George & Jack's Tap Room

103 Berry St, Brooklyn
(212) 555-1212

Recent Reviews

Eliza C.

Do not visit this crappy bar. The bouncer decided to bully us last night because he "didn't like the sound" one of our friends made. I think he made some kind of beeping noise be while he was telling a story? Didn't realize that was against the rules. The bartenders didn't stick up for us even though we had all been good customers all night. The bouncer kicked our friend out after we all just got drinks. Then as he was leaving he came outside to harass our friend on the sidewalk. I told him it's not his place to say anything to our friend on the sidewalk, he's not incharge of the sidewalk. Then he got mad and didn't let the rest of our friends inside finish their drinks out of spite. Essentially stole from us. The entire bar is run by people on an ego trip. Lol the kind of people that get an ego trip bullying people at the shittiest dive bar in the neighborhood. If you want to hang out with those types of pathetic people, this is the bar for you!

Jeremy Dahm

Just a good ole bar... I dig it

Jay Tall

Fun place with great people

Patrick Bousfield

Great bar. A must see/go spot in Williamsburg

Joe H.

George and Jacks is becoming my favorite bar in this area. Service is always friendly and attentive. It has a very chill vibe that's dog friendly. There's also free popcorn with the option to sprinkle a lil old bay on top. I'm a big fan and I'm impressed that some think otherwise.

Jared Singer

Going back as soon as i can. Friendly, cheap, all around blast of a time.

Kyuwon Lee

What a cozy, relaxing and feeling-at-home place to spend your afternoon. The bartender is very nice. A variety of tap beer choices at reasonable prices. I see myself making another stop in the near future.

Allison Elizabeth

Self serve popcorn and cheap drinks during happy hour!

Patrick Miller

Juke box jams and cheap brews

Elizabeth P.

Pub like bar with games. Great is you're bar hopping. Good place for small group of friends gathering around. Not a fan of the music (hard core rock) but there are fans and for them immure is great. They have arcade games.

Rowan Pritchard

Relaxed bar with heaps of beer choice. Good 10 year throwback to when Willyburg was still hipster (not trendy-trash).

Sky J.

Girl bartender is not good, sat there for 10 minutes last night and she was no where to be found, then another 10 for her to even ask what drink id like.. also we felt like she had a big attitude to. Sorry to say.

J Pro

Good beer options. Reasonable prices. Friendly bar stuff. In the back there is also an old fashioned jukebox. I think I played 5 songs for one dollar. There is a little dance floor so people get to dance there a bit as well.

peder hollinghurst

Great drink, music, free popcorn and the ghost of my last serious relationship

Chunjai K.

I found another dog friendly place in Williamsburgh. There is no backyard but the place is still cool. It was Saturday afternoon and more people start to coming. I enjoyed a glass of mimosa and my dog also gad a great time with another customer. It would be nice if I have friends come to join me but some times when no one available I just have to enjoy with myself.

Sara Kearney

loved the beer selection here! such a good spot to have a beer

Vikram Kedar

Super friendly staff.

Robert B.

Really solid bar if you find yourself near the Bedford stop and want something slightly off the beaten path. Solid beer selection, reasonable prices. Friendly staff. Amazing music (if you like 70s and 80s stuff). Often times easy to get a seat. I've taken jaded friends here who absolutely hate what this neighborhood has turned into over the years, and they have all ended up having a good time - about the best compliment I could give.

Paul Spang

There was one bartender serving a mob of people and she rocked it. Also, there's a nice selection of drafts and good prices on drinks

Edward Rodriguez

Not as awesome as they use to be with their game - room services. For me, George & Jacks' was all about their Pinball and Darts. No longer do I look at them for that manner

Mart Klein Robbenhaar

Great beer, great prices, good bartender.

Rose L.

Had the best time tonight! The bartenders are amazing and make great drinks! Alex is so great, i would definitely recommend going on a Tuesday when he's there! Had a crazy group of drunk Australian tourist come in and they were being super rude and obnoxious but he was so chill! As a fellow service industry girl, definitely appreciated his professionalism. Would def come back here, drinks are Fire

Rachel C.

Hands down my favorite bar EVER! Drinks are cheap (I'm partial to the Rose/tequila shot special), they have the best free popcorn, and you can't beat picking your own tunes on the juke box! I love this place.

