Fulton Hall

250 Ashland Pl, Brooklyn
(718) 673-6740

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Christina A.

We held a small event with after work drinks for our company and were very pleased. Tali and the events team were extremely communicative, the Management was very helpful day of. Food, drinks were great and the event lead up was very organized. We'd happy return there for another corporate function.

Nery A.

I came here because I was early for an event so I ordered a drink from the Happy Hour menu in order to kill time. I got a ginger mule for $10. You get your money's worth if you are trying to get drunk because it was super strong. I was afraid of going to my event tipsy so I only drank half of it. The place has great outdoor seating and since the weather was nice, I chilled out there with my ginger mule. The service was quick and friendly. The waitress attended me immediately and was accommodating when I told her that I had to leave in 30 minutes. She gave me the bill right away so I wouldn't have to worry about leaving on time.I plan on going back another day to try out their hamburger because they had a Happy Hour special that I would love to try. Plus, the hamburgers smelled so delicious so I left with a craving for it.

Amanda M.

Great happy hour, nice open space, only 2 unisex single restrooms though which makes a quick piss kinda tricky... The service was quick and friendly, I'd definitely recommend fulton hall more for some drinks than a sit down meal.

Cal Jones

Sports bar that has a patron friendly ambiance with a cool kinda vibe. Gotta add... good apps on the menu, outdoor seating, and there's a pool table. My new hangout spot in the heart of downtown Brooklyn. Live jazz would make it perfect.

Suresh D.

I came in here for a few drinks after Brooklyn Tech Homecoming Saturday day event at the school.I decided on rum and asked for Bacardi and Coke. They didn't have it. I was offered Myers. I've never had it so but I've heard of it so I decided on that with Coke.My drink was prepared and given to me quickly as the bar wasn't busy and the tables didn't look tooo full either. It was a pretty good strength which I prefer.I stayed for 2 more rounds. Since I've never been here before I asked how to get back to the C train. The bartender pointed me in the right direction.

Lori K

Went there last weekend with a couple of friends and the ambiance was really nice. It’s a large place with a pool table in the back. Food was great and the bartender (Alex I think his name is?) was friendly and knowledgeable. I’ll definitely go back when I’m in the area!

Jeremiah Martin

Fulton Hall is great! I worked with them to coordinate an event in their space and they could not have been more easy to work with. The space is a lot of fun and the food was incredible. I would highly recommend them for a happy hour or even just grabbing a drink with friends.

Ange C.

We had a super time connecting with alumni and classmates from my alma mater this week! We had appetizers and from all of us- we were blown away with how great the food was!Mozzarella sticks, sliders, Buffalo cauliflower

Ludovic Juin

Nice place to have a drink. That being said, the food was not good at all I ordered garlic and parmesan wings. In the plate no parmesan, just a lot of parsley and a small amount of garlic. They were the worst I have ever had. And the buns of the burger were so industrial. Not tasty at all. Service was great though.

Alex G

I would've loved to have given Fulton Hall at least four stars but unfortunately the service was a bit lackluster. The waiter was friendly but he kept forgetting about us and our order a handful of times. In addition, the check was wrong at the end and needed to adjustmentWith that being said, the food was decent and the ambience is great. It's a large place and walking distance to Barclay's.I'll consider giving this place another shot one day.

Zenek Ramirez

I love this bar. David P. is who initially made me return to the bar, and I’m glad I did because I met the most welcoming and attentive bartenders. Fulton hall is a place to unwind, make new friends, and enjoy time with old friends, too! Thank you to the manager, Ian, for your hospitality. Definitely come through!!!!

Samira Rahman

Reserved tables for 30 people and the booking was so easy, staff was very accommodating via email. Ordered from the group menu and everything came out on time and was great bar food. Everyone had a great time!

Adam Kirschenbaum

Sports bar with high ceilings, lots of natural light, and clean restrooms. Good burgers too.

Millicent L.

Fulton Hall had such a great vibe. Went here for the first time to watch the Lakers vs BK Nets game. Service was good and the food wasn't bad.. I would say a step above typical bar food. I ordered the steak sandwich. Didn't really enjoy it that much because it had one very little piece of steak in it and a whole lot of bread... couldn't even taste the steak in it. Definitely wouldn't order that again. However my friends liked their food.. chicken tenders, Mac & cheese, tater tots etc. They enjoyed it. I would come back here but I'd be more selective on what I order. They're reasonably priced and have happy hour until 7p.


A little rustic vibe. Only had the steak sandwich and the ginger mule. They were both good. I would visit again..

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