2244 Church Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 287-4467

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Carlleen Wilson

I called a million times no one answered, when I got there it was only one person working, he had to do everything, I knocked and knocked 5 minutes before he came, I can't remember his name but he was a good worker, do better not because I hop is on church ave that doesn't mean you have to treat us like we don't matter

Redginald Randolph

They have a great deal every day from 2pm to 10pm and the food is great!!!!?this was yesterday when we went

Steve Watkins

Really enjoyed this sweet quarantine spot. From the moment we called, till the time we picked up our food, the customer service was exceptional (i'm big on good customer service).

David Carpenter

I like this place, it has delicious food, large portions and polite waiters.

Carrie Watts

Good Food

Marisela Flores

It can be a hit or miss. We went on Halloween during the afternoon it was about 6 tables only seated of course spread out to maintain social distance. I haven't had ihop since the 1st day of quarantine. The server Corey was really cool and I didn't hear my dad complain once (he's a cook so he thinks he's a food critic). I felt that the food was really good.

Ernest Morell Sr

Okay, it's IHOP! That why there's the high rating. But on the other hand, the waiting and waiting and waiting everywhere you go, there's the waiting and the lack of the word Expedite? Seems to have taken on another meaning ...very few places you go to now a days where you can receive speedy services, especially in some of the more popular shopping malls and fast food restaurants . It seems as if the pandemic has an effect on everything and everyone .

Jesus Vincent DeInnocentiis

To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. While the store look a little narrow from the street it was deep on the inside with lots of seating and space for social distancing. IHOP was suprisingly clean did not look run down. The food was decent and the waiter was superb, he was patient and explained the different menu options, we appreciated the information, I would definitely come back again.

Mynor Escobar

Great place, Great Attitude from the employees, Best of All was the breakfast.

Vicki morales

Great restaurant. Good food and good staff.

Manuel Figueroa

I love this place! Everything they serve is of great quality. My favorite item are their Swedish crepes with dulce de leche/caramel sauce. Ashley who is one of the managers is one of the most professional and sweetest person I have ever met in my life! She is very kind and goes a 10,000 miles above to please your needs as a customer!

Jack Drake

Would surely recommend trying out this place. Exceptional atmosphere, tasty dishes, good service. Keep up the good work.

Tiffany Robinson

This is the second time that I had to order that was wrong the first time I had to order it it was cold this order they totally brought me somebody else's order and didn't want to send my food out even though it was already ready they wanted me to pay for it again if you sit in the restaurant everything is fine ordering from IHOP is horrible

Suki C.

I love IHOP specifically for their blueberry pancakes! When we want pancakes and do not feel like making them we come to this location, usually ordering online and picking it up. Pre-Covid, the wait to pick up sometimes can stretch from 20 mins to close to 45 mins so I learned to place the order and set pick up time to the soonest time available as there is probably additional wait time to that. I came to pick up breakfast on Fathers day and since theres no indoor seating, I suspected that a lot of people were going to order for pickup. Between people ordering in person, online or through delivery services, I was positive the wait time was going to be longer than usual so from the time I ordered, I gave it at least 40 minutes before heading over to pick up the food. We had to line up whether you were ordering in person, picking up or whatever but luckily for me, my order was ready when I gave the name for pickup! I did hear a lot of people complaining they've waited over an hour (these were the folks who probably ordered in person). Anyway, their pancakes are always very fluffy and I love my blueberry compote on top!

Daphne Amy

Ever since I was a little kid I've been going to IHOP so many time I last went to IHOP all my gosh it was good I like how they have a vegetarian menu as well you know as as they always have been doing they cater to everyone whether you're vegetarian or not and the food is excellent I never got sick sick or allergies I don't know what are they doing to make it's so excellent like that they should keep it up and don't change

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