!!!And super great service!!!

Dawn H.

I love good sushi. This place is a monthly favorite for us. It can get pretty crowded so get there earlier. Crowded nights do cause a delay in getting food. The sushi is fresh and the servers are nice. They remember us each time we visit. I've tried just about everything and my favorite is the Nigiri. The place is much older but they've tried remodeling. The bathroom is clean but definitely needs a renovation. This place is not new and fancy but it is consistent, good, and friendly. Monday night specials are my favorite when they offer free beer and sake. They do free birthday sushi and have a rewards club too. Start with some edamame and miso and follow with some Nigiri. Don't forget the ice cream after dinner, it comes with all you can eat! Gotta love sushi in Reno!

Bev S.

We popped in here on a Saturday and had a great lunch. Being our first time, we didn't realize that we were supposed to complete an order form which was on the table. We noticed that other people who came in later than us were already eating. When we asked about it, our server was very kind and explained the ordering system. Because we were waiting for a bit, she said we could choose an appetizer (we chose the edamame) compliments of the house. We ordered the Donald Duck nigiri - a tender piece of salmon topped with a thin slice of lemon and a generous scoop of imitation crab - and it was very good. We also orderer Hamachi (yellow tail) nigiri which was also very fresh and tasty. Plus, two rolls: Rose1 and the Titanic - both fantastic. We plan to return during the week when sake is included for free. Free beer on Mondays, too. We will opt for the All-you-can-eat which includes dessert rolls. And - - - free lunch when you go on your birthday.

Laura C.

Terrible. Mushy. Dissolves in your mouth like mush. Awful. Sushi should be firm, flavorful. This is soft with no taste. Really bad

Claire P.

Servers are attentive but not very friendly or....honest? Quick? They clear your plates and fill your water fast. We got the all you can eat sushi as a family of 6. Our first round came super fast. The next 2 came after an HOUR. And we had to remind them multiple times. It was extremely annoying. Clearly they wanted us to leave after our first round or two. Otherwise, the prices are pretty good. If you get the regular rolls (not all you can eat), it's like $4-7 per. All you can eat is $18 per person for lunch. Not bad!

Aricka Maples

We have been coming to Sushi Rose for a while. Normally we receive super good service, but tonight I was pretty disappointed. I came in with my family around 6:30 PM on a Sunday, and we got our drinks and appetizers quickly, but then it went down hill from there. We only got half the food we asked for, and when we asked the waitress she acted like we were a burden...we were just asking for an ETA on our food. We don't put huge orders on a ticket, and normally a ticket for us contains 2 rolls and either 1-2 nigiri or a hand roll, but when we finally got one of the items on our 2nd ticket were told it was our last roll and made to feel like we needed to leave. More than once the waitress made eye contact with me and walked away when I tried to ask her something. We did note that they had a large group and kept that in mind; which is why we kept our orders simple. However, it is sad when we are there for 2 hours and we practically have to beg for our food that is ridiculous! I will not come back to this location for a while. I will be speaking to management about this that is no way to treat customers! We weren't the only table with this problem.

Aushon Hale

Fast service, nice staff. Pricing was great, ask about to punch card and free sushi on your birthday.

Tony Abreu

Nice place, nice people and good fresh sushi.

Myranda S.

I have been coming to Sushi Rose for ages and normally have super good service but tonight I was so deeply disappointed. I came in with 2 friends around 6:30 on a Sunday and we got our drinks and appetizers quickly but it went down hill from there. We never got half the food we asked for and when we asked the waitress she acted like we were a burden just asking for our food. We don't put huge orders on a ticket, normally a ticket for us contains 2 rolls and either 1-2 nigiri or a hand roll, but when we finally got one of the items on our 2nd ticket were told it was our last roll and made to feel like we needed to leave. More than once the waitress made eye contact with me and walked away when I tried to ask her something. Honestly I probably won't go back for a while.

Katelynn-Ruth Kennedy

The food was good, but it was only 9pm when they were rushing us to finish. She made us sign our check before we were ready. I won't eat here again. Like I said, good food, rude people.

Frank Dolan

Good food and the all you can eat thing works well for my family of gluttons.

Jim McAndrews

I have had all you can eat Sushi at I believe sushi every provider in Reno, this one of the best in Reno!!

Michelle H.

I dig this place. It's small and cozy. The sushi is fresh and the chefs are super fast! I'm a big fan of nigiri, they don't put too much rice, so you can try a few different things and not fill up too fast. On Mondays they do free beer and saki with all you can eat. Monday nights fill up this spot pretty quick. So, get there early. They also have birthday specials and a stamp card for frequent visitors. Definitely a good spot to check out for your fishy needs!

Ashlee F.

Sushi rose recently got all new dish-ware, updated their interior decor, and overall the vibe has really improved since the first time I visited. AYCE sushi is a popular thing in Reno. I have my favorite spots for various reasons but the most important to me is consistency. Sushi rose is consistently great! That's why my friends and I keep coming back. The service is quick, the sushi and sides are always the same quality and taste, and overall it's great place to grab sushi! I love the Rose 1 roll!

