Victorian Room

36 W Main St, Bay Shore
(631) 969-3655

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Gina Salerno

Had my sister’s baby shower here today, everything was perfect! Gina was very accommodating & easy to work with! Highly recommend! Thanks for everything xo

Mia Fitz


Mari Sa Anne

My baby shower here was beautiful. We had a brunch and the food was very good !!!!! The owner Gina is amazing and very accommodating as well as her staff. It was absolutely beautiful and I could not ask for a better baby shower !!! I will def have another party here in the very near future. Thank you Gina so much for everything.

Brad Burd

Beautiful place the food is great and Gina is the best


Excellent staff top notch and it’s laid out beautifully. The back yard is laid out excellently and the food was first rate. Easy place to give 5 stars

Ingrid Skidmore

We had my daughter’s communion party here last weekend. The room was very pretty. The staff was friendly, everything ran smoothly. Little details missing, I had requested pink napkins, white napkins were placed on the tables. My daughter had requested macarons for the pastry table, I was told she could have them, absolutely no problem. Those weren’t there either. Minor details, but would have been nice. The food was good, but not great. Drinks were great, not watered down at all. I would definitely have another party here. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

Jennifer King

My mom and bridesmaid had my bridal shower here in 10/28/18. I was blown away by this place. I have no idea about pricing or menu's. But what I can tell you is the place is BEAUTIFUL! There were lanterns everywhere and a beautiful fire place in side. They also had a fire place outside. We fit 50 people in here comfortably. It was a very elegant rustic feel. The food was delicious. Plenty of space for decorations and games. I loved this place!

Jennifer King-Maury

My mom and bridesmaid had my bridal shower here in 10/28/18. I was blown away by this place. I have no idea about pricing or menu's. But what I can tell you is the place is BEAUTIFUL! There were lanterns everywhere and a beautiful fire place in side. They also had a fire place outside. We fit 50 people in here comfortably. It was a very elegant rustic feel. The food was delicious. Plenty of space for decorations and games. I loved this place!

Cool Collected

We had a Church event here and it was great! The service was prompt, the meals were great and the layout was cozy. Parking was an issue though so just give some extra time for that! P.s. They were black topping the parking lot across the street at the time. You can probably park there. Just ask and make sure! ?

Julie Lombardo- Lamberson

Having my daughters baby shower was so perfect. The staff is so on top of things I was able to enjoy the occasion and not worry. The food was a big hit and the cake was raved about by all.

Lesley O.

I was pleasantly surprised with the food and service at the Victorian Room because some of the reviews are not so kind. I went to my friend's baby shower there last week and had a great time and thought the food and service alike were very good. The service was attentive and courteous, the food very tasty and enjoyable. I had short rib which was hearty and robust in rich flavor, penne a la vodka which was creamy and just the right amount of cream, chicken Francese which was thin and tender in a very light lemon sauce. The rigatoni bolognese was awesome and the eggplant rollatini were great!! I also enjoyed their salad with a very delicious balsamic vinaigrette with mozzarella and tomatoes. They served a pink champagne and vodka cocktail that looked like it was going to be so sweet but surprisingly it wasn't, and I enjoyed it immensely. The coffee was fantastic, seriously so good and just what I needed to end a perfect meal and lovely time watching my friend bask in her glory opening up gifts for her baby girl who is on the way. I'd highly recommend the Victorian Room for a baby or bridal shower.

Arnoldo Mejia

Beautiful place to go

Nathaniel Hyland

We had a Church event here and it was great! The service was prompt, the meals were great and the layout was cozy. Parking was an issue though so just give some extra time for that! P.s. They were black topping the parking lot across the street at the time. You can probably park there. Just ask and make sure! 😎

Keri Q.

