910 Broadway, Amityville
(631) 789-1990

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There chicken is overly priced and there chicken pieces are big as turkeys,that cannot be real chicken

Anthony B.

This is the worst I've ever seen ordered on uber food came chicken was uncooked should of read the reviews first STAY AWAY

Nadine Douglas

Best Fried Chicken mmmmmDifferent varieties to choose fromConvenient locations


Didn't go to KFC I went to McDonald's

Ashley Magaddino

The drive thru operator was informative and extremely sweet! I haven’t had KFC in years and he explained everything thoroughly. I accidentally arrived minutes before closing and he didn’t even mention it and still gave great service! Food was FRESH! Way better than Popeyes

John O.

This KFC is consistently dishing out poor quality customer service as well as improper orders. Consistently they have given me poor customer service through improper orders and not owning their mistakes. Upon realizing that they had given me the wrong order altogether I would return for the proper items and was told to bring back the entire order for complete refund. I have reported this several times to corporate with no response except for some dollar coupons. Do you self a favor and just avoid this KFC as it is not worth the headache of going home with the improper food order and hearing people complain your household

Diana Bastian

Food was fresh. Everything was hot and tasted like it was just cooked. Fast and efficient

Kevin Hill

The cashier short changed me $10. The manager did not count the drawer.

James S.

All of the reviews I've read about this restaurant have complained about the service. Idk if the restaurant has improved or I just lucked out. My wife and I had no problems when we visited. The place was clean and we were waited on promptly. My wife enjoyed her meal and mine was okay.

Joseph Dertinger

Losing their toych unfortunatelyChickens are getting smallerStill tasty i guess trying to stay competative

ray charles

I prefer kfc over Popeyes but the chicken at this location tastes old 90% of the time I stop by. I don’t know if they don’t clean their grease regularly or have old chicken.

Christine Gordon

They never answer the phone when you call in for the hot wing and give attitude after asking question

Margaret Laraia-Stezelberger

Love the grilled chicken and Cole slaw

jimmie johnson

ordered a famous bowl at 12 noon and the chicken tasted like it was from the night before...there is no way that the chicken should have tasted this old at 12 noon.....never again with this place...LONG LIVE POPEYS!


To bad they closed shop in Lindenhurst now I have to, like everyone else , go to Popies accross the street for fried chicken? Come Back my OLD KENTUCKY FRIENDLY CHICKEN why did you do this to our community??

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