Arnor Crepes & Bubble Tea

1113 N Country Rd, Stony Brook
(347) 554-8733

Recent Reviews

Carla Garcia

its an amazing place !! the crepes are so good ! and the icecream too ! i will definitely continue going there !! ?

Rosmery Garcia

The ice cream is delicious and the Boba is the best best store ever ????

Kamila Sianiuts

Good variety of drink, and pretty good creeps specifically the savory ones.

Christina Ku

They're good but very overpriced, in the last year the blt creep went from $7 to $9.50. For this price they should have seating space which they don't.


Excellent service, great selection of teas.

Carmen DeVito

Nutella and strawberry crepe is so good.Big enough for 2 !


So I went here to pick up another online order for a customer. And let me tell you this place smelt like call Jasmine rice. I mean it smelt awful in there. I will not eat from none of these kind of places I don't know how people do it the people in front look like they dig their nose.

Raul Ortiz

They treat customers very very good and the ice cream is delicious

Camella Talbert

I liked the tea the first time now it was just alright. It was missing something ?

Tahmeed Choudhury

Some of the best rose milk tea out there!

Showmick Ahmed

Callled them to make sure what time they close & they said at 8:30. Drove like 45min to get their / arrived at 8:24 and they said they close.

Josenny Torres

I used to love this place because they sold black sesame ice cream, but once the pandemic started they no longer sold it. Kind of a bummer because it was the best thing on the menu. Rare flavor, and have their crepes an extra kick. I’ve asked several times if they will bring it back and they said no. So sad !

Svetlana G

Excellent service. Delicious creeps and bubble tea!!!

Naskar Liam

Paid 20 + dollars for two crepes. Absolutely disgusting. The Crepes had Nutella, Strawberry and banana. Unfortunately the Strawberry and banana were both rotten. The Banana slices were dark Black with a foul taste. The strawberry tasted foul and had bad texture. The Crepe itself was like one big Hard shell. It just crumbled and was super stale when we tried to slice it or chew it. Over all upsetting, was really looking forward to having these crepes only to be let down.

Nicole Bonfield

Try any of the savory crepes and the fruit paradise crepes. The BLT is my favorite savory crepe, try it plain then try it spicy. Very delicious!

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