Burger King

400 E Tremont Ave, Bronx
(718) 294-7019

Recent Reviews

Elizabeth anne Soto

I love the burgers and union rings

Es Mosa

By far the dirtiest and unfriendliest BK I have ever visited. Food all over the floors, tables dirty. Today's Manager in turn DEC 6, 2019 2:00pm she was so rude I can't cope with her unfriendly face. We go there to get a service and food we paid for to be treated like animals. 0 Stars would rate this particular location. Totally hate it.

Malik Shabazz

My food was cold as soon as they pretty much handed to me. The worst burger king I've ever eaten from. Wish I could give them 0 stars.

Lady Silver

Very nice workers. Always trying to serve the food rapidly as possible.

Flexton Young Jr.

Quick and have it your way at burger king..

Eduard Fuerte

Always needs areas of improvement, staff needs to be more motivated and productive. Is a very small location, however they need to keep it more clean.

Vasiriki Kane

The taco was okay but not what I expected but the whopper made it all better

Melissa Browne

Very upset to know that you guys are being paid to stay open until 11 but you start cleaning everything at 10:30! You have loyal customers that walk from far in the cold. We depend on google which says you close at 11 but really you can?t get a order of fries past 10:30???!!! This is the difference between Manhattan vs the Bronx. I?m curious as to who owns this Burger King y?all need better training seriously.

Delali Kissiedu

It wasn't a bad experience jut that the cashier kept me waiting for 7mins while my coupon was running. The 10 pieces of chicken and 1 large fries wasn't bad, but the chicken didnt taste like how I imagine it to be , Even though it was spiced and all.

cyrus taheri

I was at Popeye s chicken i was trying the chicken sandwich it was good there was no line when i went in. But five minutes later a line was out the door!!!!! And no fries left!!! Dold out???? Would i wait in line for 1/2hour no but a few min yes!

Lala Raines

Spanish manager(Had green shirt) was very rude when my brother bought a drink at popeyes and went to fill at fountain since Ice machine didn't work and she yells at him without saying nicely to use Popeyes machine that they are 2 separate locations and my brother is autistic and got upset at that and ended up not wanting to eat and his whole afternoon is probably ruined now because of this

prince campbell

Pros: Diverse Staff. Good location. Plenty of seating.

pucho nunez

Its resting place for tired and cold addicts both young and old and the bathrooms fine its bs that it dosent work foods alright

Edwin Rivera

Hard to get parking cause they dont have 1

Fatima Irving

Love Popeyes. Staff is nice and pleasant

Albert Guzman

It was delicious do I get a free one

Emmanuel Pope

The Service was Terrible,We were Ignored. Then the Order(Of course)wasn't Correct!

Daisy bad ass bronx

My daughter says it's excellent

Victor Alicea

Impossible burger is the next best thing

Anton Birli

Without a doubt, I like it better than Me D's.

Bree Helme

All of 3 people work at any given time and the soda machine is broken they don't tell you and don't refund you either. Also heavy on the roaches.

george rivera

Popeyes always has wonderful deals....

jairo gomez

Good fast food

David Acevedo

Geat food

Angel Paulino

Good Staff


I dont appreciate the cashier complaining heavily about the previous customer. Very unprofessional. The previous customer was not rude by any means and did not deserve it.

Cecelia Washington

Pancake & steaming hot

wbasijk f hjsf

Horrible smell, guy took out trash will i was eating.

alex boss

They make great tasting food

Niasha Blake

Great fries. I like the fact they took my coupon without an issue.

Antonio Lizardj

Food its always cold old and the employees need to stop talking while making the food. Orders.

M Green

This place is the freakin pits!!!! They open late and close early! This is the 3rd time I have come to get food around 10pm and this horrible Gangbanger w/glasses mansager is screaming they are closed and shutting things down as well is refusing to serve food when thereâ??s way more than two hours left of the restaurant being posted on the door and online hours of operation. Iâ??m so disgusted with the lack of customer service as well as the overall encounter that I have experienced over and over with this sloppy,rude, and. vulgar Person they decided to give the title of supervisor or even manager heâ??s more like something that you would find standing outside of the store nodding off. They must have some type of out of the hood program they are working with to have this foolishness going on. Iâ??m just fed up

Seraph J. Shadowrage

The employees are obnoxiously rude including the managers. But good food.

Olatunde Baba

Good fast food. Location is easy.


Výhodné menu za dobré ceny. Velké porce najíte se + bezedná sklenice. Potuluje se v okolí nÄ?kdy i uvnitÅ? nÄ?kolik bezdomovc?. Restaurace je pár krok? od metra.

Pretty L.

Food was old and nasty. Cashier gave me wrong prices. No were to sit because it was dirty.

Abe F.

BEWARE!!! DON'T GO TO THIS PLACE! THEIR FOOD IS POISONED! Had a coworker that was in the hospital for more then a day because he ate their burger and doctors said that he was food poisoned!!! Would of given no star at all if possible!!!

Hector H.

If you get a salad and want chicken. Get the crispy because the grilled is rubbery when it comes out of microwave.