Burger King

1851-59 Bruckner Blvd, Bronx
(718) 931-6773

Recent Reviews

Sulenio Deschamps

Really bad customer service, when going through the drive tru they never let you finish ordering before they're asking you whats else you want and if that would be it. On top of that 8 out of 10 times they get something in the order wrong. So today I decided to go in and have them exchange the whopper Jr witb no cheese that I ask for because they put cheese on it and when I explained the issue with the manager she told me that they had to keep up with a clock, when I explained to her that I understood but that customer service was key over all, she had the audacity to tell me to come inside the store next time instead of using the drive tru. As a customer I should be able to use any method available to place an order that I feel like and still receive the same customer service that is expected when you're buying food from restaurant. Never again. Will I buy from this place I would rather drive an extra 2 miles then deal with such unprofessional management.

Robert Ramos

Great fresh whopper good fast service and my order was complete thank you

Michael Santos

Always great for fast food

Naif Plays

When I show them the app they say I have to order online to get the free mail for kids...

Taty Velazquez

Very nice workers

nicole finegan

I ordered fast food in the drive through and they told me to come inside. I was the only one in the drive through. They are fast but why make me wait or get out of my car to go inside when you can just hand me the bag in the drive through.?

Labiba H.

do you having burger

Jeoff Hammond

Never follow instructions Piss Poor Service

awilda salazar

It's a really nice place theres free parking and also if you want to buy some groceries a few feet away is western beef yummmy

Dawn Ellis

Spicy chicken nuggets love em.

Shelly S.

Worst attitude ever. RUDE. Person at drive through workin on June 10 at 10:30pm had the worst attitude with eye rolling and all to the point where I canceled the order and left. She should not be in customer service.

Pete Rosado

I’m blessing them with a 5 star review for really helping parents out during the Covid-19 pandemic. They were (or maybe still are?) running a promotion of a free kid’s meal with ANY regular price purchase. Like literally you could be buying 99 cent nuggets and get a whole kid’s meal for free. I thought that was really awesome of them because they were undoubtedly going to lose a lot of money on the promo. Outside of that, it’s Burger King....if you like Burger King, they have what they have.

Charles Anthony

With everything going on at this current time you would think that the people working at this location would feed truck drivers who can't drive through the driveway sad that people keeping food shipped can't get a meal

Franklyn Mendez

I like the highway view. The Bruckner Blvd passes by. The parking lot is huge. Service is good.

Joy C.

Burger King is great. This location is not along with their terrible customer service. But again, Burger King is great.

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