68 Jay Street Bar

68 Jay St, Brooklyn
(718) 260-8207

Recent Reviews

Americo Arabson

Great service, great location and very cool atmosphere. And obviously the cocktails are pretty delicious

Nock Han

It’s ok. It’s won’t be the worst place but never will be a place you spread the word about. It is a dumbo, Williamsburg, thrift shop vibe.

Nahida Ahad

Dark and cute, can get crowded but great drinks and service.

Barisal News

good of friendly people.

Lisa C.

Bartender was extremely rude. Female. Dirty blonde hair. Asked for additional drink to my tab and made a huge scene. Did the same the same thing to my friend. Will not come back.

Dan Cole

Great happy hour but not much else.

Opal H. Bennett

Great Happy Hour.

Tara Quinn

Great little local bar with occasional nice live music. Low key and always fun.

Natalie Torres

Local watering hole in Dumbo. They get some decent live music at 68 Jay.

Joshua H

Good service and range of beers. Nice atmosphere.

brandon weber

The only real locals bar in dumbo. Let’s keep it that way!

Gabriel Flores

This is a great bar. Lots of friendly people. Ni e staff. Good beers and selection of cocktails. If you are into the brooklyn-milenial scene you will love this bar.

T. E.

Quiet and laid back. Nothing exceptional but not bad all around.

Navn Etternavn

4 dollar drafts at happy hour.

Tyler E.

Quiet and laid back. Nothing exceptional but not bad all around.

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