Las Santas

572 Fulton St, Brooklyn
(718) 222-5919

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Fanise Cannon

My friend and I came here for brunch post workout class and had the best time. The waitress was wonderful and went above and beyond in making our cafe drinks. They offer bottomless mimosas for a great price but we opted out that day. We will certainly be partaking next time though! The food was great and the portion sizes were superb. We ordered yuca fries, guacamole and chips, chilaquiles, and enchiladas off the brunch menu. I had a great experience and will absolutely be returning!

Andrea R.

Food and service is excellent! Beautiful intimate setting with a tropical vibe! Rib Eye Churrasco was tasty and cooked just right! Churros was a perfect ending! And washed it down with a Sangria!

Cyrus A.

Had a great experience at Las Santas, definitely recommend them for delicious Mexican food and great happy hour deals. I got to the restaurant early, so I had a beer at the bar to kill some time. As of December 2022, happy hour ran from 4-7pm on weeknights, and coronas were $6 per beer. And then Taco Tuesday had another great deal - $10 for three tacos. We tried the carne asada, which were fantastic. Perfect level of spice, and a birria-esque sauce with crispy cheese under the meat. Definitely stole the show. The fish tacos were also great, with guacamole and a zestier flavor to them. Granted, one plate of three tacos may not fill you up, but the food is definitely impressive and the Tuesday deals were a pleasant bonus. Even at full price, I'd come here again!

Chelsea A.

Was pleasantly surprised how great everything was! We came on a Thursday night and it was super chill and calm. Luckily we came in time for our happy hour where we got sangria and two apps (the shrimp and crab empanadas and the guac) Both very good, but wish we got a bit more chips with the guacamole. For dinner, we both got the birria quesadilla and while smaller than a normal quesadilla (which our waitress did give us the heads up about) it was still very flavorful and filling. Some of the best birria I've had recently. I also got a side of the corn off the cob which was soooo good! Love when it's in a bowl vs having to eat off the cob. Overall great food, everything came out in a timely manner, kind waitress. Would love to come back for brunch or taco Tuesdays.

Kat H.

The food is great (so many salsas!) and we had a wonderful server, Evelyn, who really went the extra mile for us. Convenient to BAM and Barclay Center. Will definitely come back

Janae J.

I came here for an early birthday celebration and enjoyed every moment of it! The environment is such a vibe and PERFECT for a date night. Our waitress was really sweet. On to the food and drinks! Drinks : Cosmorita and Piña Coloda. Both were amazing! We ended our night with 4 frozen mango margaritas which were also amazing. The drinks are strong and definitely worth it! Food: -THE SHRIMP FAJITA....freaking delicious. The shrimp were so big and seasoned extremely well. The presentation was also very nice! -Steak fajita was tasty. It has fried cheese which we loved ! -my friend had the fish tacos which she said were okay. -Caesar salad: SUPER fresh. I really enjoyed the croutons too. -chicken quesadilla: I ordered one to go because I just had to try it! Lol and it was very tasty Since we were celebrating my birthday my friend asked them to sing and bring a candle. Our waiter gave the idea of bringing a candle with my frozen Margarita since I didn't want a dessert. Overall I can definitely see myself returning here! The ambience was so relaxing and we never felt rushed at any point. It also wasn't a busy night so it worked out well.

Samantha L.

Food gets a 3, but the service was outstanding so I'll say overall 3.5. For my group of five, we all agreed that the food was average and that nothing really wow-ed us. The guacamole and yucca fries tasted just like you'd expect them to. I wasn't a fan of the fried peppers, but the corn off the cob was pretty good with plentiful sauce. My fish tacos were good, but nothing crazy memorable to mention about them. The service was excellent. Our waitress was so welcoming and helpful. Unfortunately, I don't see myself craving to come back especially because it's a little farther from me. But I would be willing to give it a second chance if I was in the area and a friend wanted to check it out!

Akiko I.

