Burger King

60 Metropolitan Oval, Bronx
(718) 969-7025

Recent Reviews

Muhammad Baaith

Good to have someone else cook.

Tareek Islam

Unprofessional employees. Very poor customer service And dirty, I never see employees wear face musk properly. one employees his name Tuhin always rude with customer.

Worker Sergio

Burger King on Metropolitan Oval has a very nice modern vibe to it, very updated and clean. A fair amount of seats, so you should always be able to find somewhere to sit. Fair staff and good service time, even when it's relatively busy. Even the bathrooms are clean. Nothing wrong here.

mifune vega

Idk who they hired during this pandemic but the service in the morning and early afternoon is slow and poor

Nickolas Harrison

We had an awesome time at this place. We liked the fantastic vibes and the meals. The staff members are very amiable. I’m content we ultimately decided to try this restaurant.

Wilder Oconnell

This restaurant is unquestionably one of the tastiest place to eat in the region. Always when I go there I am profoundly pleased. They hold their high level service and the highest level of meals they serve. You will be always satisfied with this restaurant. Warmly recommended.

Jenee Williams

My children loved all the chicken nuggets for a dollar 49 cents

Avin R

The best burgers of any fast food place.

Ary A.

Came here at 530 PM. Ordered 2 Impossible Burgers. It's 550 PM and still waiting. In the last 20 minutes they gave out 3 orders. There are over 15 people waiting. Watching the employees who seems quite unsure how to read the ticket and put the order in to the bag:( Slow is underestimation. One of the customers started yelling at the workers and the manager "You go to move the line bro!"

Angel Martinez

is a good place eat clean place is not durty place fresh food

Renee Williams

The staff is super friendly, professional an nice, especially Arrona, the woman who took my order. I watched her take care of the other guests and she was pleasant to everyone. My fries and onion rings were fresh and the sandwiches hot with the cheese completely melted. The only issue was the floor needed to be swept. There was to much debris on the floor. There were fries, straw wrappers and napkins everywhere. It's a shame the guest don't clean up the mess they make.

Chris Feliz

Super unhelpful, couldn’t get a coupon to work on their kiosk. Then waited on line for 10 mins for the lady to tell me to go to back to the kiosk and didn’t even offer to help even when I asked. I literally just left. The Popeyes in there still offers good service though.

Danny Marrero

Slow service. Rude employees. Nothing special here. Broken menu monitors and dirty dining area. You can always find a homeless person inside begging for money.

Christopher Martinez

They're trying their best but sometimes you have to really make sure you got your order right

Juan Johnny

They Have Great Customer Service

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