2101 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 251-2262

Recent Reviews

Mike Bo

I found a roughly 4 or 5 inch dark colored hair in my meal, sadly, that took place at the end of my meal. I notified the server and still paid my entire bill (tip as well)!

Robert Parson

Centrally located, old structures, very good food, cooks do a very good job. The service depends on the server, some are much better than others but all are decent. Ample parking and lots of additional shopping nearby. However be aware that the driveway nearest the restaurant is very busy, some drivers are a bit careless with the accelerator. And some of the parking space are awkwardly configured. Safety first.

Marlene N.

My experience was great. My server, I believe her name was Jacqueli (sorry if that's wrong), was very kind and friendly. My food came out in a timely manner and it was delicious. The presentation was great which was pleasant surprise. It was busy at the time, so it took a while for my credit card to be picked up for payment but another server offered her assistance. Wonderful service overall.

Jesus Vincent DeInnocentiis

Today was a slow day at the restaurant. And as luck would have it. It was the best service I ever got. My kids loved it, all you can eat pancakes, we only did one extra serving, but it was great. Best waitress ever.

Christine Holahan

Best pancakes, bacon and coffee. Our waitress was so nice.

Tricia Ashton

They are always on point here. They get you seated fast and the food comes on time. Love it here. And there is an IHOP closer to my house (Church Avenue) but there is no comparison. I drive all the way here for the service.

Khristie Campo

Very packed but provided great customer service... they should expand the small store to accommodate more people

Steve Belizaire

Servers were very nice. Food was delicious. no headache over parking. Will definitely visit again


Ordered online for pick up. Got to this location and they said order is not ready yet. Waited for 40 mins just to be told they gave somebody else my order because " he said it was his!" Who trains the people at the front? If you can't look at a receipt and match order #'s or items. Beware when you get here the people in the front are lost!!! Be prepared to waste your precious time!!!

Ilana Z.

Just like any other iHop. Our waitress was nice enough to take back my iced coffee since they come premade with sugar inside and I didn't know that. The chocolate chip pancakes and the nutty oatmeal ones were delicious! Extra sausage was not worth $4.95 though.

Beverly G.

IHOP is always good. I ordered the 2x2x2. Pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausage. My favorite is the Smokehouse combo with blueberry syrup. Customer Service is always a winner.

Mr. Shillington

It's been a while since my last visit and a lot has changed in terms of new management. Still, the quality of service has not changed neither has the taste of the food. It's was outstanding. I give three stars because of the unisex bathroom use a blower for wet hands rather than paper towels. It apparently a old blower because it only blows cold air, so it take a longer time to dry your hands, if you can get it to work.

Jerome Henry

The food waiting to be delivered to customers sits close to the entrance to the dining area and customers walking in would often speak over the food ( ). Also, long wait times to be seated

Sammy J

Staff was friendly, food was good, didn't have a long wait as sometimes they are packed. Overall it was good

Diana G

My family comes here once a month for family night. The kids always pick the one in Georgetown! Its definitely not as modern looking as others but I love how friendly the staff is and maybe it's all in my head but I think that there food is better than other locations that I've been to. If you are in the area give them a try.

Lici G

Always a pleasure...me and my guest looked uncomfortable in our seats (little booth) and the waitress offer us the opportunity to change our seat to a bigger booth. Our meals came at a timely manner. Was also able to use a 20% coupon emailed to me for this location. Went early morning, no wait.


Classic comfort food for those who don't mind the high calorie content. Place is clean and service is fast and pleasant. Basic.

Paris S.

Bunch of incompetent idiots who lack common knowledge on customer service. Order something from this location and they will guarantee to Fu*k it up! They'll send you waffle and pancakes without any syrup or butter. Your steak order will be missing potatoes. If you think they will give you forks, knives, and napkins in the bag you're better off standing around waiting for 1 million dollars to drop out of the sky. They literally fu*ked up our entire order and the sad part is they weren't even crowded. The place was empty. Everyone is sick of their sh!t at this location from the neighborhood. Fire everyone! Start fresh with employees who actually want to be at work, and who can provide customer service. If we can't get proper customer service then this location needs to be closed down, and another restaurant should supersede. One that will actually give us what we ordered and paid for.

