Ted's Hot Dogs

2351 Niagara Falls Blvd, Amherst
(716) 691-7883

Recent Reviews

Weiqi Wang

Best hot dog I have ever had. I would recommend the burger made on their charcoal grill as well. I had more than 50 lunches at this place in the past years.

Kelly Ryan

Went inside used the restroom first. The soap machine barely spitting out soap and NO paper towels.. bad stink. Came out to order my food and wasn't greeted at all. Decided I didn't want Ted's anymore.

tod gullo

Best hot dogs ever. Charcoal broiled to perfection. The staff are right on point.

Chris V

They have the best hot dogs I've ever had. Their onion rings are also not like traditional onion rings and much better. Try both of them and you wont be disappointed.

Debbie Diebold

Got our take out order home and the hot dog rolls were so stale we couldn’t eat them. The onion rings were stuck together and not fried properly. Worst experience we’ve ever had

Jacob Reise

Cornerstone of the Buffalo food community. If you like hotdogs, Ted's is the place.

Nick B.

I would never write a poor review of a restaurant, but our experience was unacceptable. One of the employees (named Gabbie) was incredibly rude & made my entire party so uncomfortable that we took our food to go. This isn't the first time this has happened. None of us will return to this location until this situation is rectified.

Rachel Rocheleau

It was fairly clean. Super busy. Staff was amazing. Was missing some food.


I love this location. It's clean, nice staff. Quick service. I love that they grill the hot dogs. I also always add cheese.

Chris McGowan

The quality has gone down hill as the prices have gone way up the hill. Two cheeseburgers (one a double), one ring, one fry, a flight of sauces was $27. We had tap water otherwise tack on another $3-5 depending on what soda or even more for milkshakes. One piece of basic American cheese on a burger coats you 0.99, 1.98 if you get a double - that's insane.Both burger buns where stale, the sliced tomatoes where more white/pink then red, and the fries where under done. The rings where typical.Service was so-so but slow as our food sat for five minutes as the customer before dropped their milkshake on the floor and the cashier went out the back to place a caution sign all while two employees in the lobby, one with the order tablet, just stood there and watched and talked among themselves as there was no new customers coming in to order.I've been coming here for years and the last number of times it's been disappointment after disappointment all while the prices keep going up and the quality keeps going down. For my money, I'm going elsewhere from now on.

Deathly Templar

Meh. I could grill my own hotdogs just as good

Timothy Priano

best foot long dogs in the entire area

Bianca Kliss

The hot dog ?was one of the best I've tasted. BONUS-their gluten free bun was just like tasting a normal bun. However, I wasn't a fan of their chili sauce, it seemed old (sitting around awhile) and not what I expected (fresh homemade chili)

Captain Awesome

The food was OK...nothing really over the top about it but the burgers weren't cooked all the way through so when I brought it to the attention of the burger flipper her reply back to me was that she flips the burger to "her" likingThat's probably one of the worst things to say to a paying customer...There is no timer on the burgers or hot dogs for that matter so the cooking times are never the same so that is a major problem with this business...


Ted's has great charbroiled hot dogs! The way they grill them adds a lot to the flavor. We tried the all-beef and the regular hot dogs. The all-beef dogs were a little tough to chew, but the regular dogs were awesome. I will skip the all-beef next time. The onion rings were skinny, but very flavorful.

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