Addeo & Sons Bakery

2372 Hughes Ave, Bronx
(718) 367-8316

Recent Reviews


Simply the best Italian bread products in NYC.The store attendants are also The Best.

Marisa H.

Traveled from NJ to Arthur Ave again and again! Well worth the trip everytime. The best!!

Juan Curbelo

Best bread in little Italy.

Zoe D.

It's a very nice bakery with a big selection of Italian pastries I already shopped there twice the chocolate cake that I bought is delicious!

Right now the minimum is $15 on the cc, otherwise you have to pay cash.

Karina B.

The bread here is amazing. I live upstate and work in the city. I always try to pass by and pick up some bread from this place anytime I can.

Eric C.


good-tasting sourdough bread; very freshly-baked; seems to have a good assortment of options; good price too; thought it would be a bit more sour, but perhaps sourdough isn't supposed to be sour at all; one of the many great bakeries in the area

Tracy K.

Bread!  There are TWO Addeo bakeries near each other. One does the primary baking and both sell the product.

When walking down the street a few doors down saw a bigger brightly lit bakery with pale bread. Couldn't gel the image with the belief super Italian bread was near on this street. Then I saw Addeo's window.  

Farrrrr fewer yelp reviews.   But one look and I knew Addeo was the place for bread.

Large dark and seedy please. Three!!

They wrapped them in white paper with string.  One for my best friend in the car. One for my mother.  Alas one for me. On a quiet day like this it almost feels like I should be driving there for bread.  

But it would be a long drive.

Bookmark  this place !!  and get a few large seeded regular Italian to go.


The BEST bread you can ever buy. I started coming here more than 50 years ago with my Grandmother. I still make the trip at least once a week for fresh bread and pizza dough. Bowl of pasta equals one loaf for dipping in the sauce. Best Italian bread for sandwiches.

Anna P.

The Italian loaf with sesame seeds is perfection. That is all.

Wheelchair accessible and the lady behind the counter was wearing a mask properly.

Le Rétoir

Fresh, fresh, fresh, & “homemade” this little bakery offers great breads in the style of a bygone era. Well made, as if your grandma made them. Definitely visit this bakery and try whatever they recommend... part of the experience is it’s low key aesthetic, situated on a quiet sleepy NYC corner. * the cookies are also tasty

Paul Meyer

Best Bread around,,try their lard bread!!!!!!

Leonard Devore

good location! The owner is great!


This is the only place to get REAL Italian bread - you can settle for others or get the real deal!

rich citro

Been going there for 60 years. As good as any bread in Italy!

Valentina Tina

Beyond delicious and all ways fresh baked breads!

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