251-05 Jamaica Ave, Queens
(718) 347-1304

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Christine P.

Everytime I come in here everyone is so nice. The lines are sometimes really long, but it's a given at any Starbucks. I'm attached to this Starbucks because i actually spent quite some time here while in nursing school. The tables and chairs are always clean and someone is always cleaning up. The bathroom is also always clean! Huge plus! They also always get my order right!

John Singh

Staff is slow order is never correct. I blame management. Order ahead is always off and such an inconvenience. They always saying short staff yet staff doesn't really put in full potential. When you go is always a long wait makes you just want to go to Dunkin. Half of items advertised there are always out of.

Edwin Naomi

Place needs a little cleaning. We wanted to sit in and sip our coffee but the tables were so dirty, the floors were filth and garbage piled to brim of the disposal area. Now I’m all about having fun at work but… had to remind my server what a venti look like. Otherwise the coffee taste good and the servers were pleasant.

Tommy Li

Lacey is very kind hearted woman. She was the barista that made my cup of coffee and it tasted like it was made out of love. Thank you for making my day.

Brooke Strauss

They never have dragon fruit. No exaggeration on “never”. Lol

Brian Maleh

The worst Starbucks I have probably been to. Waited 20 minutes for my order never came so I walked out because I had to go to work. The manager there should know how to be efficient with the orders that they get especially times when they are not busy

Millene Milani

They are terribly slow. If you are in a hurry, go to a different location.

Soterios Kitsos

Terrible service, staff very slow unorganized and rude.I will NOT recommend this starbucks


Lacey is the best barista there is. She’s quick and efficient and knowledgeable about the products that are available. Thanks Lacey!

Sabrina Presume

I placed an order for this location through Ubereats I called this location multiple times and they don’t answer the phone why have a number to call if you’re not gonna pick up.If I could give 0 stars I would.

Melissa F Mora

Wrong order delivered. When I called the store, no pick up. Called numerous times. Happens pretty consistently at this particular location. Would not recommend and will not be reordering from here

Carissa S.

It baffles me that every single occasion I step foot into this Starbucks and say I will never come back. I have not had a correct order up to date. It is mind boggling that one establishment that I love dearly has let me down. I believe this is in fact THE WORST Starbucks in America. Idk if the staff has hearing issues but something is not adding up. I went in once and ordered the simplest cold brew and almond w no sugar. I instead got an iced coffee with whole milk and a Splash of almond milk and of course Sugar! Idk where I went wrong.

maria maria

It was ok.I most say that needs a lot of cleaning, lots of it.Most get a thorough deep cleaning and more joyful people to greet the customers.But ok.

Raina F.

As much as I love Starbucks and the menu, this location never has any of the drinks. It's disheartening because it's walking distance from me and the staff is wonderful but they're always out of a lot of items on the menu. I'm hoping they can get it together so I can go to my local spot :( I wish them the best of luck

Joel Monserrate

Place was busy but the service was excellent and so was the green tea frappuccinos?

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