1019 Surf Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 676-7220

Recent Reviews

mo elk

The staff were all attentive and polite. Food was great and ambience of Coney Island as a backdrop was wonderful. Delightful dining experience - thanks!

Miguel Pedroza

Nice place to eat( outside dinning only). A bit expensive

Erik Hendricks

Real fast and I kind of like the patio and how everyone was social Distinct

Elena Scorpio

All was good, very friendly waiters, fresh and delicious food, just waiting time was bit long.

Lisa Monaco

Went here recently for my niece's birthday. Loved the pancakes, our server was super nice. Would recommend going here when it's not too hot

Lex y

Love the Country Fried Steaks from here complements to the chief. Awesome atmosphere, and friendly staff. Love it

Diego Álvarez

Here you can found the more delicious pancakes of the world. I love this place. The coffee is unlimited.

Jay V.

Made a purchase during this pandemic My girl got what she got and has nothing to do with this review I got chicken 3 cheese quesadilla and added steak tips for ($5*) Don't pay for the steak it isn't edible and ruins the original item. Highway robbery on the $5+ for steak tips. Threw out the entire quesadilla because I couldn't chew it without the texture or tension and cartilage from the "tender steak"

ZieGee Official

This place is very affordable, with very convenient parking! The staff is very thoughtful and kind. The waitresses and waiters not just give you the food and disappearing..no. They always wanna be updated about your needs. Excellent restaurant!

Maribeth Hunter Dono

yummy food, quick, friendly service

El Ena

The service was great and the pancakes are yuuuuummmmyyy

Paul B.

One of the worst IHOP places we been at. Been at this place twice and will never ever visit again. Both times we went, late morning, during the week, when the place is nearly empty. Service: though was bad both times, this is based on last visit. Service slow at best and that's considering we are 4-5 people walking or standing around. Tea, took 10-15 min to bring. water was not hot and cup was not filled to top. When asked for water, the look I got definitely should have made us leave. We waited 20 min to get the order in and about 40 when it came. Kids were whining, staff saw and did nothing. Manager did nothing. Food: it is ok. Eggs lacked the flavor. Pancakes, well at least they did that right. You come to place like this for something decent and quick. Look somewhere else.

Asad Ahmed

IHOP is a go to place for Breakfast. Their waffles are bread with the syrup.

Arianna S.

Was ordering the burger at this Ihope weitress by mistake brought me different burger than I ordered, than she brought the right burger the meat was burned I waited 20 minutes till she brought me recite Unprofessional stuff Dt recommend no one visit this place

Marianna Ushak.

It is a very clean and pleasant restaurant. The polite staff. Very tasty and quick to serve.

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