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Nicole A

Honestly the flavors of the food are so delicious and the portions are generous, it’s totally worth the price. I don’t think it’s unreasonable as some of the other reviews have stated. It’s not a $5 burger from a fast food joint. It’s better quality food. I wish everyone knew about this place, and we are lucky to have one close by!

G Aquino

Food was satisfying and served in generous portions. Staff was friendly, speedy, and had their face covering on while serving us. We also felt comfortable dining in since we can maintain a safe distance from other customers.

Chris Miller

Ridiculously overpriced for what you pay for. Have been twice in the past two months and will not be going back again.For starters, the bowls you get for order pickup, at least in my case, are half filled. The turmeric rice tastes bland and is often clumpy and ice cold by the time you pick it up. I’d like to give my thoughts on the chicken tikka, but you barely get any in a bowl. Maybe a couple small chunks strewn about. Again, ice cold by the time you pick it up. The more toppings you add to your bowl, the less of each you get. Unless, of course, a pinch is standard for each topping that you wish to add. If I had to say one nice thing, the vegan vindaloo sauce was pretty good. Again, bone cold by the time you pick up an order.The bowls are definitely not worth the $14. There are far better fast casual places for Indian food. Stay away from here.

Amrita Madabushi

We were completely blown away with the amazing food we had here. The concept is like Chipotle or Subway but its Indian food and the food is out of the world. We ordered 4 entrees, everything was different and yet awesome. The pataka fries were amazing. We ended up buying all the sauces. Also, we asked the guy serving us, if they were planning to have a franchise in Maryland. ?? Thank you Ajay, Aman and servers at the Amherst location for this 5* experience.

Ankit Garg

Loved the food. I went with my wife and we both got the bowls. I had kine custom made and was able to choose quantity of each item and my wife got the iconic samosa chat. We needed our meal with delicious Gulab Jamun. I requested the staff to warm up the Gulab Jamun before serving and the taste was out of this world. This is a must visit if you are trying the Indian cuisine for the first time. This is your gateway to the amazing world of Rich Indian cuisine. Naan-Tastic is great for a quick small bite all the way upto a whole meal for a family.


Great food, kind staff, and good prices! Can’t ask for much more. I enjoyed a chicken tikka bowl with masala sauce and various toppings, with a mango lassi on the side. The food was fresh and well seasoned - spicy but not too hot where I can’t taste the seasonings. I was very pleased by the numerous gluten free options! The mango lassi was a bit sweeter than I would have liked but it balanced out the spices of the food. All in all, a good experience! Will come back to try the other options, I’m especially curious about the Punjabi Mac which is also gluten free.

Kaileen Dunphy

Great food and friendly employees

Tara Post

When I want quick Indian this is where I go. My go to is rice with chickpeas and the tomato base sauce. I do always also get the yogurt to go with it. They have bowls, rolls, and tacos. It is made to order by your preference. It is a great place to stop by for a quick lunch or even a dinner.

Jeff McClain

The food is great, I would rate it a 4 Star. THE CHALLENGE is receiving the same quality wrap! Teach them how to roll a wrap. Nothing is more frustrating than asking for a wrap and getting it all rolled up in a ball with half the wrap in the middle and the whole thing falls apart. You can do better.

Matt S

TLDR - I drove over 400 miles to try the Makhani fries (and I guess see family for the holidays ?), and this place did not disappoint (mostly). Definitely recommend giving it a try!A few months ago I happened across an Instagram ad for Naan-tastic's Makhani fries & was super excited by the concept. Turns out, they have a location a few miles away from where we would be staying for holiday family events. So we made plans to swing by while we're in the area!A quick online order & easy pickup process. Tried quite a handful of items. The Makhani fries were quite delicious - but, while I was aware it was a sweet makhani sauce, it ended up being much more sweet than I prefer. Toward the end of the dish, the sweetness was starting to put me off of it. Tasted kinda like a traditional Makhani sauce mixed 50/50 with a sweet BBQ sauce. Otherwise, the paneer was delicious & the fries were really good!Also tried fries with the vindaloo sauce, which felt much better balanced & delicious.Overall, thrilled to have gotten to try the place - and everything was well prepared & tasty! Maybe a just slightly too sweet for me.

Farhan Rivu

Food absolutely wasn’t anywhere close to authentic. It was very bland and everything was overpriced imo. Service wasn’t bad. Not coming back

Kapil Rakh

Indian food screwed not revolutionized. The concept from Chipotle isn't executed properly. There should be more choices of sauces. Vindaloo sauce is no close to what it tastes authentically. Pathetic..

Liv Q

I had an issue with my order, but the managers were more than kind with their response. I really appreciate y'all taking the time to do what's right for the customer.

Shreyan Majumdar

Excellent food. The Samosa in Makhani Sauce is a must-try.

Kyle Hess

Honestly this place is delicious. I had it once and some reason never came back til now - the staff was also super helpful and friendly. Much appreciated!

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