Was invited and looking forward to going to a baby shower here based on the name of the place. Walked in through the back because we parked in the municipal lot - happy it was Sunday and didn't have to pay to park. Loved the atmosphere outside. Our party was in the small room and I liked the decor. Bellinis on the table, no water or water glasses. Asked for an iced tea which took quite awhile to get. When it came it sat waiting for me by the omelet station! I had to ask my waiter for it and he told me it took so long to come because they had to get it from across the street. It was also sweetened, which I didn't ask for. Waiter disappears. He finally reappears I ask for a glass of water two women at my table ask for Sprite. The beverages come - three Sprites - no water. And so it goes - service terrible, when you could find the waiters - had to ask numerous times for water. I finally asked for a pitcher which they brought but then we didn't have glasses to drink it from. Hors d oeuvres brought around to our table. Charcuterie & Cheese trays on the table - nice Crudités - the baby carrots didn't seem fresh - dried up and turning white. Dishes were taken away and were not replaced with new ones - what were we supposed to eat off of? Plate of wraps and sandwiches brought to the table - I had a turkey cheese sandwich, didn't look or taste appetizing. None of them did. The doughnuts and "pastries" plate looked like mass produced or bulk purchased pastries and possibly Entenmann's donuts! Harvest salad was good, nothing to speak of though. Good thing for the salad bc I was able to eat the unappetizing sandwich and corn muffin/cupcake thing off of my dirty plate. Omelet station - my daughter asked for an egg white omelet and got regular eggs. Coffee watered down. Just a huge disappointment.


Went for a bridal shower and it was great. So quaint with nice decor. Tower of scones and mini sandwiches with teas to start. Pass arounds which were equally yummy. Tower of veggies and dips, cheeses and crackers and if that's not enough omelet station with all the fixings. Cesar salad, assorted wraps and an orzo salad that was out of this world! Great staff too boot too! And just the perfect place for tea!

Kristyne Dorian

Staff was nice. Food needs to improve

Jacqueline Rowe

We had a bridal shower here and the service and food was amazing.

JoAnn A.

Don't bother asking for an off premise catering info..called Lenny 3x..the 1st 2x I was told info would be emailed to was not..called again this morning to say I hadn't received anything..if he didn't want my business he should have simply said so..will not be going there or recommending them! If I could give 1 star I would have just for rudeness.

Rich Rivera

A very nice place. Good quality servoce and friendly staff. I highly recommend this place.

Joe Lienau

Have called and left 5 or 6 messages trying g

John C.

Left much to be desired. Went to Mother's Day brunch here today. Made a reservation for my wife, daughter and I about a week and a half ago at Barn Door 49. They said they were booked but were also serving brunch across the street at The Victorian Room. Everything was great when we arrived, we were seated promptly. The place was very cool, beautiful bar, very cool room. We were very excited to try it and enjoy a nice Mother's Day brunch. So we sat....and sat...and one came to our table, after 10 minutes I asked a waitress who was passing by if anyone had our table she said "oh yes, I think ____ does, I'm sorry can I bring you anything, coffee, water?" We said yes coffee would be great. We waited another 7 minutes or so, still no waiter or waitress. I asked the same waitress that brought us the coffee if we could just go to the buffet and get our food, she said yes. We got up and got our food, when we sat back down the waitress finally showed up, 20 minutes after we had been seated. By this time, the magic is gone. The waitress was nice enough once she arrived, but we were not greeted, told anything about the brunch, she didn't say "happy Mother's Day", asked if we wanted something other than more coffee that the other waitress had already brought us. It was pretty mediocre service at best. When I got the bill the waitress explained to me that gratuity was included in the bill. Now mind you I travel for business every week, I was a waiter and bartender in college, I know how hard waiting tables is. I treat service people with respect and am a very easy customer. Someone brings me the wrong dinner, no problem, I'll take what you brought me and I will still tip well. Even if the service is so-so I still tip 20%. This rubbed me the wrong way, Gratuity included? are you serious? Maybe that's why the waitress could care less about greeting us or providing any form of service other than taking our plates away. Maybe they don't need to provide service because they get tipped anyway, the problem with this strategy is that we will never return and will most certainly not recommend The Victorian room to anyone.

Anthony Bacchi

Great place for any party. Dedicated staff and professional.

Lisa Marie

We had my niece's baby shower at The Victorian Room today. It was such a great experience through and through. Allison was wonderful from the initial visit to book, to the final menu visit, the decoration set up, and until the very end of our party. She answered each and every question we had and was very accommodating to all of our concerns and needs. All of the staff was very attentive and friendly and the food was delicious!!! We couldn't recommend it more. Beautiful room, great staff, and yummy food. Thanks to all....�

Kristyne Jackson

Staff was nice. Food needs to improve

Fatimah H.