Craig Fonseca

Best all you can eat sushi anywhere plus free sake and free beer

Debra S.

I was informed that you get an all you can eat buffet free on your birthday, as long as you bring 1 paying customer. So I decided to try it out. My birthday was on a Monday , so sake & beer were free too. This sushi is one of the best in Reno!

Evan C.

The sushi is only OK. However it's a really good deal esp for kids. $11.95 per kid 11 or younger for lunch all you can eat - can't beat that. Not bad amount of fish for nigiri.

Fresh Lady

The sushi is good. A few rolls had too much rice, some rolls had too much sauce, but overall everything tasted great and fresh. Our server each time always rushes by being impersonable and warm, also never asks if we need anything. Good sushi, service needs work.

Nora Peri Minton

Great sushi! They have an unlimited price. So yummy and I’m stuffed.

Shaelah M.

Awesome experience both times I went for lunch. Miss Mario was adorable and so sweet. She even ran across to get us some soda water next-door with my friends build some teriyaki sauce on her beautiful white shirt. Service was above and beyond and we appreciate the amazing variety of the all you can eat sushi.

AKA Neko

I enjoy this place. They’ve been consistent during my visits and have good deals! (Free beer Monday’s, free AYCE on your birthday). I prefer sitting at the bar and feel that the chefs are attentive, so you aren’t sitting around trying to get their attention all the time like some places. This is my go-to sushi spot.

Samantha Pierce

The sushi is good. A few rolls had too much rice, some rolls had too much sauce, but overall everything tasted great and fresh. Our server each time always rushes by being impersonable and warm, also never asks if we need anything. Good sushi, service needs work.

oscar Lopez

Service is excellent friendly staff. Clean, but a little small. Free all you can eat on your birthday just make sure you have your ID. Free beer on Mondays and free sake on Thursdays... I don't remember if it's all day or just for lunch.

T. Fabio

My friend told me not to go here and I should’ve listened.

Amanda M.

Only giving 3 stars because of the previous positive experiences I've had here... today I was very disappointed. The service was bad - besides waiting a very long time for water, appetizers, and our food, whenever the waitress brought our plates for the all you can eat sushi, she hastily set them down on the table and walked away. We had to ask her to come back and tell us which rolls she was bringing to the table (many rolls were similar looking so at times it was hard to tell). For appetizers we ordered the mussels and seaweed salad. The mussels were awesome, but I've definitely had better seaweed salad at this same place before. The sushi itself didn't taste as fresh as I've usually experienced when I've eaten here. The fried rolls were also cold when brought to our table, and nearly all of our rolls were brought out all at once, which tells me they had been probably been sitting on the counter for a while. I might have excused the slow service and maybe even the cold rolls had the restaurant been busy, however, there were only 2 other tables besides ours. Normally the service here is quick, friendly, and the food is usually fresh and amazing. I was embarrassed today because I had talked about how great this place was beforehand and brought a friend who is picky about her sushi... next time I will go somewhere else. How disappointing!

Tara Majoros

Pretty terrible sushi. I got it to go and had to put salt and pepper on it when I got home. If that's any indication of just how flavorless it was. It was warm and the long rolls were mostly rice. I ordered the New York and the Rock and Roll rolls. They tasted exactly the same, like moist cardboard that's been sitting in the sun all day. The fried crab won tons were limp and chewy. The filling was decent. The prices are too high and the portions are tiny. The service was alright and place was crowded. Save your money and go to the gas station. The sushi there is way better.

emily forever

Such good food, smiles everywhere, and service is great. Free beer Mondays, free birthday meal, punch rewards card. Highly recommend.

May Falcon

The endless sushi deal is amazing! Make sure to try the free saki and dessert!

Netanya Grace Sohn

very kind staff, delicious sushi! I had my 5 year old and my 3 month old there with me, and we were served quickly for how packed it was. the seaweed salad is wonderful and we enjoyed every roll we tried. we got every roll we ordered, they didn't forget any, which a lot of places seem to. also a huge plus for me, I was able to nurse my 3 month old without any rude comments or looks, even when he was fussing. we have definitely found our new sushi spot.

Erick H

Nice little place tucked away in the corner. Great specials and friendly staff


I love this place. Amazing food, amazing service, fast service, anything you could ask for. 10/10 would always recommend!

Jessica Dollison

Great place. Great service. Highly recommended will continue to go there for my sushi cravings. Best sushi in Reno.

Jenlyn L.

Didn't know that they do free AYCE birthday sushi until I've arrived with my husband. It was his birthday so he got free sushi. The prices for both lunch and dinner are cheaper than a lot of sushi joints in town. The menu itself was pretty simple as well. No pages of repetitive sushi rolls. All the orders and nigiris we ordered were fresh. Fish to rice ratio was great as well.

Day J.

The sushi was ok, but the service was awful. We got seated right away, but it took forever to get drinks and since it was a 90* + day, it would have been nice to have something. I'll not go back there again.

Greg Sadler

Great food, great service;