Boulevard Mall

730 Alberta Dr, Amherst
(716) 834-8600

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Leah Guerin

I was a vendor at the Christmas craft show. Show will continue every Saturday til 12/17. The mall was great and ready for Christmas. Santa was there and all the vendors had great items for gifting and giving. Would recommend to Christmas shoppers or just browsers looking.

Secrets & Mysteries

I remember this place well and it still has a number of great places in it, including Macy's JCPenney's a fantastic bookstore and the Jara Cafe which I frequent often whenever I'm there. Very cozy and comfortable to shopping during Christmas time yet.

cutie zuley

Every store you know is gone! Hot topic, pink, Victoria Secret, and a lot more! The only stores left that's worth it is Spencer's and a pokemon game store that's new that's it! The book store is also still there but besides that it's dead..i even heard a rumor the head of the mall is racist and kicking people out for not having enough "money" and this was told to me by someone who I've seen there since I was 13! Even the convince store man was upset about not being able to stay open for long either and that broke my heart..


I’ve been to this mall twice, and both times I marvelled at the fact it’s still open. From the moment I turned into the massive empty parking lot, I note the mall sign’s are all falling apart with so many random wires sticking out. Once inside, things are very quiet and albeit kind of creepy. There is probably only 1/4 of the stores open compared to back in the mall’s hay day, and the bones of this mall are really showing it’s age. It’s in dire need of a makeover. Store wise, I was really impressed to see stores like H&M, Macy’s and Bath & Body Works still operating here. In fact, those three stores had the majority of customers in them, the rest of the mall was bare. I did find a couple cute things to buy in those three stores though. I wonder if they put up any holiday decor in this mall, but sadly I won’t be back anytime soon to see if they do. Should the right developer come along who can revamp this place, it has potential to come back to life, but it will need a stellar ad campaign to do so. Unfortunately I see this mall as merely being on life support, and someday soon the plug will be pulled.

Terri Cooper

Enjoy shopping here but it was sad to see a lot of the stores were vacant and it didn't look as if new owners were going to occupy the space. Shoppers still not at the capacity prior to covid.

Kat zap

Nice little mall in Amherst hanging on. As of this writing, there's still a JC Penney, a few other clothing stores, a used book store, and a variety of kiosks.

Joseph Roessler

This mall sucks now just empty no stores inside to draw people in nothing to for buying put stores and family and adult attractions in there wasting away perfectly good mall .

Millie Eatz

I give it one star because I couldn’t give it zero. I’ve never been to such a depressing looking mall. About 90% of the stores were closed. It looked like I went back to 2020 when everything was shut down.

Aaron Digby

nice place still have good business's. but we all know Malls have been effected by online shopping. Malls should be converted in to giant activity centers for children and families to promote getting people out, away from the screen and moving a round.


I go very often to Penny's and Macy's. I also use the mall to get my walking in during any bad weather. My question is, after they do whatever they are going to do to this place ( make it open air, I think) where can we all go to walk?

Tim Rose

It's sad to see every mall except the galleria is getting less and less stores. The boulavard still had a few places like MACY'S, Men's wearhouse, TGI Fridays but it's a lot emptier than it used to be. Still very clean though.

Tembi Jenkins

I just LOVE this place. Nice atmosphere. Something for everyone. Wonderful assortment of stores.

Christopher C.

Not much of a mall anymore. Comparing it to the past, it's really gone downhill. But, even in the present, it's just sad. Very few stores and not many are interesting. There's no food court, a decision they made years ago to replace it with a Dick's, so I feel bad for anyone who works there trying to get lunch. I only come here for JC Penny when I don't feel like going to the Galleria. Even then, the Galleria has a better set up store and more stock. Another review here mentioned that it's a very 18-27 clothing type of mall. I'd agree. Very young clothes shops and then a few others. Parking is never an issue, but be prepared to get depressed walking past dark rooms and countless gates. Not that I'm mourning capitalism, but sad about the loss of another social space.

A. Jean Fox

Most of this mall is empty, no GOOD food court and the food that is there is hidden in the most discrete part of the mall (the taste of china is so good there 10/10). Also, last time I went this rude security guard tried to ask me where I parked or if I knew how to get to the parking lot. I drove myself here? Yeah I know where I parked? Also if I didn’t, I am an adult and can ask for help. He was so rude and mumbled his question so when I asked for him to repeat himself he got all short with me. Such an unpleasant mall cop paired with an unpleasant depressing mall.Sooner see those empty spaces filled with activity space for artists or crafts or teaching spaces if you’re not going to give businesses the chance to open there.

Lady Lightning98

This has been my go-to Mall since I was a kid. So many memories here. Sadly, it’s been dying a slow death since it did away with its food court. It’s the perfect mall for walking when the weather gets bad.

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