Elnorse Doyle

We have been to IHop several times but today was awful. We got tough cold bacon, pancakes so cold butter did not melt n we left cold butter on them. Hash browns cold n hard. I sent my pancakes back but my husband left his on plate. I will not go back to the one on Ralph Ave.

Sundae Sundae

Always get the same small table. Other than that the food is good, service is always pleasant

Renee Mclennon

You have to wait for 15 minutes or more to be seated, and wait for another 15 minutes or more for someone to take your order. This I Hop needs only one person to deal with seating the customers. Then leave the waiter's in the area to deal with orders.

P S.

The place became dirty and disrespectful. Stop wasting your time on Sundays

Janis Fowler

It was only the pancakes. They were horrible. Definitely do not taste good anymore. Will not buy them again. Each time I buy them they are worse than the previous ones.

Monifah Henry

Wow this IHOP location really fell off. Server was kinda rude she walked away while we were still ordering. Didn't tell us the drink machine was broken when we sat down. She told us after we ordered. "MAY I HAVE A TROPICAL SPLASH" we don't have that!! Ok a coke we don't have that all we have is water, apple or orange juice and we don't have any ice

Andrew L. Case

Who doesn't love pancakes? Crazy people that's who! Good service good food. I may be bias but who cares. It's pancakes!

Jonny Fastlane

One of my favorite places to eat on a Sunday morning

Mayanah Hasoferet Y'srael

The manager was very professional, she answered our questions and made every possible accommodation.

Latoya Miller

I love ihop i will never stop eating there. The wait is a reasonable time. Also the bigger the party sometime you have to wait a bit.

Dean Thompson

Regular spot. Lots of parking. Food is good. Staff is courtious. Sometimes a/c a bit too high but good otherwise.

Edwin Rivera

So let's start

Shayajaira Lopez

Love this place. Is family oriented very friendly and is quite nice if you want to come and eat a good meal

Gail B.

The service was the worst. Waitress had an attitude when I asked her to bring me more lemon for my tea. The first lemon was old and brown. The pancakes came to the table ice cold. They were so cold the butter would not melt. The eggs were cold. This is the WORST iHop I have ever visited. Same yourself the headache and go somewhere else.

Cherishe C.

Great food , great staff and Affordable prices. The wait staff is quick and efficient at all times. This location has two family restrooms that are for he most part clean. The food is always on point.

Saasha G.

Good food and the service can always be better. But at times they are heavily understaffed while dealing with crowds on the weekends and holidays. Nevertheless the food is always consistent and keeps me coming back. The staff are friendly and never give attitude so that's always a plus.

Korinne K.

Came here on saturday midday. Waited around 25 minutes for a table for 2. I came here because of a tmobile tuesday deal for 2 free Wednesday Addams pancakes. I ordered a combo meal w a side of toast and showed the waiter my tmobile deal. For some reason he replaced the plain buttermilk pancakes that came with the meal to the Wednesday Addams pancakes. When asked why he said he did this, but didnt charge me for the toast. All of this seems really un-necessary, when He couldve just stayed true to my order and gave me the WA pancakes without making an replacements or adjusments. On top of this, the food was horrible. The toast was stale, and hashbrows overally salty. Later that night, my boyfriend and I were extremely sick. Our only guess could be the iHop we had that morning, as we did not eat anything else. Extremely dissapointing, and i will not be visiting this location again.

Raymond M.

This place is unbelievably bad. We had asked for a side of toast but our meals were brought with toast instead of pancakes. For a place that's always packed, the food is terrible and you'll leave feeling ill.

Keish G.

Terrible customer service. Terrible waitress. Terrible food. This location also has no African Americans working here. I've visited here on and off for years and they never have any AA when I'm there. They are a bit racist and rude. They don't deserve not one extra dollar in a tip. I just dislike the service. Burnt food, cold food, no crayons for children, no apology issued and i paid, tipped, and left.


Terrible customer service. Terrible waitress. Terrible food. This location also has no African Americans working here. I've visited here on and off for years and they never have any AA when I'm there. They are a bit racist and rude. They don't deserve not one extra dollar in a tip. I just dislike the service. Burnt food, cold food, no crayons for children, no apology issued and i paid, tipped, and left.

Michael A Lott

Great staff and good food

Leslie Latchman

Good place place 2 go 4 breakfast or Lunch but I prefer breakfast just have 2 get there early in the morning the blueberry pancakes are my favorite