I had an interesting experience at Las Santas when I came for a happy hour drink by myself. I sat at the bar, after making sure it was okay to do so. The bar was full of their regulars mostly, straight men, and the straight female bartender catered to the one next to me and treated me with contempt. The actual drink was delicious and a queer bartender came on later but that kind of service is unacceptable. If I ever set foot again, I'll get the former bartender's name, F that.

Jessica B.

I know I came here just a few months ago but I feel like giving an update. When I came last time, it was for taco Tuesday and I definitely thought that this place gave off date night vibes. My bf wanted to take me out for my birthday so I chose Las Santas. I made reservations just in case--I don't think it's necessary to but I don't think we would have gotten the seats we did if I didn't. I liked our seating--we could sit next to each other rather than facing each other. It reminded me of that movie "Date Night" with Tiny Fey. Anyway, we were promptly seated. Our server came to take our drink and appetizer orders. I knew there was a drink called Not a Piña Colada but I didn't see it listed--it turns out that they took it off the menu but they still made it for my bf. I got the Rosada Negra--it's frozen and delicious (after taking a sip of my bf's drink, I decided to get one for myself). For appetizers, we got the chips and salsa and coconut shrimp. I like that they give a variety of salsas and the chips were not too salty. My bf was all over the coconut shrimp. For entrees, I got the churrasco with yucca fries and avocado salad and he got the salmon with truffle mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes and Okinawa mashed purple potatoes. My steak was cooked perfectly and the salmon was really good. I had a good time like the first time--it's a great place for drinks or a date night.

Alexandra Zieminski

Came here after a show at BAM for some drinks. The Oaxacan Negroni was tasty but needed to be chilled more before serving— I had to let it sit in my glass for a while to get to temperature. The guacamole was very good, and the salsa sampler was an interesting and novel idea. 3/5 of the salsas was were excellent, the other two were less memorable. The music was pretty loud for a Tuesday, but service was quick and attentive.

Carolyn W.

I had an OK experience at Las Santas when I came for a Saturday night dinner a few weeks ago. We were craving tacos and margaritas while in the area, so decided to stop by Las Santas for dinner. We sat inside and it was not too busy. Our server was friendly and attentive - no complaints there. The food is where disappointment sank in. One of my friends got the Carne Asada con Queso tacos, and the steak tasted burnt and overly salty. The Pescado tacos I had were just fine - it was nothing remarkable for a $16 taco dish. The classic Margarita was decent and fresh, which I enjoyed. I don't think I'll be coming back here unfortunately.

Alisha C.

This was my second time coming to this restaurant and it was just as delicious as the 1st time. My friend and I shared and enjoyed the pork, steak and fish tacos with a side of fresh chips and guacamole. I'm a sucker for frozen drinks so I ordered the Prickly Pear frozen margarita and it was delicious while my friend ordered the Rompe Corazon which he enjoyed. I definitely recommend giving this restaurant a go. The atmosphere and vibes are nice trust me you'll enjoy it.

Carol L.

Delicious food at pretty high prices TBH. The upside is that the interior is beautiful (especially the "outdoor" indoor patio outside the restaurant, and no one else was inside the restaurant the entire time we were there... (we ate at 5 pm on a Friday evening)... The cocktails were strong, which was a plus. They did forget one of our items (an app), however they caught the error themselves and asked if we still wanted it served prior to removing it from our check, which was gracious of them. Overall, probably won't be back, but a solid choice in the Fulton St area.

Yelena Conaway

Fun ambiance, great service, and delicious drinks! The food was just ok. The carne asada tacos were very cheesy but the steak was overcooked. The mole sauce was overwhelmingly smokey.

J Samuels

Nice ambiance! Customer service was good. Price was somewhat elevated which serves canned beans with side of (rice and beans) which was on the salty side..Great presentation, Drinks are good. Salmon portion size was smaller than expected, definitely need an added side to feel just decent. If your hungry, Overall it was just ok. Wouldn't revisit

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