Ted's Hot Dogs

2351 Niagara Falls Blvd, Amherst
(716) 691-7883

Recent Reviews

Scott S

This is a great restaurant with high quality burgers, dogs and sausages and made the great choice to use Martin's Potato Rolls for their burgers! Everything, I clouding the bacon is cooked over a charcoal grill so that it is all infused with that great charcoal flavor. The employees strive to get things right and the result is a perfect meal. I will be stopping here every time that I am in town. Did I mention Martin's Potato Rolls? Great job!

Jokah H Jish

I think it should be re-designed. The seating area is like sitting in a closed basement. The food is great, but the back of the restaurant? I don't know maybe it's me. More than likely it is. But I would think people would wanna sit down and you know look at something other than the walls.

Joe Zap

Teds hotdogs is a true staple of Buffalo. I've always enjoyed their hotdogs and hamburgers as well as there fries and rings. This is a great place to get a bite or have a nice outing with friends. The Niagara Falls boulevard location is a good sized location that feels open on the inside.Vegetarian options: Teds has veggie dogs and burgersParking: Teds has a big lot with a lot of parking.


Both the hotdogs and burgers are top notch, but the onion rings are the best around! I didn’t realize a small fry only had nine fries in it so I will order a larger one next time! Our wait time was long with only one line, but the food is made in front of you to your specifications. The staff is very friendly. They have plenty of seating and parking too.

Ameet Balilty

Fantastic meal! Had a couple veggie dogs with some of the best onion rings in town! It’s a must try if you are in this area.

Richard Chapman

Hot dogs tasted good reminded me of having one right off the grill in the backyard. The pickles are sweet and delicious, very juicy.

Lynn Rideout

We always enjoy our visits to Ted's when we come back to my hometown! I've lived in 3 states, nothing compares to Ted's grilled selection!

Tom Di Nardo

Stopped deliberately for a foot long dog and onion rings. NOT they had excuses but didn't make up my disappointment. I drove 30 miles extra to not get what I wanted. CALL AHEAD

James Lewis

No footlong hot dogs available and the onion rings were a greasey mess. First time ordering from there in a couple years. Won't be in a rush to get back.

Guy Ward

Best hot dog in WNY.

Megan Miller

Nice friendly employees and awesome food with tons of options of toppings for your hotdogs or hamburgers.

Cheryl Rome

The char-grilled hot dogs were delicious! The hot dogs had a nice snap when you bite into them. The Splits (fries and onion rings) were delicious too. The homemade onion rings were ahhhh-mazing. Gotta make another pit stop before I return to VA Beach!

Squirrel Girl

Food is excellent as always. However, took almost twenty minutes to stand in line to get two hots dogs. Granted, went during the lunch hour but for as busy as it was, very surprised they didn't have both sides of the restaurant open for order taking and filling?

Charles Saunders

Ted's is a Buffalo favorite, a hidden gem that is well worth visiting.The loganberry shake is delicious! Fries are similar to the big "M" brand, and there are many choices of hot dogs and burgers, all of which are delicious!Ample seating inside and out, of course depending on the weather, and the staff is awesome.Would definitely go again when visiting Buffalo.


Food was all good! We ordered a lot and everything was great. The kids choc. Milks are different now, not in a carton which I didn't know when ordering. Same with the applesauce, it's in a cup now not a pouch so it was hard for me with the little ones unable to utilize the spoon yet. Otherwise, the staff were friendly, quick, and food was delicious!

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