Burger King

2179 White Plains Rd, The Bronx
(347) 491-4083

Recent Reviews

Mark G.

I'll take a BK whooper over a Big Mac any day of the week. I don't want to criticize the workers at this location but service is generally slooow- but kudos to their understaffed workers who try their best.

Stupid Gay Hoe

There's always like 1 person for the cash register and one person making the food so it takes a while to get your order. Sometimes it gets real crowded and there is STILL only one register open. SMH. Otherwise than that the food is good and the staff are pretty friendly and nice.

Wendy Donaghy

Food was ok. Stopped by here to meet a family friend who lives nearby.

G Dog

I love Burger King but this Burger King staff sucks. I can’t tell one good experience I’ve had at this Bk with the staff every single one has no manners and knows how to deal with customers. Went there this morning and it’s the same thing no hospitality or customer service and that’s my complaint. CHANGE YOUR STAFF‼️‼️‼️💪

Christopher Sawyer

The food is typical fast food, but the place inside is gross. Tons of homeless and vagrants hanging out and begging.

Jorge Molina

Good service and good prices

Hector Cruz

This review is just about the service, we already know how good BK is.

Letty V

The service there is usually very slow but today l had a bad experience. They tried to give me old hash browns- hard as rocks. I told them they weren't fresh and they gave me from the next batch coming out. At least they were nice about it but l still don't appreciate them trying to be slick by giving them to me instead of throwing them out.

James W.

I love Burger King. This one is conveniently located near the MTA Pelham Pkwy stop on the 2 train. That's all I got. They are slow no matter what time of day you go in..


Service is extremely slow. Staff aren't the best at hospitality or swiftness. Deals are good tho.

Darianna D.

The employees are HIGHLY DISRESPECTFUL, Especially the manager! My daughter was on the toys and an employee didn't see that I was watching my child from afar and verbally disrespected MY CHILD SAYING SHES TOO BIG TO BE IN THE PLAYROOM ! She ended up crying to me , She's 11 YOU ANIMALS! Disrespecting a child because of their weight is NOT OKAY !!! Hire new people! It's disgusting

Sabrina Drexler

This Burger King On Pelham parkway is my favorite because it’s very convenient being 2 blocks away from my house. I love to get my favorite 12 pc. chicken fries with a large fries. You can always find burger king coupons in the papers and I always take advantage for the great deals!

Miguel Acevedo

Not a bad BK. Unfortunately, they can get busy sometimes. As a result, you have one or two cashiers, and maybe two people in the back. They definitely need a better system. But the food is good and always hot.


I swear this employees here are stuck on stupid. Never get my order correct and always taking more than 30 mins to get my order when there is only like 2 customers. Girl working tonight says oh I'm waiting for your double cheeseburgers after 20 mins of waiting and still hadn't cooked the onion rings that came with my order. The cashier had to. You need to train your employees to provide better customer service or hire new ones.

Justin P.

Why is there only 2 people working? The line is reaching the door and nobody can do anything about it. One cook and a cashier, unbelievable!

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