Bread & Spread

151 Front St, Brooklyn
(718) 625-2220

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Jerica B

Just DELICIOUS and staff are ALWAYS nice and offer tips for some of the best sandwiches I've ever had in my life. So so good

TJ Lee

Got the breakfast sandwich with veggie sausage and red pepper jam. My goodness..SO GOOD ?!! I will be back!!

Love, Noah.

The guys were very nice and really helpful! We just stepped in and they were awesome! Would 1000000 percent come back here to eat again. Much love from Florida!

Alexandra Longo

Really tender and juicy porchetta sandwich! Amazing combination of flavors. The bread has the perfect chew and softness.

Kimberly M.

Flew from FL and stumbled upon Bread and Spread. 110% highly recommend! Kyle’s Killer BLT was a hit for me. Enjoyed every bite of it! If the price is “high”, it was worth every penny.


The sandwiches are really good. I tried la Giardiniera, which was fresh and tasty even if it was missing a bit of salt. I would totally recommend it!

Harris Moten

Get the breakfast sandwich. Just get it, no questions. It’s amazing. I’m mad that I had to share half of it with my wife.

Arsen Akop

I know that pork belly is a fatty cut of meat, but this one is a bit over-fattening.

Jane C.

You can taste the love in every sandwich, and every sandwich is so delicious. I come all the way from eastern Queens just to eat their slightly expensive but definitely worthy sandwiches. Plus, all of the staff are so friendly and accommodating. What's not to love about this place?

G P.

food is a solid 4.0, but giving this place a 5 for the great customer service i experienced, the kale chicken wrap is awesome

Scott L.

Great sandwiches - my husband had a breakfast one and I had the Roasted turkey - outdoor seating - nice area and great friendly staff. They take Apple Pay and we're pretty prompt.

Jessica Zhu

This place has the BEST breakfast sandwiches in the world, and they’re so affordable. One of my favorite things to eat in NYC.

Jason Gilbert

getta the porchetta

Jason Gilbert

getta the porchetta

Cody H.

Arguably the best breakfast sandwich I've ever had. Everything was extremely fresh and tasted amazing. I would highly recommend this spot.

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