The Shore

1 S, Lake St, Reno
(775) 321-5831

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Bryson Trujillo

I had the flat iron steak, it was good but in my opinion not worth the menu price. The brownie for dessert was fantastic, the house made ice cream is amazing and the brownie itself is super rich. I only ate half of it because it was so sweet but definitely took the left overs for later

jodi buccambuso

For starters we waited almost an hour for bacon, eggs, pancakes. Not busy. We watched a couple come, eat, and leave, while we were waiting for our breakfast. We both had bottomless mimosa. When we got our second mimosa, they were in dirty glasses. Waitress assured us that they were our own glasses, but she also had someone else's dirty glass in her hand. Covid or not, thats dirty. Wait until you see their idea of "thick cut bacon" (well you can see the pic.) My potatoes were not breakfast potatoes like I saw in the pictures we saw when we googled the place. They were French fries. We eat somewhere new weekly. This was a real thumbs down for us.????????

Angel Gonzalez

Great service and nicely prepared dishes.Beautiful view sitting by the river.

Linda S.

A great place for date night or hosting out of towners. Party of 4 arrived for happy hour and sat outside. Lovely outdoor area overlooking the Truckee River, lots of trees and shade. Our Manhattan's were unremarkable but impressed that they serve Luxardo cherries instead of those Maraschino candy-apple red lumps! Touch of class. Ordered from the Bits menu: prawn cocktail (large, fat prawns and the sauce was perfect) and the Chicken Carnitas Tacos - yummy. Off the dinner menu the Grilled Lamb Back Lollipops were great! All dinners were very tasty, cooked to perfection and expertly presented. The outdoor fire pits added a lovely touch of romantic ambience to the evening. We will certainly return!!!

Mary H.

TL;DR: The food is good and the service is fine, but be prepared to wait and the floor will more than likely be dirty. We stayed at the Renaissance hotel and this being the hotel's restaurant, we ate here for breakfast and lunch. The breakfast menu had a lot of good options - I would say something for everyone. My sister and I shared the egg white scramble, with egg whites subbed for whole eggs, fries subbed for berries, and whole wheat toast. It was the perfect amount to share, it was delicious, and the berries were so sweet (considering it was the end of summer). It was the perfect size to share. The chicken in it was ok, but everything else was good. My brother had French toast which was delicious, but probably enough to share between 2-3 people. The service was good, albeit a bit slow to get the bill. After sitting for maybe 15 minutes when we had finished our food, we finally asked for the bill. Just beware of the coffee.....I hate to say this but it is horrible. When we went for lunch, we realized it probably would have been better to have a reservation. It was a 30 minute wait so we went to the hotel's other bar for a Bloody Mary. After 30 minutes we didn't receive a text, so we went to the hostess to see if a table was ready. She seated us immediately (so I'm not sure why we didn't receive a text). There were tons of tables available, but she seated us at the one with toast and food all over the floor. There was such a large piece of toast on the floor that I saw a customer pick it up because she was worried about someone slipping on it. That is just beyond unacceptable. My mom said something to our server, and since the manager came out later, the message must have gotten through. So that is good. It took such a long time for us to receive our food after ordering that I started writing this review in exasperation. The saving grace for this restaurant is the food - it is largely portioned and very tasty.

Joe Harris

Another Reno gem! The menu selections are balanced from breakfast to dinner, the service is exceptional, and the atmosphere is relaxed and casual. Most importantly (in my humble opinion) the food is amazing, to say the least; visually appealing and very, very flavorful. Needless to say, The Shore is well worth a visit (or more).

Alicia M.

Amazing atmosphere and decor. The michelada, bloody Mary, and tequila shots we ordered were fabulous. Food was a little, over salted. Parts of the flat bread were raw and doughy, we had to rip it off the good parts. The smoked heirloom tomatoes were over smoked, almost giving the tomatoes a strong, artificial flavor. My wife and I only ate one piece each of the tomatoes but the burrata and spring salad underneath was good. We were warned by our very nice waiter that the dessert we ordered was very sweet lol. My wife was only able to take one bite but I think it was one of the most delicious desserts I ever had. We would love to come back and try different small plates and an entree but I'll be ordering that dessert again for sure.

Tommy J.