Phonphan D

Great beer & free popcorn 🍻

Sandra B.

Nice dive bar. OK sazerac. OK beer selections. Would go back on a weekend night.

Simon Cheadle

Laid back bar with cool interior. Help yourself to popcorn at the back.

Jesse Wood

Great beer on tap, free popcorn and dogs running around. If you like any of these options stop in you will not be disappointed.

Peter Beklian

Great selection tap beer , bartenders playlist a hit , atmosphere great for day time drinking.

Sam M.

Always looking for a casual bar that has board games to play, I was excited when I saw a scrabble box in the window. This spot has a lot going for it, lots of space, large beer selection, (mostly) friendly staff, dog friendly, free popcorn, and tons of games to pick from. Seems to have lots of regulars (always a good sign). However, my friend and I were made very uncomfortable by a group of guys loudly using homophobic slurs and other predatory talk. Now I know it is not the bartenders job to police peoples conversations, but I was disappointed when I realized that one of the bartenders was clearly friends with this particular group of guys and also engaged in their loud, gross conversation. I'm not saying you shouldn't go here because of one bartenders group of homophobic and creepy friends- but it definitely will make me pause before coming here again.

Juan Pablo Baene

Cool place, nice people and very good service. I am not sure if the music machine works or just takes your money. But let's be clear, there's always good music.

Mr. Smith

Those CHILDREN of bartenders with their entitled bratty doo-doo trash attitudes make this place unbearable!!! Mainly this little girl with little big glasses (and a chubbier one with tattoos all over). She is the epitome of brat child. On her phone and you have to ask for her, takes her time, AND has an attitude. I ATTEMPTED to resolve a situation in which I left my tab over night and they added extra drinks on it. I bought 4 drinks and they charged me for 10!!!!

Lauren Tomlinson

Awesome dukebox, free popcorn machine and generally an awesome dive bar. Bring ID with you.

Mikey M.

Almost stopped at my old stomping grounds; Teddy's but I saw this bear in the window behind the bar and had to stop in. My contact fell out at the other bar and the bartender at g & j grabbed his phone and put it in selfie mode so I didn't have to go in the bathroom. Was a bit distraught but that rosé cider on tap sure helped. Looking forward to coming back to the only bar in this area that would do that.

Lauren C.

A great beer bar! Their draft list is fairly extensive (~20 beers on a given night) and rotates frequently. The prices are also reasonable. The atmosphere is also nice - always well attended, but seldom so crowded that you can't find a seat. The popcorn machine in the back was the perfect finishing touch.

Michael Dean

Awesome bar! Great people, great music, great beer..... What more could you ask for in life!!

Steve A.

It's a pretty good bar. Sure it's located around lots of gentrified crap. They seem to have been there awhile. Good beer and cocktails. Prices are about what you expect from a Williamsburg dive bar, not cheap but cheaper than newer places. I had the one cocktail that was like an old fashioned. It's about $10 for a glass. This is pretty good in hot weather. It's refreshing and it also gives you a buzz. The drinks include lots of beers on tap. Many local favorites like the Brooklyn Brewery. The food menu didn't impress me. This bar has a pretty good atmosphere. People here seem laid back. There's not as many uppity hipsters discussing Instagram.

Rodrigo Lozano

Best bar by far

Melissa F.

I frequent the Bedford Ave area very often when going out and was starting to get bored of the same ol' bars. So after doing some searching and investigating I stumbled on George & Jacks. It's a chill bar with all the fundamentals - a good selection of beer, $3 wells during happy hour, and popcorn with Old Bay seasoning. You can play some fun bar board games AND theres usually a dog or two chilling with their owners. It has a kinda divey vibe with sawdust on the floor and minimal lighting, but it's never too crowded and the bartenders are friendly and attentive. This is a sort of hidden gem in the area and is quickly becoming my new hangout.

Ally M

The best neighborhood bar. Not expensive and free popcorn! We have met the owners a few times, such great guys. The staff is bartenders are helpful and friendly. Go to bar in burg

Frank A.

I was here the other day with a friend when a seemingly lost dog walked in and had a seat at the bar. Place always smells of popcorn. Four stars.