2241 Southern Blvd, Bronx
(718) 220-4946

Recent Reviews

Ivette R

Great service and friendly staff. Come here every morning for my Caramel Swirl Iced Coffee.

Archery Wilde

Always remembers my order.

Cindys Cakes

ALWAYS CLOSING EARLY !!!!!! They Close At 7PM & They Be Closing The Store At 5/6PM

Deborah Wong

Long wait even for mobile order due to one man crew.

Tawana Alvarez

Service is consistent, same server, he deserves a vacation

John Oke

A small place with 8 sits/chairs. Has a parking lot.

Kirsten Griffiths

That Dunkin Donuts sucks. They either don't have the ice cream that is advertised in the window or they just don't have enough varieties of ice cream when you walk in. The other day I went in there and they had no pints.

Liss M

Nice gentleman on the register without me knowing did something nice for me , I think this is the only DD ILL attend from now on he didn’t look like he was having a good day and without me knowing he did that , my days have been unwell and I think he brought a little life back so thank you. This was around 625 @ the one on southern 2/12/20. Whoever you are I hope DD appreciates you! Maybe I’ll ask for his name next time .

kiko skullcity

Good love it

Michelle Medina

Always a pleasure to go into this Dunkin Donuts they are very pleasant.

Reynolds Jones

Always good coffee or tea

Mika Zilt

Fresh donuts


Good services

Joes Alvarez


Sandy Adebiyi

My favorite.. experience there ice latte you will love it

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