99 Cents Hot Pizza

255 Livingston St, Brooklyn
(718) 802-1942

Recent Reviews

Raquel Simetsky

Great pizza for a dollar


It makes great for me every day

Paulette Cortijo

This Pizza Place is on Livingston Street in Downtown Brooklyn right next to Cookies Department Stores and down the street from IHOP and the Goodwill Store check it out if your in the area for a quick snack, lunch or dinner and the price is budget friendly ???

Gloria Dees

Price was great & The owners was nice every time i have lunch there thank you

Sound Whiz On The Beat

It makes great for me every day

mister wil

#BEST PIZZA; #BEST 0.99C; BEST HOT PIZZ W/BUBBLING CHEESE In Down Town BKLYN. Always fresh and delicious.....????

Wilfredo Morales

They sell good pizza there.


I love it here ??

JoAnne Artates

Regular pizza. Nothing extraordinary. Customer service could be better. A quick fix.

Norman J.

I like this pizza shop .I have been here a few times before and you can't beat there dollar slices .there slices have a decent amount of cheese on it for a buck.i have been 2 a couple of pizza shops that call there slice for $1.50 and it was no cheese just mainly Doug and sauce. No names I will let them remain anonymous at this time. But I think that for a buck there slices are on point. Because now and days a slice of pizza is about $3.50.for a good slice of pizza .there spot is not that big .but you get bang for your buck.i would go back there in the future.

Nicole Sappleton

Way better than the brother pizza for 99 cents a block away. Awesome crust.

Margie Teelucksingh

Great pizza for 1.00, clean place but not enough chair or tables to stay and eat.

Stephen Larstanna

Dollar pizza that tastes great! Its brooklyn fagetaboutit!

Shirelle Harris

They're pizzai is delicious. My Family loves it.

Jozy Poohbear

My first time having $1 slice pizza & it was good!!!

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