Moondog's Lounge

24 State St, Auburn
(315) 253-3339

Recent Reviews

Benjamin Sawin

Was in town for business, came across this lil joint. I love it. Dim, chill, great atmosphere.

Joshua Cole

Best place for live music in Auburn!!

James Whiffen

I like the band's and people are always fun to meet

Larry Lehner

A great place to enjoy musicians from near and far. Great vibe and ambiance for local musicians to hangout. The mac & cheese and flat bread pizzas are quite tasty and go well with their excellent beer selection.


It was great fun, great music, great friends, great family, and the band CROSS Roads was outstanding!

Allen Kennedy

People come here for music. Ron Spencer Band literally burns the place down every time they play here. It’s the kind of good time you hope for on a Saturday night. They put the fun into the blues, and let’s hope Mark the singer never goes back to where he came from (Mizzou), he is delivering the real deal right here.

Jay D

Never had a problem here, everyone is so very kind. Favorite place so far.

Jim Frech

Had way too much fun

Benny Badalamenti

The place is great for music and the bands are fantastic. Also very friendly

Cheryl Langdon

The music is always fabulous. It's a beautiful place - very clean bathroom!! Only one thing - Mr. Moon Dog - tear down that wall!! Make it bigger.

Brian pacyliak

Awesome people. Awesome music. Always.

Timothy Archambo

Great place for drinks and the nachos where fantastic

DK 1969

Great place friendly people nice atmosphere

Heidi Alcott

Love this place. Lynn and Terry are the sweetest and nicest hosts ever!! Infrared Radiation Orchestra are Moondogs biggest fans !!!<3

Thomas Patterson

Charming venue, charming owner. Live music schedule

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