Whoever is thinking of booking a party at the Victorian room just don't. Went to make a deposit for my shower and they told me that day was booked. My maid of honor spoke to someone Sunday and called yesterday and today with no answer. I finally talked to someone today and she was like sorry we don't have that day available anymore.

Clement Francis

A wonderful place with excellent staff and food. Parking is a pain. But that's pretty much the whole town.

Jennifer Dowling

I had my daughters christening party there yesterday and it was amazing. The food and service was top notch. I highly recommend planning any party there. Staff was so helpful, pleasant, and professional. Food was out of this world. Prices were fair based on the service we received. Drinks were delish!!!!! Cant thank you all enough.

Amanda Kaufmann

I had my baby shower at the Victorian Room earlier this month and could not have asked for a better experience. The staff was just amazing! Everyone was incredibly accommodating and on top of every request. Allison was wonderful to work with while we were in the planning stages. She was so responsive to all our last minute questions and requests. Lenny was great to work with as well! He was so helpful during our menu planning appointment. When we arrived early to setup on the day of our event, the staff pitched right in to help us. Our guests are still reaching out to say how wonderful the party was, specifically mentioning the delicious food, beautiful room and wonderful service. I highly recommend the Victorian Room!

Caitlin Nofi

My cousin had her engagement party here and it was wonderful. The staff was lovely and accommodating, beautiful atmosphere. Highly recommend.


Attended a wedding brunch, while we were one of the first to arrive (hey, we were trying to avoid other family and wanted to get our seats first!) no one at the restaurant greeted us upon entry. We stood there as others arrived, without any word from the staff - not even a 'we'll be with you in a minute'. It's like they didn't turn on their smiles until the bride and groom arrived. Food was okay. Service during the event wasn't too bad.

Ginny M.

Horrible. The place should be out of business. I booked my daughters bridal shower and the week before the shower my daughter canceled her wedding. I was not concerned about losing the money, although I wanted to be able to give the party to those in need. I found a church that worked with me that I donated the party to. The establishment decided not to make the champagne punch that came with the party and decided not to order the cake. People from the other party were sitting in our room bc they sardined 50 people in a small room. The place smells musty and the floors are uneven. The coffee is watered down and the cookies were stale. Because my party was donated they had their staff focus on the other party. Not many people would donate a party. I wanted to to pay it forward. You would think the establishment would have went the extra mile for people in need for their own reputation. Very rude staff and the room is dirty and dusty. I suggest any other venue but this one.

Ree F.

My mom and sister hosted my bridal shower here in April 2016, and it was wonderful! We were in the smaller room since there were only about 32 guests, but it was just as nice as if it had been in the bigger room, because my mom, sister and friends had been allowed to come a little early to decorate. The food, drinks, coffee and cake were all great (I did not get to eat much of it, but I sampled here and there thanks to my sister, plus several guests informed me), and the staff was attentive and sweet. They did not rush us out in the end even though we were running a little over, and they packed up tons of leftovers for us to bring home. I am very shy and it was a little overwhelming to be the center of attention, but it was a great day, and I really think this was the perfect venue for it.

Amber A.

INCREDIBLE & SAFE SERVICE FOR MY CELIAC DISEASE & MULTIPLE FOOD INTOLERANCES! - Hands down, this has been the MOST normal I have EVER felt at a dining establishment without a single worry in the world. Allison was excellent, from the minute my mom started planning my shower, she made sure EVERY single item of food that would be going into my mouth would be clean and cooked to avoid cross contamination as well as all other food intolerances of mine. She kept my food safe and separate by bringing it our WRAPPED in ceran wrap so I could mingle with guests and open presents during my shower without a worry of crumbs getting onto my plate or cross contamination occurring when I wasn't at my seat. I felt safe and relaxed the ENTIRE time, and everything she did, she made sure was OK with me, even offering to get me separate plates and cutting utensils for my cake and wrapping all my food back up IN FRONT of me, so I didn't have to worry about it going BACK into the kitchen and getting contaminated. ASIDE FROM THE SAFETY AND PRECAUTIONS taken for my food, the food was DELICIOUS - I am gluten free, lactose free, cannot have high fat foods, a lot of oil, onion, garlic, or fried foods, yet STILL all of my safely prepared food was DELICIOUS - the vegetables were fresh, the salad and dressing devine, and my grilled chicken was cooked to perfection. The safety and taste were SPOT on, but she took it to another level with how CUTE the room was decorated and how she plated my cakes and stuff with the decorations my mom had provided. THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER - HANDS DOWN RECOMMENDED!

