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Tiffany Robinson

This is the second time that I had to order that was wrong the first time I had to order it it was cold this order they totally brought me somebody else's order and didn't want to send my food out even though it was already ready they wanted me to pay for it again if you sit in the restaurant everything is fine ordering from IHOP is horrible

Suki C.

I love IHOP specifically for their blueberry pancakes! When we want pancakes and do not feel like making them we come to this location, usually ordering online and picking it up. Pre-Covid, the wait to pick up sometimes can stretch from 20 mins to close to 45 mins so I learned to place the order and set pick up time to the soonest time available as there is probably additional wait time to that. I came to pick up breakfast on Fathers day and since theres no indoor seating, I suspected that a lot of people were going to order for pickup. Between people ordering in person, online or through delivery services, I was positive the wait time was going to be longer than usual so from the time I ordered, I gave it at least 40 minutes before heading over to pick up the food. We had to line up whether you were ordering in person, picking up or whatever but luckily for me, my order was ready when I gave the name for pickup! I did hear a lot of people complaining they've waited over an hour (these were the folks who probably ordered in person). Anyway, their pancakes are always very fluffy and I love my blueberry compote on top!

Daphne Amy

Ever since I was a little kid I've been going to IHOP so many time I last went to IHOP all my gosh it was good I like how they have a vegetarian menu as well you know as as they always have been doing they cater to everyone whether you're vegetarian or not and the food is excellent I never got sick sick or allergies I don't know what are they doing to make it's so excellent like that they should keep it up and don't change

Jonathan V.

I've never had a problem at this specific IHOP but today's staff deserves the acknowledgement! First off Anique is an amazing employee and deserves her manager position. Saturday morning take out could've been a disaster but this lady treated me not only as a customer but as a human! From my phone conversation to questions in person to speaking about the outrageous Pandemic we're facing, she was totally friendly and knowledgeable. Even when the machines wouldn't accept debit/credit payments none of the staff lost their cool even with customers getting antsy. A+

Carolyn P.

The absolute worst ihop location ever .. if I were u I would save my time ... Anyways it's my daughter birthday and we decided to get breakfast at ihop before school,the school is jus around the corner from there .They open at 7 jus as all the other locations .. we show up at 7:10 doors open so we walked in .. there is no one at the front to greet u .. which is ok because it's early ... some one comes about a minute later and says that there "are no cooks in the kitchen , the cooks have not showed up yet ".. I could not believe it .. then proceeds to say " and when they show up it will take at least half hour to set up".. I was stunned .. not a we apologize not a would u like to wait .. nothing .. she said what she said and turned her back and went away ...this is why whatever I need done and I can go to manhattan that's where I would go .. local places are THE WORST .. I've heard about this place and the unprofessional behavior but it hits differently when u the one experience if it .. u have a business and at opening time there are no cooks in the kitchen and this is ok for the manager there ??? Unbelievable.. save your time and try another location .......

Brian Alexander

I was a fan of IHOP until learning they allow animals to be horribly mistreated for their restaurants. Some many other chains have adopted the Better Chicken Commitment, but not IHOP. I won't eat at this IHOP or any other until they do.

Maha Bazzi-Magee

I can’t believe that IHOP still allows the worst forms of chicken cruelty. When will you adopt the Better Chicken Commitment like so many of your competitors have?

Andres R.

Food was amazing and good. Staff try thier best to keep you satisfied. Everything came in a good timely manner.

Nerissa Jodhan

Great service, fast and courteous.....and everyone is very pleasant!

Tricia Ashton

They are extremely slow. Don’t waste your time. I waited for 45 minutes and still never got my meal. And when I walked out, they wanted me to pay for a drink that I never touched. Terrible service. Left and went to Ralph Ave location and was seated in less that a minute and my food was on the table 11 minutes after. And they were busy.

Estralda T.

Although this branch is in my neighborhood, I visited once midmorning and wasn't impressed. What did I do wrong? I came midmorning... on a Saturday. So i got here at 7:05am today. One other family beat me to the punch. I must say, service was mucho excellente!! Although he was the only one, Mr. Luigi (he says "just Luigi") was on point. My son ordered the Split Decision which comes with unlimited pancakes and the Tropical Island Twist (unlimites refills). I had the sirloin tips (photo). First time ever - never had to ask for a refill. They just kept coming. Even when he realized my son was done eating , voila he brought a container for the left overs. Best service ever Luigi! And we were not the only table. There were about 5 tables in a few minutes and he moved effortlessly between us all. So Luigi took our orders at 7:11am. Our food was at our table at 7:21am. My son was more suprised than me. The food was also on point! I don't like the texture of mushrooms, but I sure did have a few cause the flavor was soooooo goooood. The onion rings were fresh, the corn was crisp. Kudos to the kitchen! I will return... on Saturday mornings... at 7am!

Chris T.

January 16th, at 10 AM my visit took place - Food was good, until I found a huge weave in my entire stack of pancakes...

Ursula Stprix

I asked to make sure my chicken was done, man no complain there

Jeanine Perez

Really nice servers...but slow service!

Chev D.

This is by far THE WORST ihop I've ever been to. Actually one of the worst dining experiences I've encountered. From the service to the food all around awful. And the utensils looked like they were snatched off another table after other guests finished using them. Had to ask for new utensils and had to keep asking the waitress to bring things like honey and lemon for tea. Ugh. I got sick (literally) after eating at this ihop. Never again!!

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