I have to say, I was amazed at this hotel/restaurant. I had to drop a friend here last week and had no idea about this place. The hotel is on the river, beautiful, and has an amazing restaurant. When you walk in to the restaurant,/bar, the out-door deck kind of pulls your attention. There were mini-fire places lining the glass wall and tables up against the fire places. A nice warm glow, with the sound and sight of the river passing by. They also have a very comfortable looking bar with nice seats, dimly lit And can be either intimate, or fun for a large party. Since it was smoky outside due to the wild fires, we decided to eat in the restaurant. It was just as impressive. Very beautiful. We were greeted warmly by the hostess and told her there were 7 of us. We were sat immediately and I ordered my go to drink (Top-shelf Margherita, rocks, no salt). The menu is small but had some really unique items. At first, I felt it was expensive, but as the dinner was nearing its end, I felt the quality and flavors were well worth the price. Also, I learned that there is a number of of menu items like Filet Mignon and other steaks, just have to ask. What we ordered: 2 x Cadillac Margherita rocks, no salt Black and blue smash (boysenberry whisky smash) Flat bread with Hummus Lamb lollipops (medium rare) Smoked Heirloom tomatoes with whipped Burrata 4 x TSR burgers with bacon Llano Sec pork chop Pan roasted Salmon The drink took a bit to get to us, and they were sour. I really enjoyed the lamb lollipops. They were served a perfect temperature and had a nice smoky flavor. Also the heirloom tomatoes with the cream Burrata was amazing. The texture was almost like a whipped cream without sugar. It paired really well with the heirlooms. The pork chop was really thick and really large. Cooked perfectly. Very unique, and something I would have next time I go back. All of the hamburgers looked amazing. And my wife ate every bit of her Salmon. We had no room for dessert so next time we come back, we will try to save room. We sat on the deck, with the fireplaces and watch the river for our second cocktail. They also have a happy hour menu their last hour. Well drinks are 50% off as well as they have special priced menu. It's definitely worth ago if you need a later evening snack. Like around 10 PM as they close at 11. At least on Saturday night LOL Everything was pretty amazing. Although, the drinks were really sour. A top-shelf or Cadillac Margherita usually has a float of Grand Marnier, these didn't. As you can see in all my Margherita photos, across many restaurants, there is a dark orange on layer on top. Before ordering the second drink, I asked the bartender about it, she said she did that, but second one didn't either. The sweet orange counters the sour, So maybe she skimped on this... really shouldn't though, because they're $14 For small drink. Other than that, quite happy to come here again and try some of the other food. Maybe they will have a different bartender? Or the bartender can read this and maybe adjust...I hope so, because I really only drink Cadillac margaritas and the food is so good...

Jennifer B.

Very disappointed. We have always wanted to check this place out. The outdoor seating looks lovely from the outside. Went for breakfast today. They didn't have patio seating so we got stuck sitting next to a window. The place is super dirty and just about as impressive as Denny's. There was food all over the floor, cobwebs all over the windows and my eggs came out over medium rather than over easy. Super unimpressed and won't be going back.


Patio seating overlooking the river very nice even a fire pit. Food was okay, had the chicken sandwich $18, seemed a little high. Soup was great

Heather Myers-Andrews

The octopus appetizer and halibut was delicious, the waiter Jack was attentive and gave us great service!

Shiloh C.

Location is beautiful and staff very friendly. I would like to start this review by saying the food was not bad, this is not negative on that end, just not up to par with their prices, in my opinion. Getting a reservation was easy so that was wonderful! Cocktails were also absolutely delicious! I just do not believe the small cocktail I received should be priced at $16. I have had more for less at classier steak houses. However, the bartender definitely knows what he/she is doing and makes a fabulous drink. (I had a margarita type cocktail.) The menu included items that were new to me so that was exciting! Dinner was alright, but the chimichurri was extremely sour, more than I have ever tasted in my life, and the chicken thighs were lacking flavor. The dessert, however, was absolutely devine! I wish I could tell you what it was, but I am unsure how to spell it. Overall, I enjoyed myself, just don't believe I would be spending that kind of money for the quality. (Reference, my plate was roughly $30, my very small cocktail was $16, etc) I took photos, I used flash but no filters.

Benjamin G.

Decided to visit Reno on a whim despite the bad air quality. A big part of the planning was to find places to eat which were indoors, and The Shore Room fit the bill. Located at the Renaissance Reno hotel, the decor is nice and service is excellent. Ordered a fairly standard breakfast - corned beef hash and smoked salmon as a side. Scrambled Eggs and corned beef hash were freshly prepared and the accompanying English muffin toast was delicious. Some small things fell short - arugula is fairly plain and unseasoned and corned beef hash was unremarkable. Jam was also standard off the counter Smucker's, but overall this was a pleasant experience. Would definitely visit again

Miranda Y.

Tasty and fulfilling! Nice ambience. The octopus is fine. It's a small dish and it could be more flavorful. The pasta has a rich taste, and is very fulfilling. The dessert is a very good portion. It has baklava, which is a good surprise. I would come back!

H M.

We finally had a day that wasn't smokey and 100 plus degrees this week so we decided to try The Shore Room at the Renaissance Reno along the Truckee River, we were not disappointed. We sat perched above the Truckee River in their outdoor seating and it was incredible. Our server was Ruby and she was spot on with her menu suggestions, we split the difference and we had breakfast and lunch both were delicious. A perfect place to get away for lunch we can't wait to return, amazing food and great service.

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