276 Livingston St, Brooklyn
(718) 285-6180

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Juo Gameng

Place where you can have a good cup of coffee in an area/street with nice shops as well. They also provide free Wi-FI.

Seto Jojn

Best coffee in LA by a long shot. Devoción and professional staff. As a lover of coffee it immediately obvious when the baristas know how to properly clean the machine that inevitably gives the coffee a much smoother, silkier finish. Well done!!! ☕️

Anisa A.

Super cute shop, good pastry options and plenty of drink options. Good service and a good amount of seating.

Sofi Khmara

Cute space, but too fancy & expensive. Didn't have chocolate ( I asked for mocha). Got a cappuccino instead. Small cup of cappuccino with oat milk came up to $5.75. They charge $.75 for a milk substitute. Isn't it a time milk substitute should cost the same as cow's milk? Pretty disappointed.

Andrew Holliday

Excellent pour-over coffee in a plant filled oasis, shutting out Downtown Brooklyn perfectly while you’re in there

Chris Orihuela

Try the pour over and great to have a sit down and read! The atmosphere will keep you there

L N C.

An oasis of sorts. Almost out of place in the neighborhood but most welcome. First impression...the place was plush with loads of oversized plants and comfy looking seating. Went during what I considered to be "off-peak" time and the place had 75% of the seats occupied. There was a line of people by the bathroom whom were not patrons. I waited to order by a lady hiding by the register on her phone. She pops up a couple of minutes later and says, "take your time". I think I'm ready to order. Got a cappuccino and chocolate croissant. Both were above average and price was typical of the new Brooklyn. Time it took for the barista to prepare was impeccable. The sugar/milk station afterwards was a mess and the trash was overflowing. The raw sugar container was greasy, which I thought was gross and weird but I digress. 3 stars for the great coffee, pastries and ambiance.

Marley M.

This place is super cozy. I came here to kill time (I thought my yoga class was at 7am but it was actually at 8am lol). The barista was super nice and let me in around 6:55am. I ordered an aromatica which is basically a tea infused w fried fruits. It was delicious! I also like how this place iss super overpriced like most spaces in DTBK. Also, the plants are real!

Julie P.

Chose this spot because it's a roaster and wanted to buy beans to bring home, although the beans could have been marketed better the coffees we purchased were very good. Got both the drip and a latte made with almond milk. Bonus is the decor - lots of greenery!

Sarah T.

Awesome lattes. They have amazing pastries, which I try hard to resist.. Cool space. Its a nice space for "cofficing". The greenery and lots of sunlight makes it a very relaxing space. don't forget your earphones though. The place gets crowded. It can be difficult to find a space to sit, and for good reason. Finding a chair in the center of the greenery is like winning the lottery.

ur local

very cute place. the coffee is great and I also had a chocolate chip cookie which was amazing. it’s really cool that you can get some water for free. I would definitely recommend this place !!!!!

James H.

Daniel and Ana are a trip. Love this place! So fun. So good. Great snacks and cold brews

Robert R.

I was intrigued by this place having noticed the beautiful interior during my morning commute. Unfortunately though this place has little to offer besides its aesthetics. The staff is bitchy and honestly they just look sad and unhappy to be here. I asked what one of the pastries was in the case and just got a blunt "I don't know". I've never heard that before in a coffee shop. This place could also accommodate way more seating. I wound up drinking my cold brew on a bench with a tiny stool as a table. All in all the coffee was decent so if you're just looking for a quick grab and go this place fine...but if you're looking for a relaxing, enjoyable experience definitely skip Devoción.

Amundson Martin

Great coffee cafe. Great services. Interior was beautiful.

Maria Lucero

The interior is so beautiful and very calming! Especially sitting near the plants, makes it feel more intimate and perfect for concentrating. The coffee tastes great as well! The barista recommended the carrot cake and I was not disappointed! ??❤

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