Burger King

1607 Westchester Ave, Bronx
(347) 297-3524

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I paid for 10 nuggets, they gave me 8... horrible.

Katriel M.

I paid for 10 nuggets, they gave me 8... horrible.It's unfortunate but make sure you count your nuggets before leaving the establishment!

Dario Delgado

I celebrated my graduation today in this great place. I am glad to say that we enjoyed a pleasant evening and the venue was certainly one of the reasons for that strong evening. The waiters participated in a gorgeous way, the cuisine was yummy and my guests were so thrilled. We shall no dout visit again for more celebrations. Thank you very much.

Allan Singer

Just OK , nothing to write home about , u run of the mill Burger King fast food joint ,


Good Service but garbage bins out of control.


Good staff, reasonable wait time, and clean. The food tastes no different than any other Burger King locations in NYC, basically how it should be. Rarely visit the Soundview section of the Bronx, therefore my experience with this one ain't too extensive. Regardless, the staff hasn't been nasty to me.

Edwin Diaz

It's ok for a quick stop.

Geraldine .Perry

Fast service , staff very nice and helpful, CLEAN !!

Corin Perdomo

It's a burger king bathroom is for anyone a little filthy but food is food. Not Terrible

Darrell Leach

One of my preferred places to eat. great location, well organised, and awesome customer service. I highly recommend them!

Elvin Reyes

Had a good bacon egg and cheese croissant it was good.

Brenda Wilson

This place is dirty the servers looks untidy in there uniforms even the lanky manager doesnt pay attention to details the BATHROOM IS ALWAYS DIRTY AND IT IS LOCKED UP THEY NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE CLEANSENESS OF THE RESTAURANT OVERALL THIS RESTAURANT IS HORRIBLE

Vejayatta Kumar

Staff was so rude at the drive tru. I had to tell her dont bother with the order and drove away. If they cant be kind to customers dont do the job.

Gregory White

I like the double bacon cheeseburger, you always can be tempted by fast food.

Madisyn Cruz

They forgot something in my order and there were only 3 people in line and they took 30 minutes to even get the orders... but the app is the best way to order the coupons saved me at least 20 dollars

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