Joe's Pizza

3009 Middletown Rd # A, Bronx
(718) 931-3145

Recent Reviews

Solmary Rivera

Best pizza place in the area.Food is delicious the pizza and heroes are amazing.Great service the place is clean.Pick up or delivery always right.I love Joes pizza.

Joy Del Gigante

Honestly the staff is so rude, don’t get me wrong the pizza is good but they make you wait forever for a pie and when you ask about it they get mad at you. If you wanna order and get it quick DONT ORDER FROM THERE. If you are willing to wait 1 hour for pizza then order.

Ashley Leasiolagi

The best pizza in the area. My go to slice is the chicken, bacon and ranch. ?


THE BEST PIZZA EVER besides Louie and Ernie's!!!!!! I would 100% recommend the Margarita pie! IT'S SOOO GOOD!

Oni Galarza (Onikazejin)

Best pizza in the area hands down, their subs are great also they pile on the meat ? Staff is super friendly and respectful.

Oni Galarza

Best pizza in the area hands down, their subs are great also they pile on the meat ? Staff is super friendly and respectful.

John Q.

Truth be told I forgot about Joe's for a while, but I really enjoy Joe's, they make a good quality pie. The Primavera is one of my absolute favorites and a single slice is massive, so 1-2 could satisfy most anyone. The ONLY drawback to Joe's is that they make their marinara on the sweeter side. It's not a problem, so much as something you notice if you are used to a savory sauce. Also, their slices pass the stress test they don't fold under their own weight, and they are still soft yet snappy.

Raffaele Reda

Delicious! Good comfort food. The Nonna pizza is great!

Tamika M.

Excellent pizza. This will be my go to place. The pizza was baked to perfection. The pies has the right amount of toppings, it was cheesy, not too much sauce. Delivery was quick!

Roy Z.

Joe's Pizza you are most certainly fantastic, I had a spectacular experience here yesterday. I have zero complaints fair prices, absolutely worth for what you get. Everything I've tried until now has been terrific. Service was perfect and everyone working here was extremely nice and helpful. Joe's Pizza is a must go, wonderful spot I am so glad to have found.

Thomas C.

I am impressed, Joe's Pizza was definitely fantastic. Was really surprised with the area where this is located. The food selection was very interesting, but Chicken Bacon Ranch Slice was especially excellent. Staff is extremely helpful and will help you with anything. All together I give Joe's Pizza a 10/10, highly recommend.

Steven He

Good pizza. Better than Crosby’s

Tom L.

Pizza is ok. They have a minimum card requirement of $10. Guy behind the counter wouldn't let me use a debit card for $9 order.
In my opinion, there are better options close by. Crosby, Frank's, and Mangia are my usual go to's. Better pizza, and no minimums.

Stanley D.

Joe's Pizza is definitely rather special. Can't wait to try everything off the menu here. Pretty much every thing that we have ordered was extra fresh and yummy. They are very clean and the staff were really courteous. Definitely recommend! Would come again for sure!

Jose Cadiz

Staff were not inviting. Pizza was decent.

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