Estuary at ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina

159 Bridge Park Dr, Brooklyn
(718) 521-6744

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George Hayes

Amazing views and great seafood and steak.

morgane d'Aubert-Simaan

We went last weekend with my husband, this is an amazing place !! The food was delicious, you definitely see that the chef loves his job and that he really wants to satisfy the customer, it s not just about feeding people it's way more, he wants you to appreciate the products and makes your dinner unforgettable ! The cooking was perfect, and the mix of spices was delightful ! The staff therr is also really professional and cares really much , they really want you to have a wonderful time. We had Noha as a waiter and wine specialist, he was really nice and helpful , and his advices were priceless ? I highly recommend that place, and will definitely stop by again ? thank you so much for your kindness !!

Sam Michaels

Try the sea bass! Light, full of flavor, grilled to perfection.

J A A.

Location/view - amazing French fries - greatLobster roll - goodColeslaw - only enough for one bite - tiny - weird :( - I'm angered by this as I love coleslaw Happy to sit outside here, to relax before the pestilence returns to NYC. And by pestilence I mean the tourists, not Covid

Keith K.

In my opinion, the website makes Estuary look a bit more upscale than it actually is. Was initially disappointed in how casual the outdoor dining area appeared; more like a snack bar. However, the location more than makes up for anything else. It's an amazing spot and once you're there you won't want to leave. The real good news is that the food is very good. I had the lobster roll with fries, my friends had steak frites and sea bass. Both liked what they ordered. My lobster roll was excellent. While the food came out in a timely manner, the drinks took forever each time we ordered some. Will I be back? Yes. There aren't many views like this to be had.

Paoloantonio Mezzacapo

Very very good thank you tanks to waiters

Eman M.

I work at a Trauma Center in the Bronx. We were at the epicenter of the COVID tsunami in early April. The CEO of Estuary and the Marina contacted us and wanted to help! They have delivered 3 rounds of amazing dinners for our ER, ICU, Transporters, Security and Respiratory Therapists! 150+ each time. No words. The dinners are fantastic, the crew that delivered them are so appreciative and a huge shout out to Estelle, the CEO, for supporting our safety net hospital. The effect on morale is palpable. Thank you Estuary!!!

Chris Putignano

This place has the best views and outstanding food!

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

This place has pretty good food in one of the oddest interiors I've seen in a while. Apparently, there was a great deal of money spent on this build out but it looks like someone went crazy with all the fixtures and didn't have a clear vision for what the place should look like or maybe they did? We counted at least eight different lighting fixtures. It feels like a sports bar, a diner, and restaurant hotel rolled into one. The view is so incredible they could have kept it super clean and modern. Doilies and placemats? Seems very dated.

Sajal Bhargava

Decided to check this spot out while in Brooklyn Heights. It was a Friday night , we were seated right away. Got a good view to the city from this restaurant. The waiter was super nice and went over the whole menu and suggested a few items. We went with the Cheese Plate , which had variety of cheeses with jam. Also had the Grilled Calamari as the appetizer. For the main course we had the roasted Crystal Valley chicken and the painted Hills ribeye

Sajal B.

Decided to check this spot out while in Brooklyn Heights. It was a Friday night , we were seated right away. Got a good view to the city from this restaurant. The waiter was super nice and went over the whole menu and suggested a few items. We went with the Cheese Plate , which had variety of cheeses with jam. Also had the Grilled Calamari as the appetizer. For the main course we had the roasted Crystal Valley chicken and the painted Hills ribeye , they were both delicious. Presentation was top notch. Ambiance - 10/10 Service - 10/10 Views - Excellent WiFi- Not Sure Large Groups- Yes Parking - Paid Garage around the corner Definitely booking a table for July 4th . Best spot to have dinner watching the fireworks.

Sunil B.

This restaurant was actually pretty good . Came here with my son , he had brought me out . This was in middle of no where , didn't expect it to be this nice . I was truly blown away with the ambiance and the view to the city . Food was amazing Service was top notch

William L.