Melissa D.

Atmosphere: there are two small small party rooms that hold about 50 people, but they really cram everyone in. The space is elegantly decorated and clean. Staff: the servers were very friendly and attentive, but they do not appear too well trained- when asked about certain items some were unsure of ingredients or types of pastries/scones. They kept the tables very clean. Food: the passed hors d'oeuvres were creative and mostly vegetarian with gluten-free options as well, which is nice. A little on the salty side. The brunch buffet had great salads, panini and wraps with vegetarian options, and an omelette station. There were also bagels and pastries. Each table had a tower of scones and small sandwiches. The pastries and scones seemed to be mass produced, so I'm not sure if they are in-house or brought in.

John P.

Horrible experience today wait staff are idiots milk for the coffee was bad wait staff said they didn't have anymore was still eating wait staff clearing table

Ashley K.

Just had my parent's 40th wedding anniversary at The Victorian Room. My husband and I frequent Milk and Sugar and found out that right across the street was their catering room. Upon seeing the room prior to booking, we just fell in love with the ambiance. There are beautiful chandeliers, a beautiful wooden bar, and a fireplace. The room is decorated with candles, wine bottles, and victorian-inspired decor. Lenny who was our caterer, was friendly, helpful, and accessible throughout the process once we had booked the place. The evening went perfectly thanks to our matre'd Anthony who worked collaboratively with us to make sure timing ran smoothly. We did the hor dourves and buffet package. We recommend the roasted potatoes, pasta pomodoro, grilled veggies, eggplant rolatini, and teriyaki salmon. The food was delicious and we got to take home leftovers. The brownies and cookies are delicious too! But more than anything, I cannot rave enough about the staff. Our bartender, Jay, was extremely warm and personable. A worker who was finishing up the party before ours (his name was John) had seen that through the window that my handicapped aunt was struggling to get out of the car and he rushed out to help. We cannot thank the staff enough for being so gracious and helpful throughout the night. I would definitely recommend people to book their parties here. Thanks to them for an evening my parents will never forget!

Catherine P.

I held a baby shower here and it was fabulous! Food, Service, atmosphere, everything was terrific. We had a buffet luncheon and they packed up anything that was left and we brought it home. Everyone raved about the food but was over the top about the Strawberry Shortcake we served (as it is my daughters very favorite) Who would have thought in late November you would be able to get such fresh strawberries. Price was reasonable. My sister-in-law is now thinking about throwing a bridal shower here. You won't be unhappy. Thank you Anthony and staff for making it a memorable event.

Sharon E.

I am still in process of trying to finalize an event. Impossible to reach the coordinator - always too busy to call back . Guess our party isn't big enough to care about. Went to prior shower there where there was not enough seating. Very disappointing cause all I hear is good stuff but this is two months of frustration

Laureen S.

We had my daughter's baby shower here on September 12, 2015. It was a small gathering of about 30 people. I have nothing but good things to say about our event. The food was very good and plentiful, the service was impeccable (thank you Anthony and Amanda (I think) and the rest of the crew) and the price was absolutely manageable. Made-to-order omelets, great sandwiches, really nice salads, plenty of champagne punch and soft drinks (we opted not to have alcohol) and we were able to get in an hour before it started to set up our decorations. I'd also like to acknowledge Lenny, the manager. He was very helpful and available for our questions and various issues. The only reason our experience is not getting 5 stars is because the parking is awful and we all had to run out periodically and move our cars (in a municipal lot!) to avoid being ticketed. Aside from that, the place was great and I highly recommend it as an affordable place to have a really nice occasion.


We hosted my cousin's bridal shower at the Victorian Room on a Sunday afternoon and it was so nice! Thank you so much to the staff, they were so helpful and attentive, and really knew what they were doing. The bridesmaids came in early and decorated the place and some of the staff helped out and even made suggestions on what was typically done. The ledges and walls even had hooks to hang stuff from, they knew what they were doing!Food was great. Had a nice brunch spread of breakfast foods (favorite was the omelette station) and lunch wraps and salads. Brunch cocktails, especially the champagne punch, were sooo good!Thanks again to the staff, I definitely recommend holding any occasion here!