Casa Della Mozzarella

604 E 187th St, Bronx
(718) 364-3867

Recent Reviews

Charlie Z.

Visited New York and this was an must stop for me! Stir was a lot smaller then what I thought it would be as there is no place to stand. But the sandwiches we ordered were out of this world! Price for four was about $50.00 which is a steal from other restaurants we tried. We drove from Elmhurst to Bronx to get this and I am so pleased!

Sean M.

This place is legendary. This is what you come to Arthur Avenue for. I could write pages about this ace but it really needs to be experienced to be appreciated. From small storefront space come great things. Once you go once you'll keep going back guaranteed.

Susan Falcone Daquino

Incredible as always! Certainly live up to their name!

Sal Ant

Awesome. Not all highly rated stores on Arthur Avenues actually live up to the hype. Casa Mozz definitely does!!! Don't pass up on the parmesan cheese.

Matthew Hanson

Very long wait for a panini sandwich, not worth it given the abundance of alternatives in the neighborhood. Also confused and jumbled entry/exit and ordering system. I love small businesses and this is a very high quality shop, but it comes at a price

Sidney Clark

They're mozzarella cheese is probably the best that I've ever had and from what I heard I heard a lot of stars get theget the mozzarella from them So I feel important keep up the good cheese guys Oh my pizza homemade homemade and it's the bomb


Cool place! Decent choice of Italian products. If you come here for a sandwich (they are definitely worth trying!) - take one with a soft cheese, I liked them much more comparing to others.

Peter Smith

Very good products, just make sure they put the correct products into your bag before you leave,gave me 2 mozzarella when I wanted 2 smoked mozzarella. Oh well ate them and were terrific

Olivia A.

Fire sandwiches (even if you're vegan). They're very accommodating (despite being known for their amazing mozzarella). Was able to substitute mozzarella with olives and fig jam (so good) but it was a little more expensive. I didn't mind though - it was so good and fresh!

Scotty Blaze

Best Mozzarella!!! Always Stop here when I’m Within Distance.

Argenis Gomez

Best mozzarella in New York city, very professional. Fast service #lokixximo

Vinnie 1973

The best! What great Mozzarella and Burrata! That's what I came for and that's what I got and their Mozzarella made it all the way back to Florida where delicious tomatoes met Burrata! Great handmade Mozzarella

Sean McNerney

It's like someone took Italy and jammed it into this store. The best Italian delicacies. It's a little bit of a tight fit for the bigger boned among us but definitely worth squeezing in there and making your selections. I hear some of the best sandwiches can be found here although I haven't been able to test that out myself.....yet.

Giuseppe Paleologo

I have been buying mozzarella from this shop for maybe 15 years, on average once a month. The service is courteous (personnel turnover is low--sign of a well-managed place) and the mozzarella is fresh, tasty, and consistent, which is remarkable for a hand-made fresh product.

Samantha Ryan

If I could I would buy every product in this store. Everything is so tasty!

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