Terranova Bakery

691 E 187th St, Bronx
(718) 367-6985

Recent Reviews

jeff kovatch

Some of the very best bread I’ve ever had. Ever. And their raviolis are the top all time. Their sauce is excellent too. Be sure to get both sized raviolis

Maria Silva

I when there to buy two hallah bread by order when I received the bread was dry and burn I didn’t enjoy it was bad experience I throw my money away

Sarah H

This shop reminds me of the bakery I grew up with. They bake wonderful bread, and I love their danishes!

Tracy K.

Quintessential New York Italian Bread. More flavor and crunch than others in the area. Go to place when passing through.

If not local get at least three. Some for friends/ family.

Debra A.

I was there yesterday and from the window filled with delicious looking bread I had to go in. I ordered 6 Prosciutto breads .They had just come out of the oven and smelled delicious. Unfortunely when we got home they were just full of grease and not an ounce of Prosciutto in them.
What a BIG disappointment .

Nazeema B.

Not too many COVID options. The cookies I purchased were not fresh which was disappointing. I do not try the bread.

Antoinette C.

Amazing old school breads and pasta Been going since my childhood with my grandfather I'm now 61 and still make trips to satisfy my belly

Mar C.

very friendly service. Great prosciuto bread.

Mr S.

You Love bread, You will Love this place for sure. Everybody Loves bread by the way.

Brian L.

All the breads are awesome here and the women who work behind the counter are super nice. Nobody with an attitude here!

Vicky B.

They have a gold raisin corn meal and semolina bread, excuse me if I am describing it wrong but it's been so long since they've had it on my infrequent trips. Come to think of it, I've probably been protecting my waistline by not going. Completely irresistible. Some of the other items are not the best ever, thus the 4 V's 5 stars.

Elaine D.

My review is for Terranova's pizza dough. If you make pizza at home as I frequently do, finding a quality dough (unless you make your own) can be difficult. I found the dough at Whole Foods. It is well priced at $2.99. My pizza was amazing, owing to the fantastic crust (to say nothing of the toppings). This might very well be the best dough I've used. No surprise coming from the Bronx's Little Italy.

I S.

I can write novels about the house bread. Holy Moly! No wonder this place is such an establishment. Toasted plain it's so delicious but with butter, OMG with butter! It stores best in the fridge. My mom gets it for me two bags at a time and I just eat them whenever a pregnancy craving attacks. It taste really nice with olive oil as well. Can't go wrong with they house bread. I wish you guys many more years of success

Mike A.

A treat in every sense of the word! Fresh bread, fresh pasta and a taste of the old country itself. Don't head to Arthur Avenue without stopping by!

Andrea B.

Loved their prosciutto and black pepper loaf, as well as the plain loaf. Both were a hit with the family! Great flavor and texture! Very fresh ingredients.

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