Tim Hortons

1705 Niagara Falls Blvd, Amherst
(716) 833-4233

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Richard Chapman

The morning service through the drive through was great. Polite friendly and fast. The oreo ice cap is really good. The breakfast sandwich was a little disappointing. I wish the sandwich was bigger. The price is a little on the expensive side.Parking: Small parking lot

Heather Hall

We always look out for a Tim Horton's venue for coffee, and often, at this venue, something to eat when shopping in this area. Unfortunately, it does not compare favorably with various other Tim Hortons outlets. Sandwiches are skimpy and staff very loud behind the counter.. customers would rather not hear their discussions..? Hopefully, customer service will improve as the location is good, parking accessible and the venue has promise ?

Courtney Sorrento

I give this location 5 stars compared to other Tim Hortons locations because they have a great core staff that have been there a long time and who are friendly and efficient. Inside has always been clean and organized. Drive thru is smooth even with construction out front on the road.Food: 3/5

Lori Moscato

Went here to get Steak Wraps. The employee said they don't carry steak at this location. ☹️Food: 3/5

Prashant S

Coffee was room temperature served.. I asked for hot and they said its going to take 10 mins.. ftf?

Prashant Sangani

Coffee was room temperature served.. I asked for hot and they said its going to take 10 mins.. ftf?

Catherine LaFalce

Fast frest Hot Coffee! Fast drive through for food or drinks. Love to get my coffee fix here!Food: 5/5

Mjaye Wms

The workers, food and service are excellent. But chances of having a fender bender at this location is high. The end of the drive through interfere's with blvd traffic short cuts through their lot.Food: 5/5


Have visited several Saturdays in a row during busy lunch and always very good service. Clean and modern.Food: 4/5


Literally gave us a black burned sandwich. I took it back and got another one but there is no way someone's packing the sandwich couldn't have seen the bread was Literally black. Not toasted a little dark..I mean tar black. My first experience and I will never return.Food: 1/5

Steph Gail Ayala

Honestly coming from canada this environment was ok. It's the workers who threw me off. Everyone was not wearing their hair nets in Canada everyone does, their conversation was not appropriate for the workplace they were loud and obnoxious as well not a place to talk about certain things that openly for a customer to hear and the guy at the register had no clue about money conversion until a girl who was off work had to step in. Idk just better customer service would be great in my opinion cause nobody had any.

izaaz 28

As a Canadian it was expensive but they have US items, which I liked. The only issue was when our drinks were ready they didn't call us and just left them on the side.

Shayan Shakil

Worst Tim's experience coming from a Canadian. The customer service reps first gave us half cup of french vanilla. When we told them it was half full, then they said machine is down and took few minutes. Right after that they replaced our french vanilla with a new one and put it on the pick up counter and did not tell us it was sitting there. So much attitude. Teach these kids some politeness.

Gavin Clayton

Was having an issue with a crew member and asked to speak to a manager. The supervisor Lexi was a great help. Thank god she was there she handled things wonderfully.

Vlad Yakusevich

They gave me "nitro" lemonade- it was plain lemonade without any foam. When I asked to fix it - it took 10 minutes for them to give me another drink. Guess what - the fixed version was the same drink, but with whipped cream on top. Terrible.

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