My partner and I decided to take a break from cooking and head over to the pier for Thanksgiving. We didn't have to wait even though most of the tables were full. The views were stunning, the food was comforting and very obviously made from scratch even the bread! We got the Thanksgiving dinner which was tasty, the turkey was moist, the brussels sprouts were well seasoned, the sweet potato purée was fresh... I appreciate unpretentious food, and this just felt like home. Everybody was so nice, I got the feeling that we had stumbled into a family atmosphere, people seemed to know each other from table to table ends I think that feeling is what will inspire us to come back. Oh yes and the beverages were outstanding I had my fill of mulled wine and I hate to say it might be better than my own! The staff is happy to talk to you about the food, they explained the care that went into the simple syrup in the mulled wine.

Amanda Nicole

Ate here today for the first time for Thanksgiving lunch. I wasn’t disappointed! Service was really great. Pleasant hosts and servers that were attentive and very easy going. The restaurant has such a nice vibe to it. Very classy and upscale, but very relaxed and cozy feeling at the same time. It’s very beautifully decorated and clean. Food was incredible. Very appealing to look at and eat. The food looked like something Gordon Ramsey would cook; I was quite impressed. They also have a nice drink menu and great options to choose from. I personally loved their soup and their fries. Their pecan pie was honestly the best I’ve ever had in my life. Another great thing about this restaurant is they are very kid friendly. Overall a really great place to come with family or friends (or both) and enjoy a wonderful meal. Highly recommend!

Natalie Venus De H.

We decided to eat out for Thanksgiving. Jumped in an Uber and headed out to the pier. I recommend sitting so you can see the cityscape through the windows. the sunset throws colors over the tall grasses of waterfront landscaping (by michael van valkenburgh) it's a special location for sure. You'll want to walk your meal off along the pier afterward. We had The butternut squash soup and foie gras for our appetizer. The foie gras was a creamy duck butter Served with a compote and balsamic. Their bread is made in house, I recommend pairing it with the brioche if you like soft but well toasted and the mini baguettes if you like more crunch. We had both and loved both. The butternut squash was herbaceous and fresh, with moments of curry. It's hard to make a butternut squash complex. I think they did a great job from the garnishing to the layering of flavors. Main courses were the turkey and the filet mignon. The turkey was obviously brined, moist and flavorful, deboned with a good portioning of dark and white meat with demi-glace. The cranberry sauce was simple relish, not jellied. The sweet potato mash was light and airy. The stuffing felt nostalgic. The whole plate was a perfect classic take on Thanksgiving dinner which is hard to find, most places try too hard and add things that shouldn't be there and all of a sudden the nostalgia is gone. The fillet was cooked perfectly rare, (between the foie gras and the filet mignon I'm pretty sure you don't need teeth to have this meal... smooooooth) The mashed potatoes were A good balance of buttery and slightly acidic. And then for dessert we had the pumpkin pie and the pecan pie. The pecan pie was packed with pecans, and the pumpkin pie had a meringue which was really interesting. The cocktails were amazing, we make mulled wine every year and their's was so complex, it was sweet and spicy and The hot toddy was an apple brandy with raw apple cider and spices... Both drinks were just sweet enough but not too sweet, we had seconds and thirds!! The people next to us were enjoying this rare bourbon and we got to smell the bottle! That was fun! I think what I like most about this place is that you can really hang out, either at a table or at the bar, the staff is attentive and interesting. I hear in the summer you can bring your dogs to sit outside, I think it's the only place where you can bring your dogs on the pier. With all the waterfront walking trails it just seems like a cool spot to bring the dogs in the middle of a walk for lunch or for a cocktail. I think we will be bringing our dogs here when the weather gets nice! I can just see it being a cool spot on the water to hang out.

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Estuary at ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina

159 Bridge Park Dr, Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 521-6744