Bridge Fresh

68 Jay St #1, Brooklyn
(718) 488-1993

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Quick service at the deli counter

Kimmie Ohh

Quick service at the deli counter

Jay Gamboa

Serve large portions for good prices. One of my favorite spots to go on my lunch break


Unnecessarily expensive! You know, Williamsburg is trendy now!

James S.

This place is gross.. Cats on the food !?!? Cmon. I actually got a quesadilla from there got home opened it up and there was a ball of hair, from the floor, right smack in the middle of my food. Over the top expensive and the general cleanliness of the place is awful. Do yourself a favor and go around the corner to peas and pickles !

Jesse Stephen

Great deli good Chipotle style food

Patrina Huff

Nice place to get a quick breakfast and coffee or sandwich, salad or rice bowl for lunch. Also a good place to shop for day to day items.

Suraj Giri

Wow really good food recommended to try salad and other foods 👍👍

Fi J

Came here as a last stop before home. Music was great, atmosphere was on point, and the bartender (Jesse (Jessie?)) Was wonderful and welcoming. Thank you!

Interstellar Travel LLC

And now they place a surcharbe of 3.99% on credit card purchases under $10.

Dustin Lee

The cheapest option in the neighorhood - $7 salads; sandwiches/Mexican from $6-$8

Dustin Lee

The cheapest option in the neighorhood - $7 salads; sandwiches/Mexican from $6-$8

Kenny C.

Halfway between a grocery store and a deli, but more grocery-y since there's a whole bottom section of the place. Good selection of cheeses. Lots of shelf-stable stuff below as well as produce. There's a sushi counter, a burrito/taco stall, and then the salad/deli section. I went with one of their sandwiches that mentioned chipotle chicken. I thought it would be the chunks of chicken they had in the display, but it was actually sliced cold cuts, which was incredibly disappointing. They should probably specify which sandwiches are hot, and which are cold. Maybe it's my fault for not asking. They also have cold brew and kombucha on tap, so that's nice.

k adel

I guess there rent is probably so expensive they can't afford a real exterminator and need to use several cats in place of a real one . Good luck getting clean sanitary food in this grocery/deli the place reeks of cat excrement. I definitely think more quality options are available in such a pricy neighborhood.

Jacob Levin

Worst deli in New York. You would struggle to find anything wrong with the deli but they have done it. Not only her some food just on edible including my chicken cutlet which was rockhard. They have no food selection of anything a normal person would want to eat. If I had to start fresh I would not bridge for us but it but normal deli fresh.

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