Boulevard Mall

730 Alberta Dr, Amherst
(716) 834-8600

Recent Reviews

carlos pula

Website has not been updated all the stores we went there for are no longer in the mall also the store map is not updated either

Mrs Mamabear

The mall definitely isn't what it used to be no, I don't even know how many stars are open in here but if they're not worth it to go. There are several other malls in the area that have many more stores

Andrew Ruffin

I want to buy buy baby I personally love this place its a sickness at this point. We couldn't find premee clothing anywhere and they had it and great selection.

Christina Athena D'Amico

I love shopping here! I hope that this mall stays open and doesn't ever decide to close and they need to add more stores here as well! Always a fun shopping experience at Boulevard Mall!!!

Shaad Hosain

Small one floor mall but enjoyable and has a nice view. if you live in Amherst this mall is close from everywhere.

Cecile Puckhaber

It's a great mall for specific things like prom dresses sneakers or other odd items. However it's mostly empty. Great for Mall walkers. And the Chinese place drinks. I would say if you're looking for a wedding or prom dress definitely check out TT New York. They have great dresses and great attitudes.


Wish there were more stores like it used to have back in the day bc its fun to look around

Kara Morhous Spoth

I haven't been to this mall since pre-Covid and half the stores are now gone! Anchor stores left include Macy's and JCPenney's. The Macy's is smaller than any others I've been to locally, but the JCPenney's is surprisingly bigger. As far as chains go, there is H&M, Bath and Body Works, Hot Topic, and Ann Taylor. But then everything else is independent, including 2 used bookstores, a gift shop, and the new Selfie World. Worth it if you want to go for a specific store, but if you're looking for a mall experience (including a food court, which this mall no longer has), drive the extra 10 minutes and go to the Galleria instead.

dru who

Nice sales reps, friendly people and you'll most likely find what ur looking for.

Joanne Wilson

Sad to see so many stores gone, was clean but inventory in the stores that are still there is limited. Online sales and Covid definitely put a hurting on business

Angela Loomis

One of my favorite malls to go to. Convenient for me as well.

Lagayette Smith

Unfortunately this Mall has gone to the DUMPS! Some my favorite stores are gone. It's like a ghost town walking inside.

brenda ortiz

Theres a chinese place across from tgi, off the hook, fresh and tasty food.

Doreen Bishop

This mall is pretty dead but this lends itself to quick purchase and exit.

David Foster

I love nostalgic retail as much as the next guy but it's gotten to a point where they need to massively update this mall. Turn it into the boulevard with the indoor outdoor concept. I used to love to go here as a kid but it's just been drastically dying for years now definitely needs an update and it needs it soon otherwise in my opinion that mall will sit abandoned for years.

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