Cơm Tấm Ninh Kiều

2641 Jerome Ave, Bronx
(718) 450-3833

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Betsy R.

Have been to this place before and after covid. Loved the food both times. Before covid it was absolutely packed and it's understandably less packed at the moment but still good. Waitress was very polite and patient with us and service was quick. We ordered the Bánh mì sandwiches and combo pho. The sandwiches were amazing the bread had the right amount of crunch and the fresh veggies balanced out the hearty meat. Cilantro and jalapeños rounded out the flavor so we will keep ordering this on future visits. The pho was also delectable with the tender noodles and light broth. The bean sprouts give the soup an added crunch for texture and the broth is full of flavor and light consistency. The boba drinks were also really great my favorite is the brown sugar boba so that hit the spot!

Rick S.

This was my first experience with Com Tam Ninh Kieu, an Uber Eats delivery, and while the delivery was fast and competent, the food was very disappointing. I ordered the Summer Roll (Goi Cuon) and the Combination Noodle Salad Bowl (Bun Suong Cha Gio). The Summer Rolls had fresh and tasty contents (shrimp and veggies) but the soft wrappers were incredibly tough and almost impossible to chew. I ordered the Combination Noodle Salad Bowl with a few extra add-ins, I wanted to sample a good variety of the protein toppings. All of them - shrimp, steak, pork chops, chicken, fried roll - were cold, overcooked, tough, and soggy. It seemed like a collection of end-of-week-end-of-night leftovers. I tried a bit of each but simply could not finish dinner. I have a great deal of sympathy for any restaurant that has survived the pandemic in New York City, and I don't enjoy writing negative reviews, but gosh darn it, this was a fairly expensive dinner, I had been looking forward to it with great anticipation, and it was very substandard. It's possible I will give them another try in person in the middle of the business day - perhaps the delivery and the proximity to the end of the evening for them contributed to the quality of my meal. But I'm sorry to say that as of now, my overall impression is not good.

Yanique W

I didn't expect much from the appearance of the restaurant but after the first bite I was conquered by the taste.

Jailani Saksii-Phrommavongxay

Wish the owners were here service is so much more pleasant..coming from a former employee and on going customers .Jailani . Heads up John I brought some family from California they love your garlic sauce with pho

Phil Chow

Great place. So much flavor in all the dishes. The lemongrass comes through in the Bun chicken dish. The Pho Ga was pleasantly flavored with fried garlic which heightened the dish. The crispy shrimp wrap was amazing. Everything came out quickly and perfectly coordinated. Definitely recommend dining in! We even parked right in front on a Thursday evening.

Ruben C.

Small space, food is great though. 1st time there. It was recommended by a friend. The food did not disappoint. Had the fried pork rolls appetizer . Chicken wings were a number one item! No complaints from the beef pho nor the rice bowl . I ate a bahn mi with pork. Pork was great and vegetable were light , crisp, refreshing . Bread was warmed not exactly toasted and was soft ! Wish there was a bit more sauce the pork was cooked in drizzled on the inside of the bread. That's how good it is...

Eric Finkelstein

Wow, I had Com Tam Ninh Kieu (CTNK Rice Special) & Cha Gio (Crispy Spring Roll), both were amazing. The pork in the former was especially flavorful.

Tram Le

The first time when I have lunch in the restaurant everything was perfect. And today is a big disappointed to me when we decide to order lunch from this place through UberEat. The meat is so chewy, tough and not tender at all. The feeling like you eat carton board. It's like the meat from yesterday and they put it in the refrigerator. Even the vermicelli seems old and strange too. My husband couldn't finish the braised pork even that's his favorite Vietnamese dish. And for a local Vietnamese like me I feel upset to waste $50 on this meal. The only things we could eat in this order are chicken wings and a spring roll. I really don't satisfied with my purchase and feel like I waste my appetite today after this meal!!!

Shanti T.

My favorite place for authentic beef pho, summer rolls are always fresh and service is always great in person and or take out.

Morlene C.

Unless you already knew about the Vietnamese and Cambodian population that resettled in the Bronx in the mid '70s, you might be surprised to learn some of the city's best pho shops exist along Jerome Avenue. You hear a lot about banh mi and pho deep in Queens or Southern Brooklyn, but situated just minutes from the New York Botanical Garden is this ode to amazing Vietnamese fare. Fresh summer rolls and piping hot bowls of pho with sprouts and herbs piled high on an accompanying plate can be seen served at pretty much every table. A robust takeout and delivery operation seemed to be in place on a recent Sunday afternoon when I visited, suggesting the buzz about this place hasn't slowed at all in the decade since I graduated college not far from here. About half the tables were occupied in their airy and spacious dining room during my recent visit. My order of fried shrimp wrappers arrived quickly and was my favorite thing we ate that day. The wrapper was made of a thin bean curd skin and deep fried, rendering it really crispy and complementing the umami-laden shrimp filling deliciously. My seafood pho had nice pieces of crab meat, fish balls, and shrimp to eat with each bite of slippery rice noodles. The broth was so flavorful I found myself sneaking more spoonfuls of it long after I felt full. My dining companion found their banh mi equally as satisfying-- I think they might've called it the best they've had in recent memory. This spot is legit. People often speak of Arthur Ave when they think of where to eat near the Bronx Zoo or NYBG and that's all fine and well but they're missing out if they don't venture out just a little bit further for some of the best and most affordable Vietnamese food in the city.

Amy K.

I visited the NYBG on Saturday and stopped by this place on my way back to manhattan. Street parking was available nearby but it took us about 15 min of driving around until we found a spot. The restaurant is pretty small. Very casual, super busy, lots of take-out orders and uber pick-ups. It makes you feel like you've come to the right spot. We ordered the summer roll, pho bo, and com tam ninh kieu (house specials), and ice coffee. The summer roll was very tasty - I have never had the rice paper so chewy! It had a relatively strong mint flavor, but i liked it. Pho bo was awesome! The house special was my least favorite, just because I was unfamilar with many of the stuffs inside the dish. Still, I'm glad that I tried it and I was happy overall.

David Tran

Used to be a good place to eat, kinda disappointed with the visit today especially the Thai tea with bubbles was like a mixture of flour with water.


I have been going here since 2018 after college friends introduced me to it, and have since visited this heaven on Earth place occasionally with my Vietnamese girlfriend. I once lost my promise ring and hadn't return for almost two months. We were approached by a staff member who held the ring in hope that we would return one day. Not only is the food excellent but so is the service from the staff. I ALWAYS leave a big tip, very deserving!

naftali c

Man this place is amazingHad the banh mi for the 3rd timeProbably top 3 in all of NYC

Tyler N.

NEW FAVE SPOT!! I missed the Vietnamese food I would get in the city, but had less chances to get therewith working remotely. Started ordering from here through UberEats and WOW!! The food has so much flavor it's incredible. Best iced coffee, too. It's so much better than the ones I've been to